27 Songs About Losing Your Dad

When it comes to grieving, especially the loss of a father or father figure, hearing a touching song can help to alleviate some of the sadness.

Artists of all ages and genres have written about their relationships with their fathers, including the loss of this important man in their life.

Regardless of your relationship history with your father, there are songs below you should be able to relate to. All can be used to help you reflect on him, or used as music for your father’s funeral.

1. “If You Were Here” by Poe

Year: 2000

“If You Were Here” provides insight into the relationship between a father and his daughter. The artist, Poe, knows that her father would be so proud of her if he could see her and all she does in life.

The father's part in the song adds a strong affirmation for her. He tells her he sees her, is proud of her, and loves her more than anything. It's all that Poe was looking for.

This would be a good choice if you had a great relationship with your dad!

2. “Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

Year: 2004

The lead singer of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, found himself faced with his father's death in September. It has always been a month for him that brings back emotions and feelings surrounding his father's death each year, no matter how much time has passed.

On the seventh anniversary of his father's death, he wrote “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” which expresses how he wishes he could sleep the month away. If he were able to do so, he would not have to deal with any emotions, feelings, or memories of the death, causing him no pain.

This is a great song to help you know you are not alone in your pain, and it is okay to feel like you want to skip over the recurring emotions you may face.

3. “You're Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins

Year: 2007

“You're Gonna Miss This,” tells a story about a young girl who is eager to grow up. She always looks forward to the next stage in life and tries to rush through life. When she is in college, she wants to be married; when married, she wants a house and kids.

Her dad sees her eagerness and explains life goes too fast, and she will miss the moments she wishes away and take time to enjoy them more. Though you may not think about it at the time, when your dad is gone, you will miss all the memories you have made with him.

This song fully encompasses enjoying where you are at in life, including the time you have with your father so that when you're left without them, you have a lot of happy memories to remember.

4. “Tank Park Salute” by Billy Bragg

Year: 1991

When his father passed from lung cancer, Billy Bragg wrote “Tank Park Salute,” which runs through all the nostalgic childhood memories Billy Bragg has with his father. After his father became sick, his memories seemed to change to memories of his father being homebound and ill.

Once he sees his father's name in the memorial book, his grief unleashes, and everything else lies in condolences from those around him, and all the plans he was looking forward to seem meaningless.

This song is excellent for those who have experienced a journey watching their father battle and lose their battle with cancer.

5. “He Didn't Have To Be” By Brad Paisley

Year: 1999

“He Didn't Have To Be” showcases the viewpoint of the son of a single mom. Having an absent father figure when his stepdad came into his life was the best thing that happened to him.

Although his stepfather is not his biological father, he is the best father he could ask for, and he cherishes all the time they had together and the memories. He enjoys the gift of a stepdad that he was given.

“He Didn't Have To Be” is excellent for losing a father figure in your life like your stepfather or should be added to your songs about losing your dad-in-law.

6. “My Old Man” by Zac Brown Band

Year: 2017

This song sends praises and adoration into the air about the cycle of good parenting. The song starts with Zac Brown expressing how his father was the best parent and appreciated all he did for him and his memories.

Then the song explains that he is trying to pass on the same legacy to his children as his father did. The song finishes by expressing how his father hears this “tribute to his legacy” from heaven instead of earth.

This would be a must-play on your list of funeral songs for your dad if your dad were a legacy to you.

7. “Family Man” by Craig Campbell

Year: 2011

“Family Man” is an excellent song about a man who does anything to provide for his family. Whether working a temporary job or dealing with his emotional struggles, he does whatever it takes to make his family proud and care for them.

The song pays tribute to a strong family man who never let his family down. If your dad was a family man who did whatever it took to help the family, “Family Man” is a great song to add to your list of funeral songs for your dad.

8. “Song for My Father” by Sarah McLachlan

Year: 2014

“Song for My Father” pours out an emotional display of feelings about how Sarah McLachlan wishes her father were still with her.

Shortly after her father's death, she finds herself in a rough personal situation with her husband and wishes she had her dad by her side to help her navigate her circumstances.

