15 Songs About Being 28

Birthdays are always fun, especially at a pivotal age like 28, and 28-year-olds should celebrate accordingly.

Read on for a list of the best songs about being 28. Some artists are happy about their age, while others vent about the stress that comes with adult expectations.

1. “Freedom of Preach” by Ludacris (ft. Bishop Eddie Lee Long)

Song year: 2006

Ludacris released “Freedom of Preach” on his album Release Therapy. The rapper sings as someone who has recently turned 28 and is just beginning to figure out the ins and outs of life, like how important family is and how having a child can change a person’s perspective.

2. “28” by Steppenwolf

Song year: 1968

“28” is a 1968 song by the iconic rock band Steppenwolf. It deals with the finiteness of time as a girl named Molly processes her age on the day she turns 28. The singer describes a sweet, intimate night between him and Molly on her birthday.

3. “Fallen” by Upchurch (ft. Mama Church)

Song year: 2019

The album Parachute features a track called “Fallen,” a song about hitting rock bottom and trusting loved ones to help. The artist, Upchurch, asked his mother to be a part of the song, listing her on the track as “Mama Church.”

4. “Twenty 8” by Kodak Black

Song year: 2017

Kodak Black’s rap song “Twenty 8” from Painting Pictures includes a few mentions of the number. The artist has 28 grams of cocaine and falls in love with a 28-year-old woman. He takes pride in his baby’s age. As someone younger, he looks up to 28 as a fun age.

5. “Happy 28th Birthday (You Are Twenty-Eight Years Old)!” by the Best Birthday Song Band Ever

Song year: 2015

On a list of songs about being 28, this has to be included. This song by the Best Birthday Song Band Ever is a must-play on anyone’s 28th birthday. The short and silly song wishes the listener a happy 28th birthday. The singer states the obvious: The person was born 28 years ago today.

6. “Colors” by Halsey

Song year: 2015

Halsey’s song “Colors” from her first hit album, Badlands,narrates the experience of being in a relationship and slowly watching the vibrancy leak out of a person. She tells her lover that she hopes they make it to the day they are 28.

7. “Meet Me by the River’s Edge” by the Gaslight Anthem

Song year: 2008

The Gaslight Anthem peppers their song “Meet Me by the River’s Edge” with Bruce Springsteen references, which is fitting considering it reflects on a small factory town in New Jersey. The singer has lived there all 28 years of his life, and no matter where else he goes, he never truly feels at home.

8. “Before the Devil Knows We’re Dead” by Turnpike Troubadors

Song year: 2012

This Turnpike Troubadors tune plays with age and numbers, and 28 is in the mix. The singer was born in 1984, making him 28 when he sang the song. The story plays with the Irish idea that sinners can escape hell if they make it to heaven before the devil knows they have died.

9. “28” by Lorene Scafaria

Song year: 2010

Lorene Scafaria looks forward to turning 28 in her Garden Party song “28.” She sings about how great things will be when she turns 28, even if right now she is lost. By the song’s end, she has turned 28 and puts her hope in 29.

10. “True Love” by Prof

Song year: 2015

In this grim song by Prof, the artist walks the listener through every murder he has witnessed, starting at age 10. He experienced his third murder at 28 when a group of men broke into his neighbor’s house and killed him.

11. “A Little While” by Clay Walker and Upchurch

Song year: 2021

In “A Little While,” the singer talks about what it’s like to be young and free. He just turned 28 and wants a break from the real world to enjoy his last few years of getting high and singing country music to the crowd.

12. “Frogs” by Alice in Chains

Song year: 1995

The 1995 band released a song called “Frogs” on their album Alice in Chains. The singer talks about the inevitability of time, which comes for every child and friendship. He says that next week, he will be 28, which is still young. Still, he knows Father Time comes for him.

13. “The Book of Soul” by Ab-Soul

Song year: 2012

Ab-Soul talks about his rough life in the rap song “The Book of Soul.” Everything good in his life has gone away, and he fears that his mother and music will be next. He says that if they are no longer in his life before he turns 28, he may have a hard time living.

14. “30” by Danny Brown

Song year: 2011

Danny Brown has always been sure that he wants to rap for a living, and his song “30” proves his point. Doubters thought he would retire after age 28, but at age 30, he has proven them wrong with a flourishing career.

15. “Keep On Slippin’” by Injury Reserve (ft. Vic Mensa)

Song year: 2016

Injury Reserve and Vic Mensa collaborated to create this rap song that some 28-year-olds may be able to relate to, especially if they spent most of their 20s partying. The rapper says that his liver is akin to a 73-year-old’s, even though he is only 28, because of all the drinking he did.

Top Songs About Being 28, Final Thoughts

The list above features a variety of genres and attitudes toward turning 28. There is a song that every 28-year-old can relate to, whether they are embracing the last few years of youth or stressing about what the future holds.

Regardless, every song about being 28 on the list can make birthday playlists more personal.

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