15 Best Guitar Foot Stools 2024; Rest Your Feet While Playing

Best Guitar Foot Stools

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Guitar accessories tend to add up!

A footstool is a must-have for most classical players, and other guitarists like to have them around for when they’re practicing sitting down as well.

Trying to decide on a footstool can be a bit or a Herculean task with so many options out there. Fortunately, you found this guide.

Here, we’ll be looking at the best foot stools to rest your feet while playing guitar.

Wood Guitar Footstool Black Walnut Solid Wood Footrest

Wood Guitar Footstool Black Walnut Solid Wood Footrest

For those with discerning tastes, we’ve got the PUNK black walnut solid wood footrest. You can also find it in mahogany.

This baby is height adjustable and has three settings. It’s also foldable, which is handy for taking it with you. It’s made of solid wood, so of course that means it’s sturdy and strong.

Reviewers said they liked that the footstool was sturdy, adjustable, and stable.

Some said they would have liked rubber feet on the footstool to prevent it from slipping around on tile or hardwood flooring.

This is also a “premium” level footstool. Not expensive, but it does cost more than the other items on this list. Could be a small premium for a nice looking, stable footrest though.

Item weight: 1.43 lbs.

Package dimensions: 11.02 x 5.94 x 1.02 inches

Ortega Guitars OWFS-1WR Wooden Wine Red Finish Foot Stool

Ortega Guitars OWFS-1WR Wooden Wine Red Finish Foot Stool

If you’re looking for something unique, the Ortega Guitars OWFS-1WR footstool is bound to do the trick.

This red wine wood finished rest comes with five adjustable height settings, features a solid maple construction, and natural satin finish. It even comes with a protective bag.

Buyers loved the look and feel of the stool, as well as its overall quality.

Although there weren’t too many complainers, one said they thought the balance of the footrest was off and didn’t think it was worth the price.

Item weight: 1.5 lbs.

Package dimensions: 11 x 5 x 6 inches

Hercules FS100B Large Guitar Foot Rest Plate

Hercules FS100B Large Guitar Foot Rest Plate

Hercules makes all types of stands for musicians and are known for their study, robust designs.

Here we have the Hercules FS100B large guitar footrest, which honestly looks like a standard footrest, but it has a surprising load capacity of 198lbs and is extra wide.

This footstool is sturdy, durable, and height adjustable from five to 10 inches. It only weighs 1.8 lbs.

Some buyers went so far as to say this footstool was perfect and mentioned build quality.

Some users said they hoped the product would be better than it was, but they were in the minority.

Item weight: 1.79 lbs.

Package dimensions: 5.43 x 12.09 x 0.91 inches

Miwayer Bamboo 4 Gears Adjustable Upscale Guitar Foot Rest

Miwayer Bamboo 4 Gears Adjustable Upscale Guitar Foot Rest

Here’s another attractive wooden footstool. The Miwayer bamboo footrest is durable and elegant. It comes with a four-level height adjustment, and it’s foldable to boot.

Users loved that this footstool was easy to use and convenient to carry around.

No negative reviews for the Miwayer, so if you’re in the market for a stylish bamboo footrest, you might end up loving this one.

Item weight: 1.14 lbs.

Package dimensions: 12.24 x 7.36 x 0.87 inches

ammoon Guitar Foot Rest Foldable Solid Beech Wood Footstool

ammoon Guitar Foot Rest Foldable Solid Beech Wood Footstool

Here’s another solid wood footstool. The ammoon Guitar footrest is made of solid beech wood, four-level height adjustable, and foldable.

As you would expect, the footstool is solid and sturdy, and even features an anti-skid design.

Users loved the size and the ability to adjust the angle of the footrest.

We couldn’t find any negative reviews for the ammoon!

Item weight: 1.51 lbs.

Package dimensions: 11.69 x 6.42 x 1.06 inches

K&M Stands 14670 Guitar Footrest

K&M Stands 14670 Guitar Footrest

The K&M Stands 14670 guitar footrest comes with six height-adjustable positions, no-skid plastic pad, and steel legs. The stand is foldable.

Reviewers loved the adjustability, comfort, and sturdy design of this stand.

Some didn’t like the foot angle at lower height settings, but there weren’t too many users echoing those thoughts.

