27 Songs Starting With T

Below is a list of songs beginning with the letter t. These songs are across the board in meaning and genre, but they all are songs starting with T!

“Thought You Should Know” by Morgan Wallen

Song year: 2022

Morgan Wallen’s song Thought You Should Know is a letter from the singer to his mother. He lets his mother know how he is doing and that all the praying she did for him over the years is finally coming to fruition.

The sweet song is a picture of what mothers go through as their children grow older. All the worryings, praying, and hoping for their children’s future will eventually pay off as they grow older and become successful.

“Terrible and True” by Lost Dog Street Band

Song year: 2019

Terrible and True is an emotional song by Lost Dog Street Band. It is a troubled relationship between a man and a woman. The man knows he has to change his habits, so he goes away to try to fix himself.

Every time he comes to his woman, he is empty and needs her love to fill him up again. His habits have taken over his life, and he knows he cannot treat her like this. It is a bad situation, but he knows everything he has said is true.

“Tishomingo” by Zach Bryan

Song year: 2022

Zach Bryan’s Tishomingo is a ballad about a young man who loathes his move to the city. He is longing for his home in a peaceful country. He has been dreaming of a slower life with his woman.

He has been on the road for too long, becoming more lonely. He is looking for help and prayers to get home and find peace.

“Take Me Home” by Tanner Usrey

Song year: 2022

Tanner Usrey writes Take Me Home about two people that have been resisting love for some time. They both have had these feelings for a long time, but they don’t know if it is the right decision.

He finally decides he is ready to go for it. He doesn’t care what people say and wants her to finally take him home. They have been drinking so he can’t drive, so he wants her to take him home so they might dance all night.

“Thnks for the Mmrs” by Fall Out Boy

Song year: 2007

Fall Out Boy writes Thnks for the Mmrs about a relationship that failed in the end. The girl is saying thanks for the memories to the man, even though they weren’t the best memories.

She has found a new man and has a one-night stand with him. She thinks back to the memories of her ex-boyfriend and is grateful for them but has already moved on.

“Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry

Song year: 2010

Teenage Dream is about a woman who has finally found her true love. Everything about him makes her have butterflies, making her feel like she did when she was a teenager. He makes her feel like they will always be young.

He makes her feel as if she is flying, and that everything is falling into place.

“Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae

Song year: 2011

Tonight, Tonight is about a guy who is going through a rough point in life but doesn’t have a care in the world. His girlfriend cheated on him, and he doesn’t have any money. He is not letting his worries get him down and instead is going to party all night.

“That’s What You Get” by Paramore

Song year: 2007

Paramore sings this emotional song about a girl who only listened to her heart when it came to a relationship. She did not use any of her senses or logic and went with the feelings she had in her heart.

The relationship did not work, and now she has to deal with the pain of her winning heart. She knows it is her fault in the end because she didn’t use reasoning before starting the relationship.

“Tell Me I’m A Wreck” by Every Avenue

Song year: 2009

Tell Me I’m A Wreck is about a man who knows he wasn’t perfect. He knows he could have been a better man, that he could have done things differently. However, all his girlfriend ever did was tell him that he was a mess.

She could only focus on his flaws. He felt pushed away by her actions, so he finally left because he knew things weren’t working. Now, she is spreading rumors about how he was a terrible person.

“Tonight” by FM Static

Song year: 2006

Tonight is about a tragedy. A man is reminiscing about the love of his life. He grew up with her and they had so many memories together. Tragedy hits and she is killed in a car accident.

All the man needs are her arms to help him through a tough night. But now all he can do is look at the clouds and miss her.

“Thunder” by Boys Like Girls

Song year: 2007

Boys Like Girls write Thunder about a summer fling between a boy and a girl. The boy has fallen in love with the girl. All he can think about is her voice throughout the whole summer. He remembers the summer storms, bringing in rain and thunder. He can deal with the storms because he has her.

He tells her that she has the brightest color of eyes out of all of the colors of summer.

“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC

Song year: 1990

Thunderstruck is a celebration song. All of the partying and playing a fool comes after a near-death experience the main character experiences on the train tracks. After he almost passes into the next life, he realizes he needs to enjoy the life he is living and make the most of it.

“Tongue Tied” by Grouplove

Song year: 2012

Tongue Tied is about a guy who messed up. He goes back to when he was younger, to a party. It is the house of the best friend of the girl he is now in love with. He was high at the party and made out with her best friend.

Fast forward to today, he knows he messed up and has always been in like with this girl. But he is tongue-tied again in the sense that he doesn’t know what to tell her. He knows he messed up back then at the party and wants to make it right somehow.

