35 Best Blake Shelton Songs

“The Baby” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2003

One of his oldest songs, this track is about being the youngest sibling and the baby of the family. While the title and lyrics mention the baby of the family, the song’s message is a thank you to his mother for always caring for him and making sure he was safe. It’s a solemn and deep song that ends with her passing away.

“Mine Would Be You” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2013

Another cute song where the lyrics speak directly to a girl and talk about how special she is, Mine Would Be You is charming and heartwarming. In the lyrics, Shelton sings to the listener, asking them about their favorite things, their highest moments, their lowest lows, and more. He answers his own questions saying his best moments are with her, the listener of the song.

“Neon Light” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2014

While many of Shelton’s songs are endearing and lovey, this one is stone-cold. In the lyrics, he talks about wanting revenge on an ex by becoming wildly successful. He uses his anger and resentment from the breakup to drive his music career forward by writing relatable and poetic songs about his former toxic relationship.

“Goodbye Time” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2004

A sad song about following out of love, Goodbye Time is a short tune where Shelton sings to his lover that if she doesn’t feel the same way about him anymore, she should leave. It’s not a hateful, hostile, or even tragic track, it’s just about the bitterness of a relationship ending organically.

“Over” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2011

Shelton sings about feeling like he’s found the one in this song, even though they aren’t together yet. He sings to this woman and asks what he can do to be with her and what it would take for her to fall in love with him. The lyrics talk about how wholly and dramatically enamored he is with her and just wants the chance to love her how she deserves.

“A Guy With a Girl” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2016

This song is about how the narrator feels like his girlfriend lights up a room and always takes center stage, which is one of the things he loves about her. Sometimes, he’s the guy drinking with his friends or playing guitar and singing, but whenever he’s with her, he’s just the guy with that girl that makes everyone turn their heads.

“Drink on It” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2011

Sometimes, drinking is the answer! At least it can be according to this Blake Shelton song, where he sings about a girl leaving the bar early because she’s stressed about work and life. He tells her not to worry right now and that he has worries too, but they can both drink a few beers and cocktails together and let the stress and fears melt away, at least for the night.

“Don’t Make Me” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2007

This song is about a complex and dying relationship. In the lyrics, Shelton is madly in love with his girlfriend but doesn’t feel she is in love with him. He sings to her that he needs more commitment and love from her, or he’s going to have to let her go. The strain in the song is apparent, as he says he wants to be loved, but he also doesn’t want to lose her.

“Come Back As a Country Boy” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2021

This song plays with themes of reincarnation as Shelton sings about how he thinks Southern country life is the best way to live. Even though he is a country boy, he still hopes and prays that when he dies, he’ll return to the country and continue his fun way of life. It’s a playful Southern anthem that’s easy to love if you’re from the country.

“Minimum Wage” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2021

Shelton sings about how he loves his partner so much that he’s happy with her anywhere they go and no matter what they do. He fell in love with her before he was rich and famous, and they’ll love each other no matter where they live or how much money they have in the bank.

“Kiss My Country Ass” by Blake Shelton

“Kiss My Country Ass” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2011

Another funny and fiery country anthem, this song is about being a country boy and loving being from the South. He highlights all the classic Southern things, like trucks, beer, jeans, hunting, and more. It’s a mildly patriotic song emphasizing the pride and simplicity of country folk who don’t need extravagant things to be happy.

Top Blake Shelton Songs, Final Thoughts

As you can see, many of the best Blake Shelton songs are highly relatable, which is what has made him such a star. Many of his tracks are about love, loss, and the South, and most people can identify with at least one of those themes.

Throughout his discography, he shows the versatility and beauty of country music and how it can mesh with elements of other genres for unique and irresistible sounds.

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