This is a great song for you if you are dealing with the loss of a person who is always by your side and helps you navigate your life.

9. “Father to Son” by Phil Collins

Year: 1989

This song displays a great message a father would pass on to their son. “Father to Son” gives all kinds of advice to the son, such as how to navigate life and handle disappointments along the way.

In the song, the father encourages his son to be courageous and strong in life. The most important part of the song is that the father is reiterating to the son that he will always be there for him and he will never be alone.

This song is perfect if you have a father you know is always walking beside you even when they are no longer earthside.

10. “Broken Halos” by Chris Stapleton

Year: 2017

“Broken Halos” has become a well-known song played at funerals. Chris Stapleton talks about how it feels to lose someone before it is thought to be their time to go.

The song gives off the idea of how strong of an impact the person has made in the lives of those around them. We may not know why they were taken when they were, but the song is powerful and helps us to feel like we have an angel surrounding us.

If you have experienced an unexpected loss, this song may be vital to helping you experience and work through your grief.

11. “Bye Bye” by Mariah Carey

Year: 2008

Mariah Carey's “Bye Bye” opens by dedicating the song to anyone who has ever lost someone special to them. The song continues to express the pain surrounding losing someone who will be dearly missed.

Throughout the song, feelings of peace and confidence are felt as Mariah knows that the person they lost who was dear to them is now at peace.

If you are looking for a song to help you experience peace and comfort throughout the loss of your loved one, “Bye Bye” is a great song to put on repeat.

12. “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross

Year: 2003

“Dance With My Father” is a sweet tribute to special childhood memories Luther shared with his father over the years. The memories of their happy household dancing together for a beautiful way to honor his father.

This is one of the great tribute songs about losing your dad-in-law or your father and recalling all the beautiful memories shared.

13. “Fathers and Daughters” by Michael Bolton

Year: 2015

“Fathers and Daughters” is a composition speaking from the viewpoint of a father to his beloved daughter. The father promises he will always be by her side and involved in her life which, of course, leaves the daughter with great memories which live on in her memory.

This is a great song for the loss of a dad who has significantly impacted your life and left you with numerous memories.

14. “Footprints in the Sand” by Leona Lewis

"Footprints in the Sand" by Leona Lewis

Year: 2007

Leona Lewis took a well-known poem and spun it into a musical masterpiece. “Footprints in the Sand” talk about a father who is always there for his child. The father walks with them and carries them when they are tired and through tough times, and he never leaves their side.

The father is portrayed as a strong, caring man who always promises to be there with their child through good and bad times. If you had a strong, devoted father who was there for every step of your life, this song is a tremendous emotional masterpiece.

15. “Hero” by Mariah Carey

Year: 1993

“Hero” is a song that plays out precisely as its well-deserved title explains. For many people, their father or father figure is their hero, and their hero encourages them and gives them the strength to carry on when they feel there is no way to continue their struggles.

This song is a great tribute to the hero who is the father in your life. You want to add it to your list of funeral songs for your dad.

16. “I'm Already There” by Lonestar

Year: 2001

Lonestar's song “I'm Already There” has become a popular song used in the event of tragedy and absence. The song talks about a man on the road for work away from his family and how badly he misses them and wishes he was with them.

Even though he's far away, he lets them know that he's already there, and they can look around at little things that show his presence. If you want to remember all the little things that comfort you to know your dad is still with you, this song hits the mark.

17. “Thank You For Being My Dad” by Jon Barker

Year: 2010

“Thank You For Being My Dad” showcases everything a son wants to say to their father but, most of the time, never does. The song has a simple message: thank you for being my dad. Despite the simplicity of the message, it is solid and powerful.

This is a powerful song if you want to display your thankfulness to your father. This great song about losing your dad shows your gratitude for their presence in your life.

18. “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

Year: 2003

This emotional ode has become a staple at funerals everywhere and has been covered by numerous artists. “You Raise Me Up” takes you on an emotional journey remembering your father, who has been there for you, helped you through life, and raised you to be the person you are today.

When you think of your dad and your thoughts are about how they raised you in life, then this certainly is one of the funeral songs for your dad you want.

