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"How new ‘Accelerated Artist’ approach can

turn talented but failing musicians into fan favorite professionals in as little as a few short months."

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Possibly the most effective method to increasing your fanbase & income Faster than ever before

From: Shaun Letang
London, England.

This may sound crazy…

But it’s working like nothing I have ever seen before.

When done right, you can skip the ‘mandatory’ starving artist stage, & start building a sizable fanbase & profitable music career years sooner than most believe possible.

This works for producers, singers, rappers, guitarists, and any other instrumentalist.

By taking an Accelerated Artist approach you can skip the ‘paying your dues’ phase and shortcut yourself to the front of the line.

Accelerate your music career and…

Build Your Fanbase 2x, 5x, Or Even 10x Quicker!

This works no matter what genre of music you’re in.

Pop, hip hop, heavy metal, Gospel, EDM, country, classical or other.

And you can do it without having a black book full of music industry links.

You don’t need a record label.

You don’t need to spend years grinding and ‘paying your dues’.

And you don’t need approval from the gate keepers of the industry.

In fact, gate keepers will love you for it, and be more eager to work with you going forward.

Best of all…

By taking an Accelerated Artist approach…

You’ll Feel Supported & Empowered Enough To Make Bold & Impactful Decisions In Your Music Career.

But, you may want to get on this now before this support is no longer offered, and another musician in your genre gets all the help instead.

Hi, my name’s Shaun Letang.

You might recognize my name…

I’m the music advisor other well-known music companies come to when they need help making their musicians succeed.

I’ve helped six figure, seven figure and eight figure music companies hit their goals, full time musicians earn more, and newer musicians earn their first dollar.

My work’s been featured by huge companies such as CD Baby, Bandzoogle, Ultimate Guitar, Vice, American Songwriter, All About Jazz, Taxi, Backstage, Tunecore & hundreds more.

Shaun Letang - Music Business Consultant
Music Industry How To - As Seen On

I’ve seen nearly every approach musicians take to try and succeed in the music industry.

So I know what works to have a successful music career.

And, more importantly, what doesn’t, and why.

While tons of musicians struggle when following a traditional ‘pay your dues’ path…

I’ve yet to see the Accelerated Artist approach not improve a musician’s career.

It works every time, because:

  • You learn from those that have done it already, cutting out common mistakes before you make them.
  • You discover the activities that get you where you want in music faster, & avoid those that don’t.
  • You become a known & respected figure in your genre, opening up new doors in the process.
  • You discover what’s really making money for independent musicians, so you can do the same.

Follow Bad Advice, & Your Chances Of Making It Drops Drastically

Every profitable musician knows…

The people around you can make or break your music career.

Aside from your talent, your support network is the single most important element of your music career.

It can mean the difference between seeing a random trickle of new listeners… or… a steady wave of new fans.

Your support network…

Not your artwork.

Not your social media.

Not your branding.

No, none of those.

And this is why, when it comes to building a profitable, fan filled music career...

Your… support network… is… EVERYTHING!


The World’s Biggest Musicians Agree…

Singer Christina Aguilera.

Guitarist Eric Clapton.

Rapper Nicki Minaj.

Producer Dr Dre.

All of these have multiple advisors around them helping shape their music career.

They have people inside and outside their record label supporting them.

Without this support, they likely would’ve never made it to where they are today.

You don’t need a record label…

But look at what they do.

The only reason they exist is to add to an artist’s support network.

And help them achieve more than they could alone.

This is what a good support network does.

Fact is:

Even if you have a great voice… can produce a great track… or are very handy with your instrument…

None of these things will make up for not being given the knowledge on how to best get this talent out to the world.

Put another way, the success you see in music will always be a direct reflection of how well you manage your music career.

It doesn’t matter how much you want to get famous or how great your songs are…

If you approach your music career like the average independent musician, you’ll only ever get average, ordinary results.

Simply put:

The magic is in getting support from experienced music industry professionals.

That’s not all though.

Additionally, you have to understand…

How To Get The Right Kind Of Support

Knowing you need support is only half of the puzzle.

This is just one element which could make or break your music career.

* You also need to understand the kind of support you need as an independent musician.

Get the wrong kind of ‘support’ or advice, and you could set your music career back years.

You must have guidance… BUT… the right kind of guidance as an independent musician.

Most Advice Is Ineffective

Study music business in university or college & you’ll find most lessons are out of date.

They teach a traditional way of building a music career, one that fails more than 99% of musicians who try it.

It didn’t work well for most then, and it doesn’t work for even more now.

Trying to self-educate via blog posts isn’t effective either.

There are hundreds of thousands of short blog posts & videos, with no guidance of which to follow and when.

Furthermore, most contains generic advice which doesn’t work, just rehashed information based on a music industry long passed.

Actively Chasing A Record Deal Is No Longer An Option

Not anymore…

Not if your genre is even mildly competitive.