Item weight: 14.1 ounces

Package dimensions: 11.9 x 1.25 x 6.2 inches

Miwayer Guitar Foot Rest 4-Position Height Adjustable

Miwayer Guitar Foot Rest 4-Position Height Adjustable

Now we’re starting to get into relatively “standard” guitar footrest territory. They all start to look alike. But then again, we are talking about a simple device.

The Miwayer guitar footrest is four-position height adjustable. It features a heavy-duty metal construction, four-position height adjustment settings, rubber end caps and non-slip rubber pad. The footstool is also foldable.

Users loved the value offered, and found it extremely slip resistant.

We couldn’t find any downsides to the Miwayer.

Item weight: 1.33 lbs.

Package dimensions: 12.28 x 4.92 x 0.91 inches

Neewer Extra Sturdy Guitar Foot Rest

Neewer Extra Sturdy Guitar Foot Rest

If there’s anything unique about the Neewer guitar footrest, it would be its design, which seems to have more flourish than most products like it.

This footstool is made of heavy-duty metal. It has six fixed height positions and comes with rubber end caps and non-slip rubber pad. Of course, it’s foldable too.

So, feature wise, it’s basically the same as the Miwayer stand just introduced.

Reviewers liked that the footstool was sturdy, and thought it was good value.

Some said they would have liked more height adjustment settings, and others said it was a bit unstable at the highest settings.

Item weight: 1.48 lbs.

Package dimensions: 11.81 x 5.75 x 0.94 inches

GLEAM Guitar Foot Rest

GLEAM Guitar Foot Rest

Here’s another worthwhile option. The GLEAM guitar foot rest comes with six adjustable height positions, non-slip surface, and a high-quality finish. The footstool is made of solid iron.

Buyers said they were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the footstool, thought it was well-made and liked the height adjustability as well.

Negative reviews were few and far between.

Item weight: 1.57 lbs.

Package dimensions: 11.54 x 5.91 x 0.98 inches

Guitar Foot Rest, Height Adjustable Guitar Footstool

Guitar Foot Rest, Height Adjustable Guitar Footstool

This WOGOD guitar footstool comes with an iron construction. It comes with rubber end caps, non-slip rubber pads, sturdy design, and is height adjustable.

Users thought the WOGOD was great value. They said it was sturdy and adjustable.

Some users thought the stool was a little shaky, but they were in the minority.

Item weight: 1.5 lbs.

Package dimensions: 11.5 x 5.8 x 0.9 inches

Top Stage 6-Position Height Adjustable Guitar Foot Rest

Top Stage 6-Position Height Adjustable Guitar Foot Rest

If you were looking for something with a bit of a different design, then this white Top Stage guitar foot rest may have caught your eye.

This footstool comes with a non-slip rubber surface, metal frame, non-slip rubber end caps, and has six positions for height adjustment. This durable stool is also foldable.

Users said it worked great and liked that it was kind of sporty too.

Others said it couldn’t handle too much foot pressure, though, so that’s something to look out for!

Item weight: 1.25 lbs.

Package dimensions: 10 x 4 x 9.5 inches

Tetra-Teknica Essentials Series GFR-01 6-Position Height Adjustable Guitar Foot Rest

Tetra-Teknica Essentials Series GFR-01 6-Position Height Adjustable Guitar Foot Rest

The Tetra-Teknica Essential Series GFR-01 guitar footrest comes with a metal frame, non-slip rubber surface, six height adjustable positions, and non-slip rubber end caps. Of course, it’s foldable too.

Users liked that this stool was wide, stable, and easy to adjust. They thought it was good bang for buck too!

Other reviewers said it was a little hard to adjust. And others didn’t find it to be the most durable kit.

Item weight: 1.4 lbs.

Package dimensions: 11.25 x 5.5 x 0.25 inches

AmazonBasics Guitar Foot Stool

AmazonBasics Guitar Foot Stool

The AmazonBasics guitar foot stool features four-level height adjustment, durable metal frame, and non-slip rubber pad. The footstool is also foldable. You also get a one-year limited warranty.

Those who liked it said it was sturdy, comfortable, and reliable.

Users do seem a little split on this one, however, and many said they had issues with the rubber pad slipping.

Item weight: 1.54 lbs.

Package dimensions: 10.04 x 4.13 x 7.09 inches

On-Stage FS7850B Guitar Foot Rest

On-Stage FS7850B Guitar Foot Rest

Finally, we have the most affordable option – the On-Stage FS7850B guitar foot rest, with five fixed height positions and non-slip rubber pad. Naturally, it’s also foldable.