“Tigersharks” by Sumbuck

“Tigersharks” by Sumbuck

Song year: 2020

Tigersharks are about some boys who got into some trouble. They try to blame their prison time on the teachers they grew up with, claiming they should have taught them better.

Tigersharks is a metaphor for the striped uniforms they must wear in prison. They claim they are doing well, dancing in the lights. But in reality, their time in prison is making them go crazy.

“Tucumcari” by Goodnight, Texas

Song year: 2018

Tucumcari tells the story of a man who has broken the law in the town he is from. The man he wronged was trying to kill him, so he had to run away. He chooses to run to Tucumcari to start a new, simple life.

He claims he will kill anyone who comes to find him. He plans to marry an Indian girl and stay there until he is dead. He doesn’t plan to ever get right with the people he has wronged.

“Tomorrow” by Danny Worsnop

Song year: 2019

Tomorrow is about a man who is so in love with a girl that he knows the best thing to do for her is to leave. He wants her to be as happy as she can be, and he feels like he is holding her back. They are having one last night together, but he knows tomorrow will be when he breaks her heart.

“Take Back Home Girl” by Chris Lane and Tori Kelly

Song year: 2018

Chris Lane and Tori Kelly come together to make this sweet song about a boy bringing his girl to his hometown for the first time. They haven’t been together for very long, but he knows she is the exact kind of girl he has been looking for.

“Then Again” by Mitch Rossell

Song year: 2020

Then Again is about a man that is trying to convince himself that he doesn’t need a certain girl. He is fighting within himself whether the decision he made to leave was the right one. He states she is tying him down, but he has second thoughts.

“The Keeper Of The Stars” by Tracy Byrd

Song year: 1994

Tracy Byrd sings this sweet song about finding the love of his life. He gives all of the credit to God for allowing him to find this girl. He is thankful to God for always having a plan for his life. He knows he has all he needs when he has her.

“The Rest of Our Life” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Song year: 2017

The husband and wife duo come together to sing a song about the love they have and the love they will have for the rest of their lives. They know they don’t have to worry about the struggles of life and getting older. They have the love of their life on their side, so they know they will get through the tough times.

“The Bird Hunters” by Turnpike Troubadors

Song year: 2015

The Bird Hunters song is about a man who leaves his friends and small hometown to go to the city with his woman. After things start to take a turn, he returns home to his small town and reunites with his old hunting buddies. He tries to be happy back home but knows his girl will be back in town. He knows he will fall in love with her all over again.

“That’s How I Got to Memphis” by Charley Crockett

Song year: 2018

Charley Crockett sings this song about being so in love with someone that you go wherever they go. You know that without them, your life won’t be complete. He is so in love with a girl that moved to Memphis, that he followed her there.

“Three Wooden Crosses” by Randy Travis

Song year: 2002

Randy Travis sings this emotional song about four people on a midnight bus headed to the highway. They all had different reasons for being on the bus, and different stories to tell. The bus ended up crashing, killing all but the hooker that was on the bus. The hooker doesn’t know why she was the one to live. She takes it as a way to get her life on the right track.

“Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran

Song year: 2014

Ed Sheeran’s song Tenerife Sea is comparing a beautiful woman to the Tenerife Sea in the Canary Islands. He compares her beautiful blue eyes to the sea. The two are surrounded by people who disapprove of their relationship, but he knows he can’t focus on what others say. He knows she is what he needs.

“This Town” by Niall Horan

Song year: 2017

Niall Horan writes a song about the first love he had in his hometown. After being gone for so many years, he realizes nothing changes back in his hometown after all of the years. He realizes he is still in love with this girl but realizes his old love has already moved on to someone else.

“Teardrops On My Guitar” by Taylor Swift

Song year: 2006

Taylor Swift sings this song about being in love with a boy she has been friends with for years. He talks to her about a new girl he has found, so she has to fake being happy for him. She doesn’t know how to tell him she loves him, because she is afraid if she does, they will no longer be friends. She cries every night over her guitar as she sings about him.

“Traveling Man” by Zach Bryan

Song year: 2020

Zach Bryan sings an emotional song about trying to get away from the thoughts everyone struggles with within their mind. He uses the metaphor of being a traveling man, going wherever the world takes him. The song links being gone from home to trying to run from the struggles inside.

Zach Bryan writes many songs about the struggles troubled men and women deal with in their everyday lives.

Songs Starting With T, Final Thoughts

Music has a way of making us feel so many different emotions. It can make us feel happy and pumped up, or down in the dumps. Songs about love and songs about heartbreak keep us as listeners coming back for more.

Find the best songs beginning with the letter t and give them a listen!

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