41 Best Songs From 2012

“Let Me Love You” by Ne-Yo

Not all love songs have to be slow and sad. Ne-Yo's “Let Me Love You” is a beautiful song with a fun beat that will make you smile. The lyrics talk about how he's ready to love someone until they're ready to love themselves, which is a beautiful sentiment.

“Hall of Fame” by The Script

“Hall of Fame” was a powerhouse of a song in 2012 and even years after. The powerful lyrics are about influencing people to be the best they can be, and if they reach their dreams, they'll be in the hall of fame. Some lyrics are encouraging, like “you can go the distance.”

“Work Hard, Play Hard” by Wiz Khalifa

Another fun party song from 2012 is “Work Hard, Play Hard” by Wiz Khalifa. Basically, it's a song about how if you work hard, you can play whatever that looks like for you. You would hear this blasting on the radio, in clubs, and in bars back in 2012.

“Stay” by Rihanna

“Stay” is an emotional song that will tug at your heartstrings. The lyrics talk about how sometimes you don't know what it is about someone, but you're drawn to them, making you want them to stay in your life or physically with you at that moment. Rihanna does a beautiful job conveying all the emotions that come with this experience.

“Something ‘Bout a Truck” by Kip Moore

One of the most classic country songs from 2012 came from Kip Moore. “Something ‘Bout a Truck” is about how there's just something about a truck in a field and other stereotypical country things like a pretty girl and cold beer.

“Turn Up the Music” by Chris Brown

Not all great songs have to have a powerful meaning, and Chris Brown's “Turn Up the Music” is a testament to that. This fun song from 2012 is upbeat, catchy, and the kind of song you put on when you want to get up and dance. Even if you don't want to dance, it's still a fun song to lighten any mood.

“Wide Awake” by Katy Perry

Most people have probably been in a situation where they didn't see clearly because they were blinded by love or lust. Katy Perry's “Wide Awake” is about waking up after being blinded by love and seeing the person or situation for what it is, which isn't as magical as it is thought.

“Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele

Adele is known for her strong vocals and captivating lyrics. All her songs are wonderful, but “Set Fire To The Rain” from 2012 is one of her best, before her newer stuff. Anyone who's ever been beaten down by a relationship will feel the song in their soul.

“Wild Ones” by Flo Rida

One of the best party songs from 2012 is “Wild Ones” by Flo Rida. The song has a fun beat to dance to, and the lyrics are carefree. It's a song you would hear all over the radio, in bars, and on most people's smartphones. You can even listen to it today; it was such a popular song!

“I Won't Give Up” by Jason Mraz

If you want a song from 2012 that will melt your heart, it's “I Won't Give Up.” Jason Mraz did a wonderful job singing about how no matter what, he won't give up on his love. Whether he's talking about a personal situation or a general one, it's a compelling song that will resonate if you've ever been in love.

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