50 Best Songs About The States – 1 For Each

Best Songs About The States

Throughout history, a story unfolds through various songs and musical takes about the famous U.S. These songs portray a vivid tale of the vast beauty of our country through lyrics.

We have composed a list of the 50 best songs about the States of America we hope you’ll enjoy.


Best Song About Alabama – “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Song Year: 1974

A catchy 70s country tune that never grows old and will have you rocking to the sounds of the south.

Originally released by Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1974, this popular song has been a favorite for many other artists throughout the decades and still remains popular today.

Best Song About Alaska – “North to Alaska” by Johnny Horton

Song Year: 1960

This 1960s hit was featured in a western comedy movie by the same title and topped the music charts, making it one of the best western songs of all time.

The catchy tune is sure to have your tapping your foot to the beat of this 60s classic.

Best Song About Arizona – “Arizona” by Josh Kerr

Song Year: 2021

A beautiful blend of country and pop in this recently released song reminisces about a past love from Arizona in gentle vocals.

This relaxing tune and soft lyrics will have you playing this song over and over on instant replay, so you don’t miss a beat.

Best Song About Arkansas – “I Can See Arkansas” by Anne Murray

Song Year: 1991

With an outstanding display of vocals, Anne Murray sings this beautiful country song in perfect harmony and vivid imagery of Arkansas and love gone astray.

A much-loved classic of many Murray listeners, give this song a listen if you haven’t already. You will not be disappointed.

Best Song About California – “California Gurls” by Katy Perry

Song Year: 2010

Featuring the voice of Snoop Dog in the chorus, this disco-pop song about California girls was a popular dance tune for many teens on repeat in the 2000s.

In 2012, this funky pop song ranked the number 1 all-time favorite summer song, sending Perry straight to the top of her music career. A colorful video accompanies this song filled with candies, Alice and Wonderland characters, and board games.

Best Song About Colorado – “Colorado Girl” by Townes Van Zandt

Song Year: 1969

Sung in a soft yet twangy country voice, this classic late 60s song by Townes Van Zandt compares an old flame to the beauty of Denver, Colorado.

Relax in the comforts of soothing vocals by Zandt with this gorgeous 60s song about the beautiful state of Colorado.

Best Song About Connecticut – “Connecticut” by Summer Blanket

Song Year: 2005

Vivid imagery and descriptive verses detailing the beauty of Connecticut are found in this upbeat song by Summer Blanket.

This beautiful song is sure to have you reminiscing about your childhood days spent in Connecticut.

Best Song About Delaware – “Delaware Slide” by George Thorogood & The Destroyers

Song Year: 1977

Kick off your shoes and shake it up with this 70s grooving beat from George Thorogood & The Destroyers about hitting the highway and cruising to Deleware.

This song never goes out of style despite the decades that pass when you’re in the mood to shake things up on the dance floor and get your pulse racing.

Best Song About Florida – “Florida Time” by Bob Seger

Song Year: 1966

In this 60s classic, Bob Seger picks up the pace with a lively tribute to the beaches, fast cars, and Florida girls for some fun in the sun with the perfect dance song to shake a leg to.

This song about Florida is still a favorite among several listeners decades later.

Best Song About Georgia – “Georgia on My Mind” by Ray Charles

Song Year: 1960

An explosion of instrumentals and the sweet-sounding vocals of Ray Charles makes this song a best-loved 60s classic about missing the peacefulness of Georgia.

Although Charles was completely blind, that didn't stop him from being a successful musician and composing several hit songs right up until he died in 2004. This song is just one of his many hits.

Best Song About Hawaii – “Hawaii” by Old Dominion

Song Year: 2021

This is a vacation song about visiting Hawaii, living it up on the beaches, and drinking rum out of coconut along the waves of the ocean.

It’s a relaxing song to play on your next vacation get-away to get you in a peaceful frame of mind and ready to enjoy your holiday in the sun.

