27 Best Keith Urban Songs

Keith Urban has been dominating the country charts for years now. But while he’s got a number of popular songs, which are his all-time classics? Below are the best Keith Urban Songs you’ll want in your collection.

“Blue Ain’t Your Color”

“Blue Ain’t Your Color”

Song Year: 2016

This Keith Urban song is from his album Ripcord. The lyrics refer to a person the artist meets being sad, hence the reference to the color blue. While he doesn’t know why the person is feeling blue, it is evident in their interactions.

As the song continues, Urban sends a message to women that they shouldn’t settle for less than the best. You deserve to be happy in your relationships, and one that makes you feel blue isn’t the one for you.

“The Fighter”

Song Year: 2016

In this collaboration with Carrie Underwood, “The Fighter” depicts a conversation between a man and a woman that outlines critical questions in their relationship. Although the song was recorded separately with the two artists, it is as though they are answering each other's questions as the lyrics go on.

Throughout the hit song, the woman lobs over emotional questions about their future, displaying anxiety about what could become. Taking her lead, the man provides reassuring answers to help them resolve their problems and issues.

“One Too Many”

Song Year: 2020

This song's collaboration with pop music icon P!nk was a dynamic force in the country world. The duo comes together to paint a picture of a couple on the brink of desperation due to the excess amount of drinking that one member keeps partaking in.

In the video, Urban wakes up on the couch after a night of hard drinking. P!nk appears in the frame, and there is an obvious source of friction between the two. The lyrics go on to talk about the relationship's struggles due to the ongoing use of alcohol.

“Somebody Like You”

Song Year: 2002

It can often be challenging to express self-love for yourself as you would display love for others. This song pays homage to this, with Urban telling himself why he is as valuable as others see him to be.

This song resonates with many individuals who suffer from low self-esteem. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to think highly of yourself, even if others think the world of you. Urban puts this into perspective for us all and gives us much to think about in the process.

“You'll Think of Me”

Song Year: 2002

This melancholy song from Urban’s album Golden Road talks about the end of a relationship and how to move forward with the emotions and memories you harvest during your time together.

Throughout the lyrics, Urban tells the other person they can have it all. They can take all the thoughts, memories, and emotional baggage from the relationship. Ultimately, they will think of him and their time together instead of the other way around.

“Stupid Boy”

Song Year: 2006

We have all had moments where we regret what happened and the actions that went down. It’s common during these times that we end up beating ourselves up over what occurred. This song off Urban’s album Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing depicts this exact scenario.

Knowing that what happened within the relationship is his fault, Urban sings about how stupid his actions were and how things could have gone differently. Continuing, the artist talks about how he wishes he was more appreciative of the person she was during their time together.

“We Were Us”

Song Year: 2013

This song, performed by both Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert, was nominated for multiple awards after its release. From the album Fuse, the song follows two individuals who were once in a relationship but have since parted ways.

Left in their current situation, they are now thinking back to their relationship and what more it could have been. As is the case with many people who fall in love at a young age, there are times when age isn’t on your side.

“’til Summer Comes Around”

Song Year: 2009

From his album Defying Gravity comes this Keith Urban hit. In the story he paints throughout the lyrics, he comes across a girl at an amusement park in summer who catches his attention. Unfortunately, she leaves at the end of the day, and he doesn’t see her again.

He hopes that in the following summer, he will encounter her again, although there’s no guarantee that will happen. In the meantime, he is left to think about the day they met and what it meant to him while hoping that their paths cross again soon.

“Put You in a Song”

Song Year: 2010

In this song, co-written by Keith Urban, the artist talks about trying to reel in the girl that is otherwise unattainable. After doing everything he can to attract her attention, he resorts to writing a song about her to win her over.

This song was released as the first single on Urban’s hit album Get Closer. Many appreciate how easy the song is to relate to and how charming the message is of trying to get the girl by going to whatever lengths are available to you.

“You Look Good In My Shirt”

Song Year: 2002

From his Golden Road album, Keith Urban debuts his song “You Look Good In My Shirt,” where he details having a late-night hook-up with one of his ex-girlfriends. As they emerge the next morning, she has put his shirt on to cover up, and he remarks on her appearance in it.

While it was an unexpected meeting in a public place, the former couple was able to rekindle a romance that they once had. Whether or not they will pick up where they left off is unknown, but at this moment, they are enjoying what they currently have together.

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