Music Website Content Ideas: Sharing Your Song Lyrics With Fans

Give fans song lyricsAre you posting copies of your lyrics on your website for all to see? If not, you're missing a trick! This is something all musicians should be doing if they want an easy way to give fans what they want.

Today I'll show you:

  • Why your fans will love you for posting these lyrics,
  • How doing this will benefit you,
  • How to lay these different lyrics out on your website,
  • How often you should post your song lyrics and more.

So have a read on, and share this guide with others if useful.

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The Reason Fans Want A Copy Of Your Lyrics (And Proof)

So why would fans want copies of your lyrics? Well, there are a few reasons.

Some fans will want your lyrics so they can sing along to them in a social manner. Others will want them because they like your songs, and simply want to know what you're saying in certain parts.

Some other fans will want these lyrics so they can sing your songs on karaoke nights, while others may want them so they can better understand how you put songs together.

There are all different reasons why fans may want your lyrics, but one thing's clear:

There's a big market for song lyrics, so put yours on your website! – Tweet This

When you start searching for some of the biggest musicians in the world via Google, often results for their lyrics come up. When I started typing ‘Rihanna' for example, the search result ‘ Rihanna what not lyrics' came up as the third suggested term.

Rihanna what now lyrics

If you're not aware, these suggested results are there because they're among the most popular search terms people look for around any subject. So considering how many people search her daily, and considering that's the 3rd most popular Rihanna based term, there are a LOT of people looking for her lyrics.

If you needed any more proof that fans like lyrics, have a look at how many visits one website dedicated to giving fans songs lyrics gets:

Lyric websites are popular

That's right, gets over 77 million visitors a month!! That's a lot of visitors, and all to a website whose primary purpose is to provide song lyrics to music lovers. There are other lyric websites such as Song Lyrics and Metro Lyrics which also receive a lot of visitors a month.

As you can see there is demand for lyrics, so be sure to give fans yours.

The Benefit Of Posting Your Lyrics Online

So now you know why fans want your lyrics, but how will this help you? Well:

  • Your lyrics will be accurate. While popular, a lot of the lyrics sharing websites have inaccurate lyrics on them. This is because they hire people to listen to the songs and write the lyrics out, but they often get some words wrong. Most of these sites are community based, so usually fans point out mistakes and they're changed over time. That said, even then they don't always get it right. If you add your own lyrics however and let fans know they can get your official lyrics on your website before anywhere else, this is a strong incentive for them to go there instead of these other sites. So more people coming directly to you, and more accurate lyrics. This is especially useful if you write rap lyrics.
  • Adding lyrics gives more content for you to share with fans. Ever been stuck with what to share with fans? Well adding a page with lyrics to one of your songs is a good idea. It's also pretty easy to do, as you should already have those lyrics written up. I've written more content ideas before, so check that out if you need more.

  • Increased search traffic. The more useful information you add to your website, the more search engines will send their traffic to you over time. Adding these lyrics will help towards your overall domain authority and give people new keywords to potentially find your site through.
  • A way to get your fans interactive. As fans love lyrics, the interactivity can be increased by posting these. You can add lyric remix competitions, fill in the blank games (where they have to listen to your songs and add in the missing words) and more. All of these things mean more fans interacting with you, and therefore becoming more loyal to your music.

Ok, so let's look at how to lay out these lyric pages on your website.

How To Lay Out Your Lyrics

If you've decided you want to start adding your lyrics to your website (good call) you may be wondering in what format you should add them. In all honesty, it doesn't have to be complex.

First of all, you write up your lyrics on your computer if you haven't already, then add them to a post or page on your website like you would do any other post. It's as simple as that!

You may also want to add an image to the post if you have one, for example a single cover, an image that represents the song subject, or a new picture of you. This isn't something that lyrics websites generally do, so this will help you stand out.

If you're not sure how lyrics should be structured, have a look at established lyric websites and use the format that they use. Other than that, it's pretty straight forward.

How Often Should You Post Lyrics On Your Website

The final thing I want to look at is how often you should post lyrics to your website. Well, this depends. If you haven't yet started releasing your songs to the public, you should add these lyrics as you release each song, or a few days before. This is so your lyrics are on your site at least a few days before any other sites, and search engines get to credit you as being the first to have this content up. They'll give you a ranking boost for this.

If you already have a lot of songs out there but haven't added lyrics up yet, then add these songs over time. Maybe one a week, or whatever your posting schedule allows.

I'd suggest you don't add them all at one time though, as you'll want to keep it exciting for fans by delivering them over time. Maybe get votes from them on which lyrics they’d like to get a copy of next.


If you're not already adding your lyrics to your website, you should start doing this asap. It's great additional content for your website, your fans will love it, and it's easy to do as these lyrics are already written up.

So do you add lyrics to your website? And if not yet, are you going to start doing so now? Let me know.

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