Buyers said they thought the stool was just about perfect – comfortable, adjustable, and durable.

Others said they thought the product was “just okay” and some issues with the components as well.

Item weight: 1.8 lbs.

Package dimensions: 11.8 x 4.9 x 1.1 inches

BSX 536502 Guitar Foot Stool

BSX 536502 Guitar Foot Stool

We figured it might be worth introducing one last budget footstool before moving on, and this one certainly fits the bill.

The BSX 536502 guitar footstool features a metal construction and has six height positions.

Buyers thought the stool was good value overall. Some loved the styling as well.

Some found it a little hard to adjust, mind you.

Item weight: 1.32 lbs.

Package dimensions: 11.89 x 5.04 x 1.1 inches

What Should I Look For In A Guitar Foot Stool?

A footstool is a relatively simple device. It’s designed to help you elevate one leg while you’re playing guitar sitting down.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a classical guitarist studying the greats, or a session electric guitarist spending all day in a studio laying down one take after another. The function of a footrest doesn’t change.

Of course, there wouldn’t be such a broad range of products if nothing ever went wrong with footstools.

What works for another may not work for you, so when and where possible, it’s best to try a few before buying.

With that in mind, footstools are inexpensive, so replacing one is never going to cost you a king’s ransom.

Either way, let’s look at the key criteria that are going to impact your experience with a footrest:

  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Adjustability
  • Budget

Find our explanation of each factor below.


Stability basically refers to how the rest sits on the floor, and how well it remains stationary while you’re resting your foot on it.

We find a basic trend here – that the more you’re willing to pay for a stand, the better its stability will be.

This is isn’t true 100% of the time, and to that extent, it’s always worth examining the reviews to figure out what’s going to work best for you.

If your footrest is shaky, it’s obviously going to impact comfort and maybe even your ability to play your instrument, so it’s quite important as applied to footrests.


How well does the footstool hold up? Can it take a beating?

Some footstools will take more abuse than others. And it’s always nice to know that your footrest isn’t going to break if you sneeze in its general direction.

This isn’t to suggest that you should throw your footstool around just to see how much it can take before breaking. We don’t recommend that at all.

But when shopping for one, we do suggest checking reviews to see if other buyers have had any issues with their footstools breaking on them.


Most if not all footstools are adjustable to varying degrees. Some are fully adjustable, meaning you can use them at a height of your choosing. Others have four or six (or another number) of preset height settings you can choose from.

Not everyone is comfortable playing at the same height, so we’d venture to guess height adjustability is critical, even if you don’t need all the settings in the world.

Check to ensure the footstool you’re thinking about buying is adjustable, and that you can set it at a height you’ll be comfortable playing at.

If you’re unsure, experiment. See if you can try out a few footstools at a guitar store before purchasing.


Most footrests are in the $5 to $35 range. This is more FYI than anything because a footstool is basically an inexpensive piece of gear. We can’t imagine buying one is going to send you to the poorhouse, though we always like to advise against overspending.

Better quality footstools generally cost more, though wooden rests aren’t for everyone.

We see that some users have had good experiences with lower cost footstools, but this isn’t a guarantee by any means.

Basically, look for the best possible option based on your needs.

Do I Need A Footstool To Be Able To Play Sitting Down?


I’ve been playing guitar for about 20 years now, and although I have used footstools at times, most of the time, I’ve been fine without one, even when I’m playing sitting down.

What I’ve noticed is that my use of a footstool largely depends on the height of the chair. If the chair is a little higher than most, then I like to use a footrest. Otherwise, I usually make do without one.

If you’re a classical player, it’s practically a given that you’ll need a footstool, and you should invest in one.

If you have a practice space, and you spend a lot of time playing your instruments, it certainly can’t hurt to have one around.

And if you find yourself spending long days in the studio, you’ll probably appreciate keeping one on hand as well.

Though not all guitarists need a footstool, it’s a relatively affordable guitar accessory, and it’s not a bad idea to keep one around for when you need it.

Top Guitar Foot Stools, Final Thoughts

Shopping for a guitar footstool shouldn’t take you too long.

Have a look through the best options available (seen above), and narrow your options down based on likes and dislikes. Continue this process until you find your ideal rest.

A guitar footstool is a good tool to have and is practically an essential for certain guitarists. We hope you enjoyed this guide and wish you happy shopping!

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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