31 Best Songs About Resilience

“Never Gonna Break My Faith” by Aretha Franklin

Song Year: 2006

Aretha Franklin’s soulful gospel music single “Never Gonna Break My Faith” is about the resilience of standing up for justice. The song’s narrator proclaims that she won’t let anyone bring her down, no matter how hard life gets. Franklin’s powerful vocals solidify her status as the Queen of Soul for music lovers old and new listening to this track.

This song was featured in the film Bobby, got nominated for a Golden Globe Award, and won a Grammy Award for “Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance.”

“Keep On Pushing” by The Impressions

Song Year: 1964

Are you looking for a soulful, vintage track for your resilience playlist? The Impressions’ “Keep On Pushing,” written by Curtis Mayfield, encapsulates the feeling of never giving up through the song’s harmonizing vocals and slow yet swinging tempo.

The speaker states they’re getting stronger as they keep pushing toward their goals during tough times.

“Resilience” by As I Lay Dying 

Song Year: 2012

Initially featured on As I Lay Dying’s album Awakened, “Resilience” is about a man admiring someone he cares about because of their resilience. The lyrics describe him learning how there’s strength in people burdened by suffering and sorrow. He hopes to grow his resilience to be there for his loved one.

“Rise” by Gabrielle

Song Year: 2000

Gabrielle’s “Rise” is a slow yet powerful song about a woman growing resilient after a breakup. The lyrics highlight that it’ll take time for her to get over her former love, but she won’t give up following new goals. The slower tempo and Gabrielle’s vocals amplify this R&B song’s hopeful message, solidifying its status as her second chart-topping hit.

“Win” by Brian McKnight

Song Year: 2000

If you ever feel like giving up when things go wrong, Brian McKnight’s “Win” is one motivational song you shouldn’t skip if you want to become more resilient. The lyrics embody the narrator’s drive to move forward without quitting. He’s experienced failure before but lives the life he wants without doubting himself. This song was featured on the soundtrack for the film Men of Honor.

“Resilience” by Pierce The Veil

Song Year: 2023

Pierce the Veil’s “Resilience” is a song about moving forward through life while pushing away any obstacles that bring you down. The narrator claims that his former partner is jealous of his resilience, but he focuses on building himself up as life gets more challenging.

“Resilience” by Jenn Grinels

Song Year: 2020

Another one of the top songs about resilience is Jenn Grinels’ underrated track “Resilience.” In this song, the narrator tells the audience that resilience is a beautiful virtue to embrace when life feels dreary. The slow, acoustic guitar accompaniment enhances its intimate and calm vibe.

“Marching On” by Jamie Grace

Song Year: 2020

The main inspiration behind Jamie Grace’s “Marching On” comes from her experiences living with Tourette Syndrome. This song’s about facing adversity and embracing your resilience. Its lyrics are empowering, equating everyone with a resilient heart to a warrior who marches forward, regardless of how much pain they endure.

“Ma Résilience” by Nâdiya

Song Year: 2008

Initially featured on French R&B singer Nâdiya’s album Électron Libre, “Ma Résilience” is a song about getting stronger, despite facing years of pain. The lyrics incorporate imagery of wings to symbolize the narrator rising above her difficulties in a world where she’s alone.

The song’s rhythmic beats give it a fresh sound, even over a decade since its release. Consider adding this track to your playlist if you’re interested in international tunes.

“Invincible (The Resilience Anthem)” by Mikey Bustos

Invincible (The Resilience Anthem) by Mikey Bustos

Song Year: 2011

If you’re looking for catchy and inspirational music with a contemporary touch, this song by Mikey Bustos is another hidden gem offering something different from the most popular hits. The lyrics personify resilience as something that’s existed since the beginning of time, withstanding any obstacles crossing anyone’s path.

The song has a mid-tempo, electronic sound, emphasizing Bustos’ vocal performance throughout the piece.

Top Songs About Resilience, Final Thoughts

Many of the top songs about resilience evoke emotion by highlighting our struggles while offering hope to those who feel lost. Your experiences build your resilience, but some might struggle harder than others when overcoming internal or external obstacles.

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