19. “You Should Be Here” by Cole Swindell

Year: 2016

This song talks about living and enjoying your current day life even without your dad. Although your life is now different without your dad, you can still find beauty in everyday things.

“You Should Be Here” talks about how those you love in life can die and leave you behind, creating a whole new normal for you. It might be challenging, but you can do it and find happiness again.

If you feel like your dad should still be here and miss him greatly, this song will display all those emotions.

20. “Leave Out All The Rest” by Linkin Park

Year: 2007

“Leave Out All The Rest” is a great rock song in which Chester Bennington talks about not always doing everything right although he wanted to and tried to the best of his ability.

He wants to be remembered in a positive light by those he loves, even though there is a chance he might not have earned that privilege with them.

This is a great song for someone who may have had a rocky relationship with their father but knows they tried hard, which speaks volumes.

21. “Forgiven” by Within Temptation

Year: 2007

“Forgiven” is a raw song about the battle of addiction a father experienced. Addiction is a journey; the father's kids had to walk the journey with him and see his struggle with addiction.

In the end, even with their support, they watched their father lose the battle with addiction and now mourn the loss of him in their lives.

If you have watched your father struggle with addiction, this song touches on the journey and loss of their life.

22. “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

Year: 1997

One of the worst things about losing someone is all the love you have for them has nowhere to go. You won’t be able to express your love to that person any longer. It can be heavy to carry.

Despite the distance between you and your dad, he still lives in your heart and memories. The song reminds us that we will be okay even through the heaviness of grief.

This is a good song if you need a reminder that you will be able to push on even when the grief feels too heavy.

23. “His Dream” by Asher Roth

Year: 2009

Asher Roth gives tribute to his father in his song “His Dream.” In the piece, he explains his dad understood the responsibilities of being a parent, from helping with homework to putting food on the table, and was always there to support his son.

If you feel your dad was always there, even through the mundane tasks, and you want to show appreciation for him, this song will surely hit the spot.

24. “It Won't Be Like This For Long” by Darius Rucker

Year: 2008

This country song is written from a dad's point of view, speaking to his child. Darius Rucker talks about how fast life moves, and although there are current challenges, they will not last, and good times will be found again.

Throughout this song, you realize how fast life goes, and once your dad is gone, you will wish you could revisit the time spent with him. It reminds you to soak in every memory you have with your dad.

25. “Never Get Used To” by Seinabo Sey

Year: 2018

“Never Gets Used To” talks about crying when you remember your father and forget about him. You are overwhelmed with sadness with your loss of your father and feel like nothing will ever be the same again. However, the pain eases over time. Even though time relieves the pain, you never get over the loss of your father.

If you lost your father but still feel the pain even though it has become less intense, this song will be an emotional journey for you to speak your thoughts through music.

26. “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

Year: 1975

Stevie Nicks dedicated some of the “Landslide” song lyrics to her father. The song is about getting older and facing challenges in life you don't want to and don't know how they will affect you.

When loss first happens, we don't know if we can handle it, but we realize we can. Sometimes we have to figure out our new life without our father.

If you have lost your father and are nervous about walking through life without them, this song will remind you that life will still be beautiful, although it will be different.

27. “Deep Blue” by George Harrison

Year: 1971

“Deep Blue” is a beautiful explanation of grief, and it talks about the experience of the aftermath of death and suffering. When you lose your father, it feels like the world throws lessons at you even though you know they are true.

Sometimes during the grieving process, positive words and encouragement from others aren't enough to overcome the depression you may feel. George Harrison informs us that it is okay to need some time and not feel “normal” right away.

If you are in a funk after losing your father, this song will help you to remember that it is okay. Grief comes with emotions, and you are entitled to feel them all.

Songs About Losing Your Dad, Final Thoughts

Losing your dad can be challenging and music helps us to express what we cannot say. Listening to songs about losing your father can help you through your pain and bring healing to your heart.

We hope you discovered great funeral songs about your dad-in-law or funeral songs for your dad. Hopefully, you have found music that speaks to your relationship shared with your father and the memories you have.

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