51 Inspirational Music Quotes That’ll Motivate & Amaze

Music Quotes

Here are 51 inspirational music quotes that’ll motivate and amaze.

“The message to the musician is: You should be more afraid of being obscure. You should be more afraid of being ignored. You should be more afraid of no one ever hearing you than you should be afraid of disappointing a few people.” – Seth Godin

“There’s a bubbling soup of ideas and experiments and progress right now, and it’s pointing in the direction of getting creators paid. And, it’s working! It’s not perfect yet, but it’s really working.” – Jack Conte

“You have to have a skill set that allows you to believe that your ideas are valid. And, I think the beautiful thing about most musicians is they have that particular type of ego that says, ‘You know what? My musical ideas are valid.’ They then need to think that their business ideas are valid.” – George Howard

“There’s no easy answer to the question of, ‘What do you do to get into the business and have a great career?’ unlike so many other professions where you’ve got a roadmap. You just have to be open-minded and realize that there isn’t one path to get to this.” – Neil Portnow

“Publicly performed music enhances the environment and you can experience that first-hand. You go somewhere where there’s absolutely no music playing in the background, it feels a little cold, a little less inviting. The first thing people do when they go to the bar is go to the juke box. If there’s not a band playing, and there’s not something being broadcast through the venue’s stereo system, they’re going to go straight to the juke box and put money in.” – Ashley Miller

“Music reaches us at a primal level. It inspires our souls. It makes us better people. It makes us appreciate what the world is.“ – Leonard Slatkin

“Music is worth teaching for its own sake. It is worth teaching because it is good. It is worth teaching because it is unique. And, it is worth teaching because it empowers children spectacularly.” – Richard Gill

“We need more equality. Music creates this space that we have no choice but to share. We have to realize we’re sharing everything on this planet – the water, the air, the hopes of our children. This deep shared space is created by music. Justice comes into the world when a courageous, beautiful human being raises their voice and sings with power, beauty, grace and joy.” – Pete Sellars

“To me, music is the ultimate way to express yourself. I think that’s what it’s all about. That’s why we have it. That’s why it’s persisted – why it may have even preceded spoken language.” – Roger H. Brown

“Countries make bombs with the goal of hurting people, instilling fear, killing people, proving a point. Countries, governments bless the bombs before they’re sent. This happens from the top down, the government down. This is our answer. Makes me realize that the solution may have to come from the bottom up. Is anyone working on a bomb that makes people love you? Maybe a cupid bomb. I believe we already have it – it’s called music. And, every country has their own version of it. And it works, it brings people together. You don’t have to know a thing about it to get it. It’s a language, it’s a lifestyle, and it can save the world.” – Victor Wooten

“People can create emotional music without spending a tremendous amount of money doing it.” – Michael Beinhorn

“I don’t think we should underestimate the power of music because music touches the limbic system, or the emotional system of our brain, which actually, though slower than the other parts, can overwhelm all of the other parts.” – Michael Rich

“Most of us don’t have the words exactly to express what we’re feeling all the time and music can always do the trick.” – Brooke Miller

“Music and art goes well beyond words. I’ve seen music have the power to break down those defense mechanisms, break down those barriers in people’s souls, where they have to just sit down and really reflect and be honest about what it is they’re feeling, what it is they’re seeing and come to terms with that.” – Terence Blanchard

“I believe that music has power to give people hope and to help them feel better. To me, that’s the power of music.” – Umi Garrett

“One of the reasons why music exists in the first place is because there are some things that just can’t be said with words.” – Umi Garrett

“Music has mysterious powers over our minds and bodies. It’s an inspiring force.” – Andre Feriante

“Music is more important than just the music – that it affects people’s emotions, it affects their ability to communicate, it gives them something they can pour their passion and interest into.” – Craig Courtney

“That’s the power that music has, to make you feel you’re not alone.” – Billy Bragg

“Music is different from any art form in the world because it has the unique power to take you back to a specific moment in your life.” – Vinnie Paz

“Music therefore is designed to control the way people think and that is why music is more powerful than speech.” – Myles Munroe

“Music is not just entertainment – it’s a form of communication.” – Andre “Add-2” Daniels

“There is an intrinsic and fundamental power and spiritually changing force that is in great music and you don’t have to know anything to have it happen to you, and that’s what happened to me. And, that’s what happens to people in concert halls every day.” – David Itkin

“Every person on the planet, in some way or another, is connected to music.” – Sarah Blackwood

Quotes about music

“Music binds us in a way that language rarely does. It is a social communication system that for tens of thousands of years has helped us come together and to work together.” – Alan Harvey

“Music is more profound than love songs and mere entertainment. And there is a music in everything around us. Everything we do is music.” – Milton Mermikides

“Music has a great power, to engage us, to make us feel emotion and to change our brains.” – Robert Zatorre

“Music is everywhere, and it is in everything.”– Anika Paulson

“Music means existence as far as I’m concerned, because I can’t live without it.” – Tyler Larson

“The thing that made us human first, the thing that allowed us to gather information, put it together, make sense of the world and pass it on, are the exact tools that we use for songwriting – rhythm, and words, and rhyming and that content.” – Ralph Covert

“Listening to music, I think that’s always the center of everything. To hear the kind of music that suggests the time and place of the people creating it.” – Kwami Coleman

“Music can manipulate emotions and that’s what it’s all about.” – Lucas Vidal

“With music and emotional intelligence, we can become wiser and happier.” – Maria Iturriaga

“Music is a universal language shared by all of us. It is also a powerful instrument for positive change.” – Zhang Zhang

“Music pulls us because it’s really pulling us towards God.” – Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman

“People love to hear life translated into a song.” – Jim Page

“The power of music is to give people an emotional response.” – Bruce Dickinson

“Music unites entire peoples, it unites entire religions, its power is very great.” – John Williams

“The beauty of music is not in the sounds that are produced. It’s in the emotions that the music evokes in you.” – Rowan James Curtis

“Let’s learn how to internalize the magic of music and let it help us uncover our own hidden treasures.” – Karley Parovsky

“Making music matters.” – John Iversen

“We can really reap the benefits of music in our spiritual life, our psychological life and our physical life.” – Daniel Levitin

Motivation in the music business

“Music is empowering.” – Lisha Lercari

“Music has this power to impact us, to speak to us, to speak to our souls.” – Bethany Clark

“I can’t really imagine being without music.” – Mary Stokes

“Everything can just be expressed through music.” – Claire Malone

“There’s different music for every emotion.” – Mundy

“Music can regulate our feelings, our mood. There’s also a lot of behavioral literature showing that how you feel can also influence how you perform, how you make decisions.” – Joyce Chen

“Music is an expression of love and compassion for all.” – Pierre Veniot

“We can say with music what we can’t say with words.” – Tim Lautzenhesier

“Music is amazingly good for you.” – Carol Lee

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Top Music Quotes From Famous People And Musicians, Final Thoughts

Inspiration for your music career

So there you have it, some of the best music quotes we could find!

Music captivates. It inspires. It moves people.

These are the qualities that make it impossible to boil down to math.

When a new musician chooses to pursue a career in music, it’s often because of how music makes them feel. It’s because they have something to say – a voice, a desire, a belief they need to give expression to.

But building a career in music is rarely easy. Musicians must overcome challenges, cope with criticism and deal with rejection.

Staying positive isn’t always easy either. That’s why it’s important to fill your mind with inspiring thoughts.

Anyway, which is your favorite music quote?

Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share.

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