29 Best Songs About Birds

21. The Eagle and the Hawk by John Denver


John Denver released The Eagle and the Hawk on the album Aerie. It was used for an ABC Documentary named the same, which starred Denver and the pilot side of the singer. The song talks about flying, so it was only fitting to use as Denver flies over the mountain tops and touches the sky.

22. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and the Wailers


Three Little Birds was a track on Exodus in 1977 and released as a single in 1980. It hit number 17 on the charts. One allegation is that local canaries motivated Marley to write the song. However, the three backup singers of Marley’s band claim they actually inspired the three birds. Either way, the music is probably one of the happiest songs of all time as Marley tells the tale of the cute little birds chirping outside his door. The moral of the story is no matter what happens in life; everything will work out in the end.

23. Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler


Wing Beneath My Wings was written by Jeff Silbar and Larry Henley in 1982. Several artists recorded the song, but no one made it a hit like the Divine Miss M. In 1989, Bette Midler won two Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. The song was the track hit for the movie Beaches, featuring Midler and Barbara Hersey. This heart-wrenching beautiful song brought millions to tears as audiences followed the lifetime friendship of two women from completely different backgrounds.

24. Birds by Imagine Dragons


Found on the Deluxe Album and the Japanese Edition, Birds by Imagine Dragons is part of the band's fourth album, Origins from 2018. The album was considered a ‘sister’ album to Evolve as the band produced the tracks themselves. Birds was released as a single in 2019. It charted in some parts of the world, but it was the animated video that people liked most. The song speaks about the different directions that love can go and how temporary things can be in life.

25. Blackbird by Beatles


The song was placed on the double album, The Beatles, better known as The White Album. Paul McCartney performed the song solo, but it was credited to both him and John Lennon. McCartney stated that the song was inspired by a bird in India and focused on the US racial tensions and Civil Rights. The song’s moral is not only to learn how to fly, but to soar.

26. Skyline Pigeon by Elton John


Elton John had this song on his first album, Empty Sky. It was later re-recorded with the piano and the band, where it originally was recorded as a hymn. The song was used on the soundtrack of a Brazilian soap opera, Carinhoso. It was also found on the B-side of the hit single, Daniel. The song tells the dream of escaping from the monotony of life. Skyline Pigeon was included on the 4-cd box set, Jewel Box.

27. Penguins by Ed Sheeran


This Ed Sheeran song was featured in the movie, Yesterday. It was never released on the 2021 album, = (Equals), but played during the tour edition. The song tells a story in the traditional Sheeran fashion where he shares a loving tale of how ‘she’ knows they’re like penguins who can’t fly. It’s believed that penguins mate for life, so maybe that’s the underlining point. Although, science says that’s a myth. One actual fact for sure is that penguins are excellent swimmers. 

28. Disco Duck by Rick Dees


Inspired by the novelty song, The Duck by Earl Lee Nelson, Rick Dees wrote Disco Duck in one day. However, his group took three months to sway into recording it. Nevertheless, the fun song became a hit, peaking at number one. It was assumed that the voice of Donald Duck participated in the hit, but Disney confirmed that was untrue. The tall-tale song talks about a guy who transforms into a duck once he hits the disco floor.

29. His Eye Is on the Sparrow by Lauryn Hill ft Tanya Blount


Lauryn Hill broke barriers for female rappers, but before the Fugees, she was the young rising star of Sister Act 2; Back in the Habit. Having a Baptist background, Hill’s faith was always present. Nevertheless, it was still surprising to audiences when Hill, featuring Tanya Blount, belted out His Eye Is on the Sparrow. This spiritual tune affirms that God is always watching over his children.

Top Songs About Birds, Final Thoughts

There you have the best songs about birds that have made their own kind of history. Some pieces have been featured in movies, while others have won Grammy Awards. Birds have truly inspired tales of freedom, love, lost love, and political stances. As the 70s drummed up a revolution, the next bird movement hit the disco floor. Then, as the 80s and 90s transformed the feather friends into catchphrases, the more modern bird songs equate feelings to birds.

It doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many songs out there talk about birds, nor will it foretell how many future hits will highlight the bird, but whether the tale is happy or sad, songs about birds seem to charm us all.

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