29 Best Songs From 2021

“Rapsta” by Polo G

Song Year: 2021

Polo G has steadily made his way to stardom with his unique rap style and intelligent bars in his song. Rapstar, the third song from his third studio album, Hall of Fame, is proof of the starts undeniable talent, putting him on the map in 2021.

The song has a great rap bear, featuring a ukulele as Polo G raps about his past relationships and rise to fame. It is undoubtedly one of the best sing songs of 2021 that left people wondering who the talent behind the incredible music was.

“Have Mercy” by Chloe Bailey

Song Year: 2021

After getting numerous trolls on social media over her body positivity posts, the Grown-ish star hit the studio and released ‘Have Mercy,' a song that shook the airwaves in 2021. The song oozes sex appeal as Chloe brushes off all those people with something to say about her body.

The music video is also to die for. It was the perfect way for Chloe to launch her music career as she left her mark on the 2021 music scene.

“Déjà vu” by Olivia Rodrigo

Song Year: 2021

Since the release of her first single, Olivia Rodrigo is steadily morphing from your favorite High School Musical actress to a renowned global pop star. Like her previous love-themed ballads, Déjà vu had a positive reception, as most people resonated with the lyrics.

The song has a soft indie pop beat as Olivia passionately sings about her ex doing the same things they did with her with a new lover. The emotions it sparks and the sweet vocals merit a position on good music from 2021.

“Best Frien” by Saweetie ft. Doja Cat

Song Year: 2021

As the title suggests, this was the best friend anthem of 2021. The unexpected collaboration

between Saweetie and Doja Cat produced one of the most listened-to songs of the year that hooked everyone.

The duo hypes up each other in classic best friend fashion as they floss about their independence, wealth, and appeal over a bouncy and catchy beat. You cannot resist it.

“Bite M” by Avril Lavigne

“Bite M” by Avril Lavigne

Song Year: 2021

It is impossible to talk about good music from 2021 without mentioning the queen of punk rock's iconic return to her musical roots. The lead single from Avril Lavigne's seventh studio album reflects the artist's prowess in the genre after a stint in commercial music.

Collaborating with Blink-182's Travis Baker as producer, the punk rock sensation sings about her no-good ex-lover, assuring him that he'll regret crossing her. It is a high-energy drum-centered song with a catching emo-pop vibe.

“Never Wanted To Be That Girl” by Carly Pearce & Ashley McBryde

Song Year: 2021

“Never Wanted To be That Girl” is a country song that perfectly blends Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde’s vocals. It is an emotional song that delves into women’s experiences with cheating. It looks at the perspective of a wife who finds out her husband is cheating and the other woman who finds out the man she sees is married.

“Take My Breath” by The Weeknd

Song Year: 2021

“Take My Breath” is a catchy single written by The Weeknd with the help of Max Martin and Oscar Holter. The Weeknd has made a career out of finding new ways of describing love, lust, and temptations, which remains true in this song.

He perfectly blends the ideas by making the listener believe he is talking about deep love, but as the song progresses, you realize it is about lust, temptation, and the need to revel in one’s desires.

“Gyalis” by Capella Grey

Song Year: 2021

“Gyalis” is a major contender for song of the 2021 summer. Capella Grey produced the song by sampling Juvenile’s 1999 song “Back That Azz Up.” The song refers to a guy who knows how to interact with ladies, similar to a womanizer, but with the distinction that they know how to maintain a good reputation with everyone.

“Don’t Go Yet” by Camila Cabello

Song Year: 2021

This song has an uptempo beat that entices the listeners to stand up and dance. The video is colorful and full of eclectic choreography. Lyrically, Camila Cabello is requesting a lover that is about to depart on a journey to spend more time with her, given the amount of time they spend apart is more than the time they spend together.

“Solar Power” by Lorde

Song Year: 2021

In “Solar Power”, Lorde uses the change in seasons from the cold of winter to the heat that comes with summer as a metaphor for internal change. She speaks of a new state of mind once the summer starts, similar to the reawakening one experiences after getting over a tough time.

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