27 Best Songs About Rainbows

At the Rainbow’s End by Hank Snow

Song Year: 1965

Hank Snow made a name for himself singing about travel. ‘At the Rainbow’s End’ is no exception.

But whereas most of this Nova Scotia-born Canadian’s songs were about literal travel, the journey in ‘At the Rainbow’s End’ is metaphorical. It describes Snow’s search for fulfillment.

Whether he found it or not may be debatable, but this song about rainbows brought fulfillment to listeners everywhere.

Snow’s music continues to get celebrated in the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, and The Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

He may have reached his heyday in the 1950s, but for many, ‘At the Rainbow’s End’ is still an anthem that celebrates the triumph of hope over adversity.

Love in a Rainbow by Brain May and Kerry Ellis 

Song Year: 2017

‘Love in a Rainbow’ is another song about rainbows where the rainbow is thematically linked to love.

Here it’s sung by Brain May, familiar to listeners for his role in the group Queen, in collaboration with Kerry Ellis.

Ellis’s warm, redolent vocals pull listeners in and encourage them to find ad even make love in the heart of the rainbow. Odd as it sounds, the lyrics emphasize how elusive love can be. Not only that, they remind you that once you find it, you should embrace it. When you do, the result is often liberating.

It’s a surprisingly sixties sentiment for a contemporary song, recalling as it does the era of free love. On the other hand, some things never lose their gloss. The enduring power of love is one of those things.

Rainbow Country by Bob Marley

Song Year: 1975

Bob Marley was instrumental in helping create reggae music. As a Jamaican artist, he knew a thing or two about battling adversity and triumphing.

In ‘Rainbow Country,’ Marley grapples with weighty topics like discrimination and what it meant to live in a country without apartheid.

In Marley’s hands, Rainbow Country becomes a place where everyone can live without discrimination and enjoy the liberty they’re entitled to. It’s idealist, optimistic, and a dream worth aspiring to.

It’s also a deeply moving song, full of rich, fascinating harmonies.

Sing a Rainbow by Peggy Lee 

Song Year: 1955

No list of songs about rainbows would be complete without mentioning ‘Sing a Rainbow.’

It’s a staple of primary school classes everywhere and remains a pneumonic for children to learn their colors.

Several artists have performed ‘Sing a Rainbow,’ including:

  • Andy Williams
  • Cilla Black
  • The Dells

But the song appeared on the musical map by Peggy Lee, who sang ‘Sing a Rainbow’ for the film ‘Pete Kelly’s Blues.’

Lee is better known by jazz aficionados for her revamped version of ‘Fever.’ But if you’re looking for a song almost everyone knows, then look for Lee’s version of ‘Sing a Rainbow.’

Make Me Rainbows by Ella Fitzgerald

Song Year: 1979

‘Make Me Rainbows’ started as an instrumental theme for the movie ‘Fitzwilly.’ There, it served as the love theme and appeared whenever romance was in the air. It also appeared as the end-credits song, this time with lyrics.

It became a jazz standard when Nancy Wilson and Ella Fitzgerald recorded versions.

The lyrics playfully combine impossibilities, like spring when there’s snow, and music that follows the speaker like their own soundtrack.

It’s a bit sentimental and entirely whimsical. For an American touch, the rainbows have a star-spangled aspect that reflects the flag. Fitzgerald takes all these images and infuses them with the irresistible warmth and richness that was her signature.

Rainbows by 16 Bit Lolitas

Song Year: 2017

16 Bit Lolitas’ ‘Rainbows’ is an emotional song. It instills various feelings in its listeners, many associated with the promises rainbows offer.

When it ends, it leaves listeners with an optimistic feeling. It’s one of 16 Bit Lolita’s most successful songs and listening to it, it’s easy to see why.

I’m Always Chasing Rainbows by Judy Garland

Song Year: 1941

Let’s end where we began, with Judy Garland singing about rainbows.

Originally, the song was a popular Vaudvillain staple. It combined a reworking of a Chopin melody with lyrics by Joseph McCarthy. It next appeared in a 1918 Broadway production called ‘Oh, Look!’

But the version that became famous was Judy Garland’s. She sang it for the film ‘Ziegfiled Girl.’ Overnight, ‘Always Chasing Rainbows’ became a hit. It had always enjoyed modest popularity, but now everyone wanted to hear it all the time.

Rightly so, too. Garland’s voice was impressive, and her rendition of the song was moving.

Top Songs About Rainbows, Final Thoughts

Kermit famously asked why so many people dedicated their songs to rainbows. Hopefully, this list answers that question.

Songs about rainbows are about so much more than the visible light spectrum or a particularly lovely weather phenomenon.

They’re emblematic of love, hope, and renewal. No wonder composers return to them as a theme time and again.

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