6 Best Android Apps For Guitarists And Guitar Players

Best Android Apps For Guitarists And Guitar PlayersAre you looking for a few apps to download and install on your mobile device?

There are some cool apps out there for guitarists and musicians, from virtual amps and pocket studios to jam tracks and drum machines. Whatever it is you need, there’s probably a solution out there.

If you’re the kind of person that does most of your content consumption on your smartphone or tablet, then you’ll probably love having learning and jamming tools on your device as well. The portability of smartphones and tablets makes it easy for you to work on your guitar technique no matter where you might be.

Here are six of the best apps for guitarists and guitar players.

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1. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & ChordsStill one of the best and largest guitar tab archives on the internet, Ultimate Guitar has an app that allows you to look up songs and access tabs on the fly. This app is essential for busy guitar teachers who don’t always have the time to look up songs, study them, and transcribe them for their students.

With Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords, you can find tabs you’re looking for on the spot – the only thing you need is a smartphone.

Even if you aren’t a guitar teacher, if you regularly use your smartphone or tablet as a practice tool, then no harm will come from purchasing this low-cost app and installing it on your device.

There is one thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for quality tabs. The best ones are usually those rated highly by community members, so when possible, find a five-star tab.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords only costs $3.50 in the Google Play store.

2. Guitar Lessons By GuitarTricks

Guitar Lessons By GuitarTricksStill new to guitar? Looking to brush up on your technique or theory?

GuitarTricks is a community with nearly two million members looking to learn the art and science of guitar playing.

Their mobile app is every bit as impressive as their website, featuring a clean, sleek, and responsive interface. Their videos load fast, and are of high-quality.

There is just one catch – there are a limited number of free lessons available. If you want full access to everything, you must upgrade to their paid membership program, which is $27.99 per month (the annualized plan comes at a bit of a discount).

With so many free lessons and guitar communities out there, it may not make sense for you to sign up for GuitarTricks, but if you like the app, it’s something to think about. Either way, it’s nice to know you can learn while you’re on the go.

3. B'Metronome


What’s one of the best practice tools to keep on hand wherever you go? A metronome, of course!

The best tool is often the simplest one. Developing your rhythm, timing, and speed either requires the use of a metronome or a solid backing track. But you probably won’t have other musicians around to jam with or back you up whenever you want, especially while you’re practicing alone. That’s where the metronome comes in.

B'Metronome is a a free app. It may not be the most feature-rich metronome app on the market, but it's easy to use. The “click, click, click” of a metronome can get on your nerves, but B'Metronome gives you several sounds to choose from. They also make it easy for you to select common tempos on the fly.

Players with more sophisticated needs will probably want to find a better app, but for most, this one should do the trick.

4. Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner

Pano Tuner - Chromatic TunerNo guitarist should leave home without a tuner. And, if you don’t already own an electronic tuner, it’s good to know that you can install a tuner app right on your smartphone or tablet.

What are the best recording studio app for androidThe Pano Tuner is a highly-rated tuner app. It’s precise and user friendly, but you will have to upgrade to the paid version to remove ads and unlock all features.

As a musician, nothing says “unprofessional” more consistently than being out of tune. Get your tuning needs handled, and don’t forget to tune up every time you take your instrument out of your case!

5. AmpliTube / Samsung Pro Audio

AmpliTube / Samsung Pro AudioEver thought about carrying a recording studio in your pocket?

IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube has been around for a long time, and many guitarists use it to get killer tones in the studio.

With AmpliTube, you can customize your sound using different amp heads and cabs, mic setups, and even stomp boxes.

AmpliTube will run you $26.9 on Android (though there are free versions of the app too). It’s a cool app, no doubt, but you shouldn’t expect to get the world’s more incredible tones just by using it. You’ll want to purchase better gear if that’s what you’re looking for.

6. Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords

Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords

Do you like using applications like Guitar Pro and Power Tab to learn songs on the guitar?

Then you’ll love Songsterr, which is essentially the online version of the same application. Best of all, they also have a mobile app.

Their tab database is still growing, but you can easily find all your favorite songs from the likes of Metallica, AC/DC, Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, and even some obscure artists and bands. The app features over 500,000 guitar, bass, and drum tabs, as well as chords.

Their tab player lets you hear what the parts are supposed to sound like, loop specific parts of the song, slow down the tab playback, and more.

The all-in-one version costs $6.04 on Android.

Final Thoughts

Apps can make learning the guitar fun and easy. The key will be to find apps that are right for you. Some people love certain apps – others don’t. Since most apps are free or low-cost, you can experiment with many different ones without taking any massive risks.

Most guitarists will at least want a proper metronome and tuner on their device. Guitar instructors may want access to tab archives with Ultimate Guitar or Songsterr. Hobbyist recording guitarists will get a kick out of AmpliTube and other virtual amp apps. Students of guitar may want to download GuitarTricks to start learning from professional teachers, or jam apps for some backing tracks to jam along with.

Ultimately, it depends on the kind of guitarist you are, and how far along you are in your development.

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