45 Best Songs about Traveling and Adventure for Inspiration

Best Songs about Traveling and Adventure for Inspiration

Whether it is a road trip across America or a day trip to the beach with your best friend, every adventure needs an awesome playlist! Music is one of the best ways to set the mood for any outing, but especially vacations.

In this article, you will find the best songs about traveling and adventure. You will hear some great songs from road trips, fun beach ditties, and romantic wanderlust beats. Read on for some amazing tunes sure to kick your mood into overdrive and give you that traveler’s itch.


“Life Is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts

Song year: 2008

If you are on a road trip, this song is a staple for the journey! Road trips can be a boring thing if the destination is on your mind rather than the journey itself, but give this song a listen and suddenly that highway is much more intriguing! You never know what you will be able to see or do along the way.

While you are at it, put it on repeat. It really is just that good.

“Route 66” by Chuck Berry

Song year: 1946

This song reminds you that places often have a fantastic story behind them. Chuck Berry embraces the history of Route 66 and the thrill of traveling on it. With a piano front and center, the music even feels historic.

History may not be your favorite thing, but no one can deny the awesome past of Route 66. There is even a section of that road that plays “America the Beautiful” if you drive on the rumble strips going the speed limit. That would make a pretty great TikTok video.

“Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett

Song year: 1966

Even a dented Buick will feel like a Mustang with this song blasting from the speakers and you will surely feel like a goddess at the wheel. It may have come out decades ago, but this is one song that will never be old!

“Chillin’ It” by Cole Swindell

Song year: 2014

With a happy and carefree energy to it, this song is absolutely lovely for driving down the open road with the top down and hair flowing. The beat even makes it the perfect sing-along song. Cole Swindell’s voice is perfect in this song, with a nearly unparalleled energy to it.

“Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line

Song year: 2012

This song has more of an aimless journey feel to it, perfect for those trips to anywhere. Pop this on, shift into drive, and find out where on the map you end up. You can even double the fun and bring your best friend with you! The talented musicians in Florida Georgia Line would definitely approve.

“Rhythm Made Me Do It” by Shania Twain

Song year: 1999

Shania has the perfect voice for a road trip and this song is decidedly more rock than most of her other songs. The combination makes for some great highway driving music!

Even though her other songs are not necessarily about vacationing, they would still make some great additions to your road trip playlist, as well. She is certainly one of Canada’s best contributions to the music scene.

“Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf

Song year: 1969

You may not be a biker, but this song sure will have you feeling like one. You can almost feel the snarl of a powerful bike under you as you weave in and out of traffic on a busy highway. Unleash your wild side with this on your playlist, even if you are traveling on four wheels instead of two.

“Highway to Hell” by AC/DC

Song year: 1979

If you are not careful when you listen to this one while driving, you will end up with a speeding ticket! This song embodies throwing out the rules and going with the flow. Just be sure you listen to it on the way to vacation, before all of those questionable decisions have been made!

“Electric Avenue” by Eddie Grant

Song year: 2012

Whether it is Electric Avenue or the open road, your car will dance right along with you as you listen to this classic. Few songs stay as popular and well-known as this one has over the last decade.

“Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson

Song year: 1977

It is almost criminal to spend a day at the beach without enjoying this delightful song! If any song is perfect for lounging in the sand with a colorful mixed drink, this is it. You can feel yourself relax from your head to your toes, leaving all your worries behind as you head for the beach.

“Vacation” by Thomas Rhett

Song year: 2015

While it definitely has an unusual tone, it captures all of the essentials of those sunny beach days. It is a fantastic hidden gem in the beach music world! Pop it in, crank it up, and dance your vacation away, preferably with a drink that has one of those cute little umbrellas in it. Do not forget your sunscreen!

“No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” by Kenny Chesney

Song year: 2002

Even the title sums up exactly how you want a beach trip to go. Kenny delivers a fantastically fun song that has you feeling the sand between your toes, even if you are not at the beach. For those who are not fond of country music, you should not count this one out until you listen to it. It is definitely not your usual country song.

“Pontoon” by Little Big Town

Song year: 2012

Who does not want to spend the day on a pontoon? Most people have great childhood memories of days spent out on the lake with family or friends and this song makes for some serious nostalgia. Summer rays, good friends, and good fishing…the perfect trifecta!

“Some Beach” by Blake Shelton

Song year: 2004

While this song is about wishing you were at the beach, you sure feel the satisfaction when you play it while you are actually there! Perfect mental images coupled with Blake’s velvety voice make this song more than ideal for a day on the sand. Even better, you fully appreciate the break from the daily grind that comes with a beach day.

“Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE

Song year: 2015

If you want to dance on the beach, this is the song you want to play. With a delightfully original beat and fun, quirky lyrics, few beach songs compare to this one! The lyrics are original and flow wonderfully with the overall feel of the song being incredibly playful.

Having been featured on the Teen Choice Awards, this is a great song for the whole family to enjoy during vacation. Your kids will probably even recognize it!