And not if you want more than a deal with bad terms that’ll leave you with little new fans and in debt.

Don’t kid yourself…

Good record labels have lots of options to choose from besides signing you.

They can choose another musician in your genre… they can choose a musician in a new genre… or… they can focus on their current acts.

You should NEVER… ever… rely on a record label to increase your music earnings or fanbase.

Please understand…

Today, record labels are extremely risk adverse.

So unless you’re already making profit or building a huge buzz, they won’t sign you and give you the support you need.

The Most Effective Support Is…

So, what is the most effective way to get support… that turns you into a knowledgeable professional musician?...

… that makes it instantly clear the things you’re doing which are likely holding your music career back?...

… that makes things you can do to increase your music revenue immediately clear?


Taking An Accelerated Artist Approach Makes YOU Powerful!

An Accelerated Artist approach is NOT simply another “marketing tactic”.

Look: Every musician looking to progress their music career has heard about marketing their music and Spotify playlists.

Because the idea of marketing your music is everywhere today. It’s all over social media.

We all know it.

Music marketing is common on Youtube


An Accelerated Artist Approach Is Different Because Of This…

It’s more than just marketing your music.

The Accelerated Artist Collection is a method for stopping you making common career killing mistakes before you make them… and…

A way of approaching your music career so people feel it’s a no brainer to become a fan.

This really is only the beginning.

It does so much more.

In fact, here are…

8 Things Taking An Accelerated Artist Approach Empowers You To Do In Your Music Career:

Focus on what’s currently working for independent musicians, not what worked 5 years ago!

Discover easier, higher paying music opportunities!

Approach genre fans in a way they’ll actually want to try your music!

Collaborate with companies that can explode your fanbase faster!

Adapt to industry changes without starting again from zero!

Gain more confidence as a professional independent musician!

Avoid common, soul-destroying mistakes!

Obtain valuable experience most of your competitors don’t have access to!

And, one of the best parts of this approach…

You bypass years of trial and error.

You can learn each lesson in 2 to 6 minutes, rather than 2 to 6 months.

So applying the Accelerated Artist approach is quick and easy.

You can skip years of music industry grinding in as little as a few hours. At most a day.

And you can find each step of accelerating your music career in this brand new training…

Get The Support & Knowledge You Need:
The Accelerated Artist Collection Training

Pro Musician Weekly Mockup

Please understand:

This is decades of combined music industry experience from myself & multiple talented independent musicians.

Not to mention, hundreds of thousands of dollars in music industry experiments, learning the hard way what does & doesn’t work… All to make sure this is…

The Most Impactful Collection Of Advice For You As An Independent Musician!

For 20 weeks straight I emailed a select group of musicians exclusive nuggets of advice in the form of the ‘Pro Musician Weekly’ newsletter.

The feedback has been incredible:

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I sent one high quality, super helpful nugget a week.

But I knew I could help more…

So I spent months identifying the biggest time sucks musicians face.

Talking to the most successful musicians in my 90,000+ community.

Musicians who get hundreds of thousands of views per video.

Musicians who tour the world.

Discovering what their best advice would be.

And I packaged these lessons up into Pro Musician Weekly Premium.

Not only do you instantly get 36 complete knowledge bombs to help accelerate your music career…

… many of which have never been shared before…

But I’ve also personally recorded digital audio versions so you save time & energy over reading them.

Listen to them in your car.

Take them wherever you go on your phone.

Download & listen to them offline.

You’ll be amazed at how these thirty-six, 2 to 6 minute audio lessons can save you thousands of dollars across your music career.

It’s like having me personally talking to you and guiding your music career.

No need to spend months or years making the same mistakes the average musician does; you get to avoid common mistakes instantly!

Grab Your Accelerated Artist Collection Now &


Hot Off The Press Updates

“Gain 2 Months Of Ongoing Support From Sought After Industry Professionals”

Full Value: $69

Hot Of The Press Updates Mockup

Without question… the lack of ongoing support is a big problem.

I’ve seen musicians who are ready to learn, start the process … then life gets in the way.

Maybe you’ve been in this situation yourself.

Learned something new, got excited & felt you’d implement it soon, then never got round to it.

How would it impact your music career if we helped you follow up with the Accelerated Artist approach?

With never-seen-before weekly updates & email reminders, you’ll be kept on track until our approach becomes second nature to you.

For 8 weeks, I’ll send you 2 new lessons a week.

Each will contain digital audio, text & video files, never more than 10 minutes each.

So it’ll remain quick & easy to stay up-to-date with cutting edge best practices.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in this Bonus:

  • The little used formula to instantly increase the chances of making a sale.
  • STABILIZING INCOME. A straightforward approach to stabilize your music related income & make your paychecks more predictable.
  • The surprising truth on how often you should be communicating with fans. Most get this wrong and lose fans because of it…
  • REVEALED: the simple yet highly effective strategy that creates profitable musicians consistently.
  • The 1 super underutilized monetization method that’s making some musicians rich.
  • MISTAKEThe common marketing mistake which can hold back your music career for years. And how to fix it.
  • How to make money from your fans WITHOUT them getting annoyed.
  • SHOCKING! The #1 best platform to promote your music… Hint: it’s likely not what you think.
  • Monetizing through songs? This new approach will blow your current sales out the water.
  •  and much, MUCH MORE!

