Guitar Tricks Review, An Unbiased Look Inside The Members Area

Want to know if Guitar Tricks is right for you? Then check out our review and preview of the members area.

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The Guitar Tricks Review Transcript

Hi guys my name is Shaun Letang from and today I've got another review for you of one of the best online guitar lessons. Today as you can see we're going to be looking at and yes basically this is known as one of the best online guitar lessons around so I want to show you inside so you can get a real feel for it and see if it's for you.

I'm logged into my account, and as you can here we're initially presented with one of the instruction videos. You actually have quite a few tutors you can pick from so let's look here for example. Let's go to instructors. As you can see there are a lot of instructors for you to pick from. This is just a small selection. You can click here and get a lot more instructors. A lot of guys, a lot of girls, and you can basically go through these. Let's pay this guy for example. I've never seen him before, Tom Finch.

You can basically see what kind of songs he does. For example, he does rock. It tells you what resources they got. For example, he's got nine videos here and seven guitar tabs listed. So you can look at him, look at a bit about him. We can begin the tutorial.

Guitar Tricks Video Lesson: Hey there welcome to Guitar Tricks. I'm Tom Finch. Melodic playing and full on soloing.

Shaun Letang: So we can skip through and that was a quick example of what he offers. And like I said this is one of literally thousands of videos available from different tutors and for you to learn different things. So let's move on.

A Look Inside Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks Review, What Do You Get From These Lessons?Next you might want to look at the lessons because he was just teaching a song. So when you look at lessons most people want to start here with the core learning system. There are a lot of other things you can see but let's just start here.

See this is the kind of structure you want. You start here with the guitar fundamentals, level one and level two, and then from there once you've gone from those you choose which style you want.

Here it says you can choose blues, country, or rock and roll. Let's have a look at the guitar fundamentals. So it list exactly what you are going to learn here. Chapter one, two, three, four. Let's start the course. Actually let's just start a bit further in. The first cords c and g. Of course you want to go from the right order but if you know certain things you may want to skip ahead.

Guitar Tricks Video Lesson: So first of all let's talk about what is meant by the word chord. What makes a chord?

Shaun Letang: As you can see these are the fundamentals but as you go along there a lot more advanced stuff and you can basically pick up where you're ready. Other than that you can go here and pick songs. They got a lot of songs and as you see you can pick the genre you like. So if you're into jazz music you can do a lot more jazz stuff. If you're into classical you can do that etc.

Here's a list of some of the songs you get and the tutors. How easy it is and there stats; you can click here for a full song list.

All right the last thing I want to show you is… there are a few other features, I'm just going for the main stuff so you can get an idea of if it's for you or not.

One of the features that I personally like is the forums. So basically if you want to get advice from people you can go into the forums and have a talk. Here you just talk about general music related stuff and other things you can get techniques, you can get tips from other people that have been playing guitar longer than you. And yer, just generally make friends with other guitarist and people that are into the same sort of things that you are.

A Guitar Tricks Overview Conclusion

All right so that's pretty much it for my Guitar Tricks review and in conclusion this is like I said one of the best courses out there (editor's note; you can see how it compares to other guitar courses). Price wise it's $15 dollars a month, but if you sign up for longer then you get a huge discount. So yes, this is Guitar Tricks. If you like what you see you can sign up. My name is Shaun from Make sure you subscribe to the channel and check out the other reviews for all of the online guitar lessons and see which one is best for you.

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