Best Song About Idaho – “Idaho Cowboy” by Reckless Kelly

Song Year: 2010

“Idaho Cowboy” is a fast-paced county song about a cowboy from Idaho that will have you tapping your toes to the beat of the music to this hit by Reckless Kelly.

Turn up the tunes and get ready to tap your feet with this fun cowboy song about Idaho.

Best Song About Illinois – “Cairo, Illinois” by Natalie Hemby

Song Year: 2017

Beautiful vocals are belted out in this song by Natalie Hemby as she sings about reliving the memories of the abandoned Illinois city of Cairo that once shone in all its glory before it became a ghost town in the 1940s.

This is an incredible song guaranteed to have you listening for a second time to the talented lyrics and exceptional presentation.

Best Song About Indiana – “Can’t Get Indiana off My Mind” by Crystal Gayle

Song Year: 1999

This 90s song is elegantly performed by Crystal Gayle, describing the beauty of Indiana in clear, peaceful lyrics and instrumentals.

This tranquil song is sure to make you want to immediately take a trip to Indiana and see the moonlight over the city.

Best Song About Iowa – “Iowa” by Dar Williams

Song Year: 1996

“Iowa” is a heartfelt song by Dar Williams that is sung with grace and beauty as she compares feelings, love, experimentation, and the coming of age and sexuality to the beauty of nature and curves of the waterways in Iowa.

This song is unique and offers a different approach to the subject of LGBTQ and an openness to exploring sexuality.

Best Song About Kansas – “You’re Not in Kansas Anymore” by Jo Dee Messina

Song Year: 1996

There’s something about a country boy that attracts city women without so much as trying.

In this 90s country song, Jo Dee Messina sings about falling in love with an old-fashioned country Kansas boy as she tries to help him settle into the big city life of California.

Best Song About Kentucky – “Blue Moon of Kentucky” by Bill Monroe

Song Year: 1947

In his all-time 40s favorite, Bill Munroe sings the blues about a lost love from Kentucky.

He picks up the pace towards the end of the song as he says a final farewell to his lost love and kicks her to the Kentucky curb.

Best Song About Louisiana – “Louisiana Saturday Night” by Mel McDaniel

Song Year: 1980

Shake it up with this fast-paced 80s heal-tapping country and a western classic song about having some fun on a Saturday night Louisiana style by Mel McDaniel.

This fun song will have you feel like kicking off your shoes and living it up on the dance floor to the beat.

Best Song About Maine – “Maine” by Noah Kahan

Song Year: 2020

A gorgeous tribute to childhood memories of Maine is portrayed in this recently released song by Noah Kahan.

The vocals in this song will give you goosebumps on your arms as you take all the beauty he has to tell us about the memories he has for Maine.

Best Song About Maryland – “Going to Maryland” by The Mountain Goats

Song Year: 1994

This is an upbeat 90s anthem about comparing the beauty of a woman to the scenic beauty of Maryland by the Mountain Goats.

Best Song About Massachusetts – “The Lights Went Out in Massachusetts” by The BeeGees

Song Year: 1967

This popular 60s song by The BeeGees tells the tale of missing Massachusetts in a catchy beat that you’re sure to hum along to after hearing it. 

Best Song About Michigan – “Michigan and Again” by The Accidentals

Song Year: 2016

This catchy song by The Accidentals sings of the beauty and memories of coming back home to Michigan again and again through incredible vocals, instrumentals, and harmonizing throughout the entire song.

Best Song About Minnesota – “Hey, Minnesota” by Ann Reed

Song Year: 2008

Have a laugh or two with this fast-paced humorous song about the cold winter weather or the hot mosquito summer weather of Minnesota sung by Ann Reed. 

Best Song About Mississippi – “Down in Mississippi (Up to No Good)” by Sugarland

Song Year: 2004

Shake it up on the dance floor with this fun upbeat country song by Sugarland about leaving your troubles with men behind and having some good old fun in Mississippi.