You Get It FREE Today When You Order!


Mission Critical 15

“Receive Essential Guidance Every Musician Should Know (But Aren’t Told)”

Full Value: $37

Mission Critical 15 Mockup

Did you know there are common injuries musicians get?

If so, unfortunately, it’s likely because you’ve already got one.

If not, this may be the most important thing you read.

As I write this, I can hear the ringing in my ears from tinnitus.

The same ringing that kept me awake for months until I became accustomed to it.

The same ringing doctors can’t cure.

I’ll never have another day where it doesn’t sound like a fire alarm is going off in my head.

Tinnitus & other injuries are common for musicians, yet no one really talks about them.

Many are 100% preventable.


Someone makes you aware they exist.

It’s key bits of information like this which can keep your music career more enjoyable.

Growing faster.

Not turn into something you resent.

Myself and other musicians have posted over 1,000 guides on my site.

But as each covers something specific, chances are only a fraction will be relevant to you.

That said, there are 15 extremely important guides which all musicians should read.

Chances are you’ve read none of them.

But you need to.

Preventing common injuries for musicians is just one of the guides.

And in the Mission Critical 15 training, I share them all, with a video introduction to the topic showing why it’s important.

These give the same vital advice I’d share with any family member getting in the music industry.

Just some of what you’ll discover in this digital Bonus:

  • AVOID THIS - The Spotify mistake you’ll never recover from!
  • MONEY SAVING SECRETS - claw back $ without sacrificing music quality.
  • The simple trick which can make your music much easier for fans to discover.
  • Unveiled: a little known, highly profitable strategy for a leading social media platform.
  • Drive more sales by doing this one thing - you’ll never feel uncomfortable selling your music again.
  • Build an unbreakable connection - exactly what to say when performing to an audience.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF! Minimize the chance you’ll suffer health issues as a byproduct of your music.
  • Earn more from your music - save BIG by cutting this one person out your team.
  • Faster Growth - increase your fame by working with the right people.
  • And much, MUCH more.

You Get It FREE Today When You Order!


Winning Musician Cheat Sheet

“Set Yourself Up For A Thriving Music Career”

Full Value: $29.97

Winning Musician Cheatsheet Mockup

There are 5 key elements for having a thriving music career.

music pentagon if you will.

Most musicians know of and implement 1 or 2 of these.

But if you miss out even 1, the rate at which you gain & keep fans drops drastically.

Miss out 3 or 4 like most musicians, & you’ll end up like most musicians…

Unprofitable, struggling to get listeners, and generally frustrated.

This 5 page digital, printable cheat sheet acts as a constant reminder of the 5 elements.

Print it out, stick it on your wall, follow the path.

This music pentagon will keep you on track & help you avoid music career damaging mistakes.

You Get It FREE Today When You Order!

All of these combined to help you greatly accelerate your music career.

Plus, you’re not risking anything by grabbing this bundle today.

Because your entire purchase is protected and backed by a "we succeed together"...


I’m fully confident the Accelerated Artist Collection will enable you to reach your potential in music years before you would without it.

You’re either 100% thrilled, or send an email within 7 days of your investment & I’ll send all your money back!

Sound fair?

If so…

Accelerated Artist Collection Mockup

Here’s everything you’ll get when you order right now!

(All digital, no physical)

Pro Musician Weekly [Premium]; Unheard Audio, Video & Text - ($127 Value)

Hot Off The Press Updates - ($69 Value)

Mission Critical 15 - ($37 Value)

Winning Musician Cheat Sheet - ($29.97 Value)

Total Value: $262.97

Get It All Right Now

ONLY $39

I appreciate you reading this letter.

You see, as of now, you’re getting this entire bundle with an 85+% DISCOUNT.

You’re saving $223.97!


This will be game-changing for your music.

All the best,

Shaun Letang.

Signature Shaun Letang

P.S. If you’re like me & have jumped to the end of this letter, here is the deal:

If you want to skip years of trial and error, get little known best practices directly from music industry experts, and avoid common mistakes that keep musicians poor… this is for you.

You’re receiving 4 different online-only training programs & tools for a fraction of the cost & value of even one -- JUST $39 bucks today.

It’s not a gimmick, there’s no catch.

Plus, you AREN’T signing up for a “trial”, for a monthly training or anything of the sort.

There’s no shipping of physical products or schedules you’ll need to stick to; you’ll get access online instantly.

Simply put…

Either you love this collection and all the things it does for your music career, or email me within 7 days of buying and I’ll personally refund your full payment.

Click here to claim your collection now.

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