Quiz: How Likely Are You To Succeed In The Music Industry?

How Likely Are You To Succeed In The Music Industry

Ever wanted to know how likely you are to succeed in the music industry? Are you giving yourself the best chance of a successful music career? Well using the below 10 questioned quiz, you can find out.

Important: Answer these questions 100% honestly to get the best results:

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Things to remember about this quiz:

  • While you will get scored higher for answering with good business practices, don't take the results as gospel. This is meant to be a fun way to learn when you are or aren't using good practices. Results can be improved by doing the right things.
  • Results for which answers are highest scoring will be revealed this Thursday, so add me on Google+ or like me on Facebook to be reminded when that happens.
  • On completion of this test, you will be given a results badge. If you get a good score, feel free to share that badge on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 🙂

If you found this quiz useful, please share it around. If it does well enough, I'll be sure to add more quizzes in future. Let me know in the comments section below if you enjoyed taking this quiz. 🙂

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    1. Sorry about that Wizzy, for some reason the image wasn’t working. I’ve fixed it now, so take it again and you should see your results badge and percentage. 🙂

  1. 81%!! I have so much more work to do.
    1.) Write/record/produce more music
    2.) Release said music – aiming for 1 track per month
    3.) Update website/blog/social networks
    4.) Get CD’s and tracks into CD Baby >> help with distribution (Amazon, iTunes, etc.) and licensing
    5.) Signup for Reverb Nation account (don’t have yet)
    6.) Consume and implement all of the Music Marketing courses I’ve signed up and paid for.
    7.) Outsource many of the music marketing tasks, since it’s impossible to do all by myself.

    Thanks for being here as a resource!
    Andrew Colyer

    1. Good stuff Andrew! It’s really good to see you know what your next steps are too, good luck with them. And glad I’ve provided a useful resource for you. 🙂

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