“Toes” by the Zac Brown Band

Song year: 2006

You will feel like you are already in the Bahamas when listening to this song. This band’s mental imagery is strong in both the lyrics and the beat. You would swear you can feel your toes squishing through the damp sand with the waves rushing up towards your beach chair.

Be sure to watch out for the tide!

“Kokomo” by The Beach Boys

Song year: 1988

This song is everything a steamy Bahamas vacation with your special someone should be. With major honeymoon vibes, listening to this will have your blood pressure rising and looking at your partner with fire in your eyes. The only other thing you need is a cute beach bungalow for the week…right on the sand, of course!

“Soak up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow

Song year: 2002

While this song definitely feels beachy, the beat is a bit more unusual than average. Even so, it is no less fun and catchy. Sheryl certainly knows what she is doing!

No one would be surprised if this song is responsible for more than a couple people calling in “sick” for a day to hit the beach.

“Blame it on Mexico” by George Strait

Song year: 1981

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and the same is true for Mexico! A Mexican beach is the perfect place to really let loose, and this song showcases that euphoria. Until you have been to Mexico, it is difficult to fully appreciate the unique ambiance of the country’s resort towns.

Do not forget to have a drink in a coconut shell cup! It is a Mexican vacation staple, after all.

“Island Song” by Zac Brown Band

Song year: 2012

This number has that classic Caribbean feel to it that everyone loves. It is so easy to visualize a bongo player showing off their tunes on the beach you are walking, mai tai in hand. Even better, two mai tais. Because priorities, you know.

“Redneck Yacht Club” by Craig Morgan

Song year: 2005

In all honesty, not every vacation is chic and expensive. Sometimes, it is just friends gathering and having a good time. In those cases, Craig Morgan lifts redneck to chic with this fantastic song. You certainly do not need a yacht to have a great time; you just need great people and the space to have some fun!

“I Get Around” by The Beach Boys

Song year: 1963

This is a fun, catchy tune with gobs of energy. The harmonization is so natural that you will probably find yourself humming along without even realizing it.

Besides, what vacation would be complete without the Beach Boys? The saying “oldie but goodie” absolutely personifies this group as a whole. If you enjoy their sound, check out the rest of their music for your playlist! Most of their songs fit perfectly with the beach vibe.

“Long Hot Summer” by Keith Urban

Song year: 2010

Summer has all the best things and Keith Urban knows it. He captures everything from the road trip to the beach to the night sky in the middle of summer. Your worries vanish while listening to this song and that traveler’s itch makes itself known. Do yourself a favor and listen to the call!

“All Summer Long” by Kid Rock

“All Summer Long” by Kid Rock

Song year: 2007

This song has always been a tried-and-true staple for river tubing playlists. It feels both nostalgic for childhood summers and perfect for summer activities with family nowadays. Michigan, where Kid Rock is from, is chock full of rivers and lakes, so day trips are a normal summer activity here.

Not all summer vacations involve a long road trip or even multiple days. Sometimes, the best memories are made close to home. This song drives home the point that they are no less special because of that.

“Sunshine and Summertime” by Faith Hill

Song year: 2004

One of the most notable women in country music, Faith Hill kills it with this fun summertime song. She personifies all of our hopes for this fun season, with optimism and happiness oozing from every note.

“Sideways” by Dierks Bentley

Song year: 2009

If you are going to a party, this song should absolutely be on your playlist. You can feel the energy of the dance floor in every syllable. With the crowd going crazy in the background, the ambiance is undeniable and infectious.

Remember, no one cares if you dance perfectly, so show off those moves even if you do not think you have them. Having fun is what matters!

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper

Song year: 1983

A classic song about adventure, this one specifically about vacationing with your best friend. This one is best played at maximum volume! Cyndi Lauper has a very fun, infectious voice with a range that is so easy to sing along to. Besides, girls really do want to have fun!

“Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus

Song year: 2009

Given Miley’s reputation, this song was a pleasant surprise. It perfectly captures the essence of a summer bash with a high-energy beat and cheerful lyrics. The spring break vibes are strong with this one and it gives you a strong urge to hit the dance floor and dance your worries away.

“Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Song year: 1974

An indisputable staple of vacation songs, this number is perfect for southern road trips, in particular! Roll the windows down and sing along with the wind in your hair. It may be cliche, but they are cliches for a very good reason!

Bonus points for each car you can get to sing along with you! It definitely will not be hard.

“Catch and Release” by Matt Simons

Song year: 2015

We go on vacation to take a much needed break from real life and all of its responsibilities. When listening to this song, those responsibilities melt away and life becomes full of possibilities you could not see before. The itch to travel is made so obvious as these calming lyrics wash over you and you find yourself remembering what life is all about.

“Time Well Wasted” by Brad Paisley

Song year: 2005

This song throws into sharp relief how utterly important it is to take some time to enjoy life. After all, if you are not spending time on things you enjoy, what even is the point of this daily grind? Everyone can hear you loud and clear, Brad…mental health is important, too! Go “waste” sometime this summer.

