39 Songs About Ghosts


27. “Ghosts of Beverly Drive” by Death Cab For Cutie

Song Year: 2015

“Ghosts of Beverly Drive” is open for interpretation, either as a failed past relationship, the haunting crimes, and ghosts of Beverly Drive, or social commentary about capitalism. However you interpret it, there’s no denying this indie rock hit's haunting melody and lyrics.

28. “Ghost” by Halsey

Song Year: 2015

Next on our list, “Ghost,” is a song about a young woman mourning the loss of a lover. While this is a common theme among ghost songs, Halsey manages to put a fresh twist on the topic with her music.

29. “The Ghost of You” by My Chemical Romance

Song Year: 2004

“The Ghost of You” is one of My Chemical Romance’s biggest hits and is about a man haunted by the ghost of a former girlfriend. Its upbeat and catchy tune will have you thinking about your past relationships and how they ended.

30. “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.

Song Year: 1984

This titular song was first featured in a movie of the same name and has since become a pop culture icon. Everyone knows who they need to call if they’ve got ghosts, and they should add this banger to their Halloween playlists.

31. “The Kingdom of Dreams” from The Sandman OST

Song Year: 2022

While there are no words, the haunting melody and sweeping wonder of “The Kingdom of Dreams” originated in the short horror series and can easily transport you to the realm of ghosts. The series itself has plenty of creeping horror, and it’s reflected in this gorgeous song.

32. “Ghost On The Dancefloor” by Blink 182

Song Year: 2011

When that one song hits you and reminds you of a person or a period of your life so clearly that you have to sit down, it can be hard to describe. Blink 182 describes how certain pieces are associated with people and memories and how hearing them hits us like a bus on the dance floor.

33. “Haunted” by Evanescence

Song Year: 2003

You can interpret Evanescence’s “Haunted” literally or metaphorically, but either way, you probably won’t be able to sleep at night. The lyrics depict being haunted by someone from your past as they follow you everywhere and occupy your mind. It’s the perfect ghost song, where heartbreak and horror collide in one beautifully tragic song.

34. “Ghosts of Cape Horn” by Gordon Lightfoot

Song Year: 1979

Gordon Lightfoot had a gift for writing haunting historical epics, and “Ghosts of Cape Horn” is no exception. The song features lyrics about sailors and ships who drowned in the seas during the dangerous journey around Cape Horn at the bottom of Africa.

35. “Ghost Behind My Eyes” by Ozzy Osbourne

Song Year: 1995

Ozzy relates the idea of not being able to get someone out of your head to living in a haunted house and seeing their ghost when you close your eyes. “Ghost Behind My Eyes” has a creepy horror theme that matches the message and haunted house descriptions, relating to the awful part of being unable to stop thinking about someone.

36. “O Death” by Jen Titus

Song Year: 2015

Popularized by the show Supernatural, “O Death” by Jen Titus perfectly encapsulates the experience of dying. A woman is bargaining with death trying to avoid becoming a ghost but is facing the inevitability. The haunting lyrics will echo through your head days afterward, and the incredible vocals will leave you craving more.

37. “Long Black Veil” by John Anderson

Song Year: 1982

“Long Black Veil” is one of John Anderson’s most famous songs, initially written in1959. It’s about a man on death row for a crime he did not commit. His former lover, wearing a long black veil, visits him as a ghost. The woman forgives him for leaving her at the altar and tells him she still loves him. Haunting and beautiful, you can’t listen to this song with dry eyes.

38. “Don’t Fear The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult

Song Year: 1976

This single is one of Blue Oyster Cult’s most famous songs, and it has a great message about not fearing death because our loved ones are waiting for us on the other side. The catchy, upbeat tune is fantastic to play at Halloween parties or similarly spooky occasions.

39. “Steven” by Alice Cooper

Song Year: 1983

If Alice Cooper is known for anything, his haunting, gorgeous songs seem to creep around corners and linger in the corner of your eye long after you listen to them. “Steven” is about a man haunted by the ghost of his brother and tortured by his screams day and night, praying to God that his brother will finally be able to rest in peace.

Best Songs About Ghosts, Final Thoughts

Ghosts have always captured the human imagination, and songs are one of the best ways to express their indescribable quality that is a little scary, unsettling, and mostly very depressing. This list of songs about ghosts encapsulates the reality of these ghostly apparitions.

From songs about past lovers and regrets to scary epics, ghosts represent things that haunt us, whether it's all in our minds or an evil entity out to steal our souls.

Next up, why not see our top songs about magic?

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