How to Relax While Playing Trumpet In 8 Simple Steps

How to Relax While Playing Trumpet

Playing the trumpet can be an incredible pastime that feeds one’s soul. It is a soothing talent to practice and can be used to express a wide range of emotions as well. There are some concerns that one should take into consideration if one is planning on exploring the peaceful, relaxing nature of the trumpet. One should check this list out.

In order to get the most enjoyment from playing one’s trumpet, they need to master the art of relaxation. This can be achieved by following these easy steps below. All that a person needs to do when pursuing relaxation with a trumpet is to follow these easy steps. It can take a little forethought, but this is the ticket to a stress-free experience.

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Find a Quiet Place

Find a Quiet Place

This is fundamental to finding peace of mind while playing the trumpet. Noisy places will create an overstimulating environment that can induce unwanted stress. Finding the perfect setting should be one’s first concern when attempting to relax by playing the trumpet. A nice place that is out of the way can make all of the difference to a trumpeter.

A few places one could easily relax while they played the trumpet include the following:

  • At home in a sound-proofed room to exclude unwanted distractions
  • Outside in one’s yard, assuming they have a quiet neighborhood
  • Public parks on days that see little to no activity

People who are seeking relaxation while they play their trumpet often start the process at their home in a room that has been sound-proofed. This room will keep the sound of the trumpet from bothering others which will allow the musician to play without trepidation or restraint. The musician will also be able to focus without interruption.

If a trumpeter lives in a more rural or quiet neighborhood, playing outside on the porch or balcony might be the best place. Nothing can be as relaxing as breathing in the fresh air and soaking in the sun’s rays as one plays their trumpet without a care or distraction in the world. Make sure the neighbors are on board with this before playing begins!

Some days, parks can be a ghost town. Certain times of day can see fewer people as well. Musicians that live in a more urban setting might want to try playing at parks when they are empty or less crowded than normal. This will allow the musician to relax while playing his or her trumpet in peace. Distractions can ruin any hopes of real relaxation.

Another thing you can do is use a trumpet mute to make your trumpet playing not as loud. This can make the process more relaxing.

Play Slower, Smoother Songs

The next concern that a musician who is trying to relax with his or her trumpet should consider has to be the song or melody being performed. Ultimately this is the musician’s choice, but it will have a profound impact on the level of relaxation that he or she will experience. Trumpeters should definitely choose their song wisely for relaxation.

Songs to select should include the following characteristics:

  • Easy for the musician to play with little challenge or frustration
  • Something that is not dramatic or frantic
  • Something that has long, drawn-out notes so the musician can breathe easier

In order for a musician to relax, he or she must be comfortable with the song that is being played. If he or she has not mastered a particular song on the trumpet, then the relaxing moment becomes a practice session. This can be stressful and take a lot of the enjoyment out of the situation for the tired trumpeter that is looking for relaxation.

If a musician has mastered a song and can play it flawlessly, they must avoid it still if it is frantic or dramatic. Musicians are artists and it is hard for talented trumpeters to play without showing their emotions. By playing a song that is dramatic or intense, the trumpeter is not creating an environment that is conducive to relaxation and serenity.

In order to get the most out of a session of relaxation, a trumpeter should pick a song in which they can catch their breath easily. Songs that have longer notes with a slower tempo should definitely be what musicians look for when selecting a relaxing song to play.

Wear Something Comfortable

If a musician is wearing something that is restrictive or uncomfortable it will be that much harder for them to enjoy themselves while they play their lovely trumpet. In order to give themselves the best chance at achieving the ultimate level of relaxation, a musician should only wear clothes that make them feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

Great options to choose when one wants to relax with their wonderfully soothing trumpet include but are absolutely not limited to:

  • A warm but lightweight hoodie to keep warm in the cooler months
  • A lightweight, moisture-wicking shirt for the warmer months
  • A wide-brimmed hat to shade the neck and face on bright days
  • Pajamas if playing from the comfort of one’s home

If a musician is thinking about the itchy tag on their collar or the fact that their pants are a little too big and tend to slide down, they are not enjoying playing their trumpet, which means that little to no relaxation is actually occurring. It can be impossible for one to relax while they are playing their trumpet if they are wearing the wrong clothes for it.

Depending on the venue of the musician’s relaxing trumpeting, the best option for proper clothing can change dramatically. This is definitely a factor to consider when dressing for a session of playing the trumpet. Warmer months could make the musician uncomfortably hot whereas winter months could require many more layers of clothing.

If a musician finds themselves playing their trumpet in the comfort of their home, they can dress however they like. The musician could wear their favorite pajamas or, if it suited them, they could wear nothing at all! Whatever it takes to create a high level of comfort when playing one’s trumpet should definitely be done by the relaxing musician.

Make Sure to Eat Something

A growling stomach can make playing the trumpet a far cry from a relaxing experience. A trumpeter that is dedicated to creating the best chances for an easy-going jam session of relaxation should make sure that they have eaten before they begin to play. This can be a great way to ensure that the musician is comfortable and ready to relax.

Great meals and snacks that musicians should eat before they plan on indulging in a relaxing session of playing the trumpet include the following:

  • Ham or turkey sandwiches with mild condiments so as not to upset the stomach
  • Oatmeal with light spices and fruit
  • Soup on a cold day to make the stomach feel fuller without overeating
  • A bowl of mixed fruits that have been freshly washed and sliced
  • A light salad with mild dressings so as not to upset the stomach

The meal that a musician should eat before they play their trumpet should be one that they enjoy that does not demand too much of their digestive system. Avoiding things like spicy foods, raw foods, or dairy products can do so much for the comfort of the musician that is trying to relax with his or her wonderfully soothing trumpet.

If a musician knows that certain foods do not sit as well with them as others do, they should consider taking them off of their menu of potential pre-session meals. This will help them stay in the moment when they are not having to fight discomfort from challenging foods. This is a key step in achieving the ultimate relaxation with a trumpet.

Hunger pains can keep a musician from enjoying their time as well. It is very important that the musician chooses a meal that will stick with them and leave them feeling satisfied throughout the day. They should do their best not to overeat before their session as well. Overeating can be just as uncomfortable as not eating enough.

Make an Effort to Be Present

Make an Effort to Be Present

All of the musician’s efforts will be for nothing if they do not make an effort to be present in the moment when relaxing while they play their trumpet. This can be achieved by finding the willpower to push aside the stresses and concerns that one experiences in the various aspects of their life. Being present is key to relaxing while playing a trumpet.

People can be more present by taking the following measures before settling into a relaxing session of playing the trumpet:

  • Take deep and steady breaths to calm the nerves
  • Make an effort to empty the thoughts of the day and focus on relaxing
  • Stretch and settle in to become more comfortable
  • Run through a warm-up ritual that signals to the brain that it is time for relaxation

If a musician is worried about work or other things, he or she will be unable to truly enjoy his or herself while making music with a trumpet. This will ruin all of the efforts that the musician has put into a relaxing session of trumpet playing. Being focused on the task at hand and present in the moment occurring will work wonders for relaxation.

This will require determination on the part of the musician. It can be difficult to put aside one’s fears, worries, and regrets, but the rewards for those that do are peace and relaxation. Those who want to relax with their trumpet need to make a solid effort to be present in that moment; to push away the burdens of stress, fear, and worry.

Being more mindful of one’s stresses will only lead to more stress. This can have the negative effect that musicians are seeking when they play their trumpet. People that want to switch off and relax have to make that decision for themselves. This cannot be skipped. It must be done in order for a musician to relax with his or her trumpet.

