9 Best Double Bass Pedals 2024

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If you want to play heavy styles of music like punk, rock, or metal, you may need to get a double bass drum pedal for your drum set. Double bass drum pedals allow you to play quick notes on the bass drum, and they’re essential for certain band settings.

This guide will show you some of the best options available, and I’ve included a wide variety of unique double bass pedals.

Pearl P3002D Demon Direct Drive – Best Overall

Pearl P3002D Demon Direct Drive

The Pearl P3002D Demon Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon) is one of the most loved double bass drum pedals on the market. Pearl’s Demon Series of pedals has gotten a lot of traction over the past decade, and this particular double pedal is one of my top standouts from the line.

It’s a fantastic double pedal for speed, as it’s designed using bearings from skateboards to enhance traction and keep the pedals as smooth as possible.

One of the most interesting features is that you can convert the pedals from short boards to long boards, giving you the best of both worlds. A lot of drummers don’t like how longboard pedals feel, so you can simply adjust the pedal positioning to suit your tastes.

This also allows you to pick whether you want to use these pedals for speed or power. Longboard pedals are typically better for speed, while shortboard pedals work better for power.

This feature is further boosted with the two beater positions. The one is for a light feel, while the other one is intended for heavier playing.

Overall, the P3002D is extremely well-built, and it’s a pedal that will last you a good decade of frequent use. However, it comes with a high price tag to match that reputation. So, it’s not a readily available option for everybody.

Drive System: Direct Drive

Beaters: Felt

DW MDD Machined Direct Drive – Premium Option

DW MDD Machined Direct Drive

The DW MDD Machined Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon) has been the most impressive bass drum pedal on the market ever since it came out. It’s one of the most customizable pedals on the market, making it the best option for drummers who are looking for something highly personalized.

It’s made from solid aluminum, giving it intense durability along with a robotic appearance. I know a lot of drummers who love how this pedal looks, while others may not be so convinced.

There isn’t much that this pedal can’t do, though. It’s a direct drive pedal that has a surprising number of adjustable parts.

It offers several world-class features, including DW’s Fulcrum Geometry linkage, a Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe Clamp, Threaded Bearing Technology, Vertical Spring Adjustments, and perforated aluminum footboards.

The big drawback is the high price tag. You won’t find many double pedals costing more than this one, so it’s a massive investment. It’s also something I’d only suggest getting if you really appreciate the complexity of bass drum pedals.

If you’re not a drummer who loves to fine-tune your pedal settings, you’ll be much better off with a more affordable pedal that doesn’t have as many bells and whistles.

Drive System: Direct Drive

Beaters: Felt

PDP PