21 Best Songs About Seattle

Seattle is a vibrant city with a diverse culture and music scene. That’s why many musicians have written songs in honor of this amazing city. From classic rock anthems to soulful ballads, these top songs about Seattle touch on the good and bad sides of the city.

1. “Sunny in Seattle” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2011

Although Seattle is home to some of the most stunning sceneries, the persistent presence of clouds will stick with you forever. In this song, Blake Shelton likens these clouds to hell freezing over in this sweet love ballad.

He praises his partner while confessing his undying affection towards her. He maintains that his love will endure until it’s clear blue skies in Seattle and snowy in New Orleans. And considering the normal forecast, it’s reasonable to conclude that the lovers will have a long wait before the sun comes out.

2. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” by Nirvana

Song Year: 1993

A list of the best songs about Seattle would be incomplete without “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle.” The song is about Frances Farmer, a Hollywood actress from Seattle who was sent to a mental asylum. She was a rebellious girl who went against society's expectations of a woman's conduct.

She's eventually given her freedom, but her experiences with the psychiatric system were traumatizing and ultimately led to her early death. She had undergone rape, starvation, and torture. The lyrics express anger and frustration towards the medical establishment for failing Farmer.

The song is a sarcastic jab at the lack of empathy towards those struggling with mental illness. Its heavy guitar riffs and raw vocals make it a standout in Nirvana's discography and a must-listen for any Seattle sound fan.

3. “Claiming the City” by Macklemore

Song Year: 2005

Macklemore’s love for Seattle is evident in many of his songs. On this track, he describes the racial disparities in the city. He strives to demonstrate how rotten and unjust the city's social structure has become.

The song is also a reflection of Macklemore's personal life. He recalls growing up with his parents and how naive he was to notice social class discrimination. Now that he’s in the limelight, he points out these vices and claims there’s no progress because the whites and blacks are still divided.

4. “Welcome to Seattle” by Boom Bap Project

Song Year: 2005

Coming up first on our list of the best songs about Seattle, this track highlights the struggles of city life and the difficult decisions individuals must make for survival. The artist portrays a clear picture of their childhood in Seattle, where they did not understand the dangers surrounding them.

They recall how their friend's mother fought to overcome economic hardship. The lyrics express an earnest wish to alleviate her suffering and improve her situation. It reflects individual choices and how they influence one’s life direction.

5. “The Shadow of Seattle” by Marcy Playground

Song Year: 1997

The song captures the darker side of Seattle, referencing its surroundings in the early 1990s. The lyrics speak of the city as a place where people come to find themselves only to get lost in the shadowy corners.

The protagonist describes Seattle as a place where liars thrive, accusing them of stealing valuable artifacts and being unwilling to call out the thieves. Although the song fails to shed light on Seattle’s positive side, it remains one of the most famous tracks with a relatable subject matter.

6. “Seattle” by Perry Como

Song Year: 1969

The soothing track describes Seattle's beauty and charm of the Pacific Northwest. The lyrics discuss the city's picturesque mountains, skies, scenic drives, and peaceful sounds. Como's smooth voice adds to the song’s appeal, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to relax and reminisce about Seattle.

Whether you're a native or just a visitor, this song will make you feel right in the center of Emerald City. Although there are many versions of the song, Cosmo's rendition remains the best, earning a place on the Billboard Hot 100 top list.

7. “Hello Seattle” by Owl City

Song Year: 2009

The dreamy song captures Seattle’s stunning topography and landscapes. The track’s protagonist poses as a mountaineer, a lighthouse, an albatross, and the moon as he sends greetings to the city in turns.

Owl City is on record, stating that this track best represents his composition. Despite writing it while restless, it has become one of his most successful releases. Unlike other songs on this list, this is a triumphant and joyous anthem about the city.

8. “My Oh My” by Macklemore

Song Year: 2010

The song is Macklemore's emotional tribute to late Seattle Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus and the city's love for baseball. The song reminisces on the city's golden era of baseball, with Niehaus delivering the iconic play-by-play of the team's historic moments.

He recalls listening to him as a kid. He also pays homage to Seattle greats like Ken Griffey Jr. and Edgar Martinez. With its catchy chorus and heartfelt lyrics, the track appeals to everyone, regardless of whether you're a baseball fan.

9. “Slick Watts” by Blue Scholars

Song Year: 2011

The song commemorates former Seattle SuperSonics basketball player Slick Watts while celebrating the city's vibrant culture and diversity. The lyrics vividly depict the city's unique neighborhoods and landmarks.

The track’s catchy beats and rhymes make it a must-listen for anyone who loves Seattle. You'll surely enjoy the song's lively beat as the duo recites the names of Seattle's most notable geographical areas and sportsmen.

10. “Seattle Was a Riot” by Anti-Flag

“Seattle Was a Riot” by Anti-Flag

Song Year: 2001

As the title suggests, this song is about the Seattle riots during the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in 1999. The riots were a result of anti-globalization activists protesting against WTO policies and practices. The track’s lyrics criticize police actions during the riots and question why people can’t get justice without going on the streets.

The song also addresses issues of corporate greed and workers exploitation. It’s a politically charged and thought-provoking song that speaks to the ongoing social and economic justice struggles.

11. “I Love Seattle” by Tacocat

Song Year: 2016

Tacocat, a Seattle-based punk-pop band, pays tribute to their hometown despite its shortcomings. Throughout the song, they talk about everything that makes Seattle a unique and special place. They long to be in the city when the world ends.

They reference earthquakes and tsunamis to convey that nothing would change their love for the city. Even when everyone is gone, they will co-exist with lizards and shapeshifters rather than leave their hometown. It's the perfect anthem for anyone who calls Seattle home or loves the city for its unique vibe.

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