“Drift Away” by Uncle Kracker

Song year: 2002

Most of Uncle Kracker’s songs are very explicit, but this one is an exception. No matter where you are, you will mentally drift away when listening to it! Everyone yearns for adventure and this song makes you want it even more.

Unlike most of his other songs, this is even appropriate for your children to hear, so there is no reason to be shy about blasting it in the car on the way to your destination.

“Katmandu” by Bob Seger

Song year: 1976

Everyone wants to go exploring after listening to this song, boasting the intricacies of a new place. Exploration and adventure are both in your very nature and Bob Seger knows that, without a doubt. You should go visit Katmandu, yeah?

“Ramblin’ Man” by The Allman Brothers Band

Song year: 1976

While people usually love living near family and having roots, the way this band describes the open road makes anyone yearn for the traveling lifestyle. Every note drips with freedom and a carefree attitude. You never know what you will find around the next bend and listening to this will have you aching to find out what is out there.

“Free Man in Paris” by Joni Mitchell

Song year: 1974

Joni Mitchell wrote this for a close coworker who mentioned that he loves Paris because of how it makes him feel. In her true style, Joni turned that into a song, even using his direct quotes in the lyrics.

The result was an almost haunting song that makes you not only hear what Paris is like, but truly feel it in your soul. One day, you will enjoy a buttery croissant at a Parisian cafe with a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.

“Laredo” by Band of Horses

Song year: 2010

This song connects everyday difficulties with the relief a vacation offers. Everyone has had terrible days at the office or experienced that crushing feeling of life passing us by. Let this song take you away from all of that hardship and get some relief, even if you cannot physically get away from the daily grind.

“Heaven is A Place On Earth” by Belinda Carlisle

Song year: 1988

Most people know this song, which makes it a great singalong. It has lyrics that go with many interpretations, so even though it is not technically about traveling, it can certainly be interpreted that way! Even better, it is perfect for traveling couples looking for adventure.

“What We Live For” by American Authors

Song year: 2016

This tune makes you ache for a trip with your sweetheart. Too often, couples spend their lives firmly planted on the couch, binging Netflix shows, together but not truly bonding. These lyrics make it obvious what people are missing in that rut. Getting out of your comfort zone can be hard, but listening to this will make it that much easier to take that first step.

“Springsteen” by Eric Church

Song year: 2011

Beautiful songs about adventure and summer love always give me the carefree feeling that you crave on vacation. It feels like you are a teenager again, listening to Bruce Springsteen croon on my tape deck while drawing hearts around a certain picture in my yearbook. You may laugh, but you know everyone has done it! Let the memories wash over you with this well-crafted ballad.

“Adventure” by Matthew Parker

Song year: 2016

Who doesn’t want adventure? With a foot-tapping beat and emotionally intimate lyrics, this song showcases the best a relationship has to offer. Dreams are important to all of us and they feel so easily within reach while listening to Matthew Parker’s song. What is even better is the opportunity to include a person you love in those memories.

“When the Sun Goes Down” by Kenny Chesney feat. Uncle Kracker

Song year: 2004

A steamy beach song for couples, this touches on the more intimate aspects of a relationship! Even so, most children will not recognize it for what it is, as this song is chock full of innuendos that most young ears will not pick up on.

If you were a country enthusiast back in the day, nostalgia definitely comes into play, as well. Who else spent yesteryear playing this song on repeat?

“Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles

Song year: 2020

A newer release, this quirky song is full of innuendos comparing a person you love with summertime. Of course, both of those things can elicit the same emotional response, so it definitely fits. It is certainly more fun than lovey, but still works with the theme! Besides, all relationships need more than a little fun.

“Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones

Song year: 2002

This is a slower song, but definitely a sweet one about traveling with the person you love. Making memories together is a wonderful part of any relationship and this song captures that essence beautifully. More intimate than most songs on this list, it nevertheless earned its place with ease.

“Destination Calabria” by Alex Gaudino

Song year: 2006

Even if you love your life, this song will still make you want to quit your job, throw your phone into a lake somewhere, and drive until you find something interesting!

The perfect balance between steamy and adventurous make this a great go-to song for traveling lovebirds, as well as a great inspiration for a trip without a destination. Everyone can use a little more whimsy in their lives.

“Not Today” by Imagine Dragons

Song year: 2016

Featured in the movie Me Before You, this song is perfect for those couples who are looking to find adventure and make memories together. The lyrics are flexible enough that it always feels personal, no matter what your personal situation is.

Imagine Dragons has made quite a name for themselves recently and this song is a prime example of why they have earned that spotlight.

Top Songs about Traveling and Adventure, Final Thoughts

Most of the songs about traveling on this list are catchy, fun, and whimsical in nature. If vacationing has a mood, that is definitely it. You may have a habit of giving up your vacation time, which can be great for the wallet but terrible for your state of mind. Be open to it and this list can remind you of those joyful moments that you need.

Life can be unpredictable sometimes and it is up to you to embrace that and let it carry you away once in a while. So throw that top down, turn your volume up, and go enjoy life! Your to-do list will still be there when you get back.

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