33 Best Songs About Blood

23. “Bleeding Out” by Imagine Dragons

Song Year: 2012

“Bleeding Out” by Imagine Dragons was one of the band's first successes that elevated the indie/alternative band on global music charts.

This song features heavy lyrics backed by powerful instrumentals with synthesizers and heavy bass. The verses and chorus sing about sacrificing yourself for someone you love by bleeding out all the sadness and unwanted emotions to make space for love.

24. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2

Song Year: 1983

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” by the Irish rock band U2 is one of the best songs about blood that shares a historical story about political unrest in Derry, Ireland.

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” recounts the band’s feelings about watching the news after the 1972 Bloody Sunday, or Bogside Massacre, when British troops fired and killed 26 unarmed protestors.

25. “God Save Our Young Blood” by Borns feat. Lana Del Rey

Song Year: 2018

If you’re looking for electro-pop songs about blood, listen to the duet by Borns and Lana Del Rey titled “God Save Our Young Blood.” In this catchy song, young blood highlights the reckless decisions young people make as they explore life.

This song features dreamy vocals and electronic sounds with a repetitive chorus asking for a higher power to protect them in their youth as they enjoy life to its fullest.

26. “Bad Blood” by Bastille

Song Year: 2013

British pop band Bastille released one of the best songs about two people who get into a fight titled “Bad Blood.” In this song, bad blood refers to a betrayal and the resentment that lingers between two people that cannot go unnoticed any longer.

The song explores the question of whether or not bad blood can be washed away or if the two are destined to always be in an unhealthy dynamic.

27. “Blood Sweat & Tears” by BTS

Song Year: 2016

The South Korean boyband BTS has one of the best songs about blood with their hit track “Blood Sweat & Tears.”

BTS uses blood, alongside sweat, tears, and the last dance, as a metaphor for giving your all to someone who doesn’t appreciate the effort. Although the kisses cause pain, the boys are happy to endure it because there is also pleasure in the pain.

28. “Blood Bank” by Bon Iver

Song Year: 2009

Bon Iver blessed the world with the song “Blood Bank” on his album of the same title. This song uses a blood bank as a metaphor for the modern dating scene.

The lyrics begin by sharing how two lovers meet at a blood bank and are overwhelmed by all the bags available and how many of them look the same. There’s no way to know if the blood is a match until it’s running through each other's veins.

29. “Thicker Than Blood” by Garth Brooks

Song Year: 2001

Country singer Garth Brooks shares his adaptation of the old proverb that blood is thicker than water in his song “Thicker Than Blood.”

While the saying suggests that family ties are the strongest bonds we share, Brooks announces that love is more substantial than blood ties.

30. “Blood on My Hands” by The Used

Song Year: 2009

American rock band The Used has one of the best songs about blood with their track “Blood on My Hands.”

In this dark song, the band shares the story from a first-person perspective of a serial killer who takes pleasure in taking lives. The killer shares his thoughts as he spends time with an unsuspecting victim whom he is about to kill.

31. “Pay in Blood” by Bob Dylan

Song Year: 2012

Folk singer and songwriter Bob Dylan released one of the most poetic songs about blood on his 35th album Tempest. “Pay in Blood” sings about blood sacrifices that others make so that the rest of the world can live.

This folk song features various references to Christianity and the blood sacrifice of Jesus. However, it also speaks about political instability and the many people who’ve lost their lives due to war.

32. “Bleeding Me” by Metallica

Song Year: 1996

The rock and metal band Metallica has a song that uses blood as a metaphor for releasing negative emotions on their album Load.

“Bleeding Me” is a musical interpretation about going through therapy and releasing pent-up emotions to find healing.

33. “Romeo Is Bleeding” by Tom Waits

Song Year: 1978

Enjoy the sounds of Tom Waits’ growling voice on the track “Romeo Is Bleeding.”

This is one of the songs about blood that tells a musical story of a man named Romeo who kills a police sheriff to get justice for the death of his brother.

Top Songs About Blood, Final Thoughts

Not all songs about blood are gory and dangerous. Musicians often use blood as a symbol of the power inside of them, the strength to continue, or strong family ties. That said, blood is a common topic in many songs because it’s a symbol that represents death and pain.

Add these songs about blood to your next playlist and discover thought-provoking lyrics about friends, lovers, and society.

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