Best Song About Missouri – “Missouri Waltz” by Johnny Cash

Song Year: 1973

Johnny Cash does a fantastic job on this 70s song describing the childhood memories of Missouri with banjos strumming and elders humming to the sweet sound of the mid-western music.

Best Song About Montana – “Montana Song” by Hank Williams Jr

Song Year: 1975

Hank Williams Jr sings about going to Montana and leaving the memories of a long-lost love behind as he takes in the scenery of a cold Montana snow-filled winter where the blues won’t be able to follow him through the fridged weather.

Best Song About Nebraska – “Nebraska” by Bruce Springsteen

Song Year: 1982

A slow 80s folk song by Bruce Springsteen nourishes your soul with outstanding vocals, harmonics, and soft heartfelt music throughout the song as he sorrowfully sings about memories of Nebraska during a difficult time of sorrow and the last days of life on death row.

Best Song About Nevada – “Stop in Nevada” by Billy Joel

Song About Nevada – “Stop in Nevada” by Billy Joel

Song Year: 1973

This is an uplifting 70s tribute song about Nevada sung by Billy Joel. This is one of the singer's less-familiar songs. However, it is still a terrific song. If you haven’t heard it before, it is worth a listen.

Best Song About New Hampshire – “New Hampshire You’re My Home” by Beverly Rush

Song Year: 2000

This is an upbeat song about New Hampshire sung by Beverly Rush that will have you singing along to the beat of the music in no time. It’s a beautiful tribute song to anyone who has lived in New Hampshire.

Best Song About New Jersey – “Jersey Bounce” by Ella Fitzgerald

Song Year: 1961

This 60s song by Ella Fitzgerald will have you swinging to the beat of her rhythm and blues in this classic song about New Jersey with amazing vocals and instrumentals throughout. This song was a much-loved favorite among many listeners in the 60s.

Best Song About New Mexico – “New Mexico” by Johnny Cash

Song Year: 1964

Another country classic by Johnny Cash, this 60s song tells the tale of traveling by horse through New Mexico. Cash sings of the trials and tribulations endured during the journey through the state of New Mexico.

Best Song About New York – “Empire State of Mind, New York” by Alicia Keys

Song Year: 2009

This catchy song by Alicia Keys is a tribute song for New York and describes the beautiful city in vivid detail, from the bright lights of Broadway to the inspirational chorus for making your dreams come true. You can’t help but sing along to the chorus of this song.

Best Song About North Carolina – “Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor

Song Year: 1970

Homesick for his hometown of North Carolina, James Taylor wrote this catchy 70s song about going home in his mind. It’s an easy-listening tune that will inspire you, too, to visit Carolina in your mind.

Best Song About North Dakota – “My Home in North Dakota” by Adam Taylor

Song Year: 2010

“My Home in North Dakota” is a beautiful testimonial of childhood days spent in North Dakota by singer Adam Taylor. This 2010 song will have you snapping your fingers to the beat of this catchy tribute song.

Best Song About Ohio – “Ohio” by The Black Keys

Song Year: 2011

Written by The Black Keys, this song belts out the tale of missing Ohio no matter where on earth you roam. No matter how long you stay away, you will always ache to return to relive your childhood memories in Ohio.

Best Song About Oklahoma – “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” by David Frizzell & Shelly West

Song Year: 1981

Take a stroll down memory lane to Oklahoma with this 80s song by David Frizzel and Shelly West as you reminisce about a long-lost heartbreak in the beautiful state.

Best Song About Oregon – “Live Long in Oregon” by Laura Gibson

Song Year: 2014

This uplifting folk song about Oregon is short and sweet and gets straight to the point about the beautiful state of Oregon. Exceptional orchestral accompanists make this a heartwarming production.

Best Song About Pennsylvania – “Pennsylvania” by Heart

Song Year: 2012

This 2000 rock song by Heart paints a picture of the beauty of the state of Pennsylvania with mention of feature attractions of a city in a heartwarming tribute.

