Free Music Business Ebooks

Here are a selection of free music business ebooks for you to download in PDF format.

An Introduction To Music Marketing

An Introduction To Music Marketing Cover Front 3D Made SMALLER 2Marketing your music is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to have a successful music career. Without marketing your material, no one will know you make music. This book provides a complete introduction to music marketing. It looks at why most musicians market their music wrong (and how you can do it right), how much you need to market your music, and much more. Go to this page to download it now.

No Longer Available – Do Music Full Time

Do Music Full Time Cover SmallerAre you one of the thousands of musicians struggling to make money from their music career? If so, this ebook can help. The Full Time Musician ebook looks at what it takes to become a full time musicians, motivating and giving practical knowledge along the way.

Other Music Related Ebooks

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