Ensure That No One Is Around

This is not a concert. It is a special session of relaxation between the trumpet and the musician. It can be incredibly hard to relax when one is worried about the scrutiny of another person that is watching them play their trumpet. For the best chances of achieving the highest amounts of satisfaction with one’s trumpet, they should be alone.

Benefits to playing the trumpet alone include the following:

  • A more quiet environment with few distractions
  • Less stress from worrying about another persons’ scrutiny
  • Freedom to play what pleases the musician
  • The ability to play without inhibitions or concerns
  • The ability to riff and create emotional music

Some musicians might enjoy playing with a group. Some might enjoy playing with a partner. Whatever the case is, nothing is more relaxing than playing the trumpet alone. People can be out of sync some days. This could lead to disagreements and cause the session of relaxing trumpet playing to become awkward, stressful, and unpleasant.

Those who play alone will not feel the burden to please an observer that often comes from performing for others. This will make the session of play so much more special and relaxing. Musicians that are seeking a way to relax more while playing the trumpet should definitely give playing alone a serious try. It can certainly work wonders for one!

It can be hard to find time to be alone with one’s trumpet, but the effort should always be made. If it has been a while, the musician should cancel plans they might have made to ensure that he or she and their trumpet receive some much-needed alone time. Relaxing with a trumpet takes a great deal of effort but the rewards will rejuvenate one.

Perform a Functions Check

The quickest way to go from relaxing with a trumpet to fixing a trumpet is due to a lack of maintenance. It is essential for the musician to perform a functions check on the instrument to ensure that everything is in good working order to be played. A simple function check like this will let the musician know that their instrument is ready to go.

Key functions that should be checked before a musician plays their trumpet:

  • Ensure that the keys are properly lubricated
  • Ensure that the third valve slide is properly lubricated
  • Ensure that the spit valve has been cleaned properly

Taking the time to test these functions can do a lot to ensure that the musician can relax and focus on playing their trumpet. Preventing the stress that can come from worrying about potential errors will be a great help for the musician’s peace of mind. A relaxing session of playing the trumpet can be ruined by a lack of maintenance and upkeep.

Improper care of the trumpet can lead to an under-performing instrument. This can make an enjoyable moment a frustrating one when the musician is forced to stop playing in order to deduce and fix the problem. Taking the time to check these functions before playing the trumpet can help the musician identify any problems that might be.

A simple check of the state of the functions of the trumpet will show a musician exactly if any component needs a little attention before any playing begins. This is something that is simple to do and can become part of the ritual for musicians. This ritual experience can help the brain enter that mode of relaxation when playing the trumpet.

Focus on the Music

The most important step to relaxing while playing the trumpet is to focus on the music. A musician should lose themselves in the expression of their art. Nothing can be more freeing than losing one’s sense of self when they are playing their trumpet. Many times, musicians worry about other things instead of focusing on the music they are playing.

Focusing on the music will let a musician:

  • Escape the stress and anxiety they might be feeling from work, life, or school
  • Play to the best of their ability without missing notes or losing their pace
  • Express their emotions fully without any inhibitions

This can be a huge step towards finding relaxation while playing the trumpet. A musician should strive to focus on the music when they play so that their experience is the best that it can possibly be. This step is one that every musician should keep in mind if they are trying to find a little more relaxation when they play their instrument.

Musicians often allow the stresses and pressures of life to bother them when they should be relaxing while playing their instrument. It can be a little difficult but this can definitely be avoided by making a point to focus on the music that one is playing. Being in the moment and focusing on playing can do a world of good for musicians.

This step is last on the list because it is the final component a musician needs to enjoy while playing their trumpet. People often get caught up in things that do not matter. When musicians allow these stresses to get between them and the music that they love to play, it can be nearly impossible for one to relax and be themselves.

How to Relax While Playing Trumpet, Conclusion

A musician that wants to relax more while they play their trumpet should follow these eight steps to success. When done correctly, these tips can be incredibly helpful to those in need of a little rest and relaxation.

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