Best Song About Rhode Island – “Rhode Island Is Famous for You” by Blossom Dearie

Song Year: 1960

This catchy, humorous 60s song is a tribute to Rhode Island by Blossom Dearie as she sings in a squeaky high-pitched vocal throughout the song. Forget about your troubles when you visit Rhode Island with this song.

Best Song About South Carolina – “Waltz for A Girl in South Carolina” by Brett Shady

Song Year: 2010

Brett Shady portrays a beautiful tribute to South Carolina in this catchy song as he reminisces about a girl he once knew on the east coast of South Carolina.

Best Song About South Dakota – “South Dakota Morning” by The BeeGees

Song Year: 1973

This 70s ballad by The BeeGees is a sentimental piece about missing South Dakota. Even though you have ventured through life’s battles, when your time comes to go home, you will still lay your head down in South Dakota.

Best Song About Tennessee – “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton

Song Year: 2015

Why not drown your sorrows in some good old Tennessee whisky with Chris Stapleton in this 2015 hit song about finding love in all the right places? Sing along to this catchy country song that topped the music charts.

Best Song About Texas – “Yellow Rose of Texas” by Mitch Miller

Song Year: 1955

This fast-paced country and western song was a hit in the 50s as Mitch Miller and accompaniment sang about a woman. They compare her to a yellow rose that adds beauty and shine to the state of Texas.

Best Song About Utah – “The Red Hills of Utah” by Marty Robbins

Song Year: 1963

This gentle-sounding ballad by Marty Robbins was a 60s song about the beauty found in the hills of Utah. He sang of flowers, birds, women, and other beauty found in the hills of Utah in this much-loved classic track.

Best Song About Vermont – “Moonlight in Vermont” by Frank Sinatra

Song Year: 1944

Listen to the story of Vermont told through this classic 40s ballad sung by Frank Sinatra. You can almost feel the presence of Vermont through his mesmerizing voice as if you were there in person.

Best Song About Virginia – “Sweet Virginia” by The Rolling Stones

Song Year: 1972

Harmonics and outstanding vocals make this 70s song a classic by The Rolling Stones as they unfold the tales of what it’s like to live in Virginia. The toe-tapping rhythmic lyrics that you are sure to sing along with may just force you to put it on instant replay decades after its release.

Best Song About Washington – “Hello Seattle” by Owl City

Song Year: 2007

Owl City’s “Hello Seattle” is a tribute to the most populated city in Washington State. With beautiful nature-filled lyrics, this upbeat track creatively uses different perspectives to illustrate the beauty that exists within Seattle, Washington.

Best Song About West Virginia – “Come Home to West Virginia” by Landau Eugene Murphy

Song Year: 2016

Landau Eugene Murphy does an incredible job with this 2000 tribute song about the beauty and welcoming state of his hometown of West Virginia that will surely make you feel like getting up and dancing to the catchy beat.

Best Song About Wisconsin – “Wisconsin” by Whitehorse

Song Year: 2012

This next 2000 song is a tribute to Wisconsin in perfect harmony and vocals by Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland of the band Whitehorse. The outstanding vocals of this band are breathtaking, and they are underrated. Once you listen to this song, you will understand what I mean. They are magnificent musicians.

Best Song About Wyoming – “Wyoming Wind” by Chancey Williams

Song Year: 2020

Last but not least, this newly released country song by Chancey Williams sings a story about the wind of Wyoming in comparison to a traveling man. Warning, this tearjerker song has a sad ending that will bring a tear to your eye.

Top Songs About American States, Final Thoughts

There are fantastic songs about the U.S. reflecting a special bond and hometown pride that brings back the feeling of nostalgia. No matter which part of the country you were born and raised in, these feel-good songs with the states in the title will put a smile on your face.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 50 best songs about the States and have found some new favorites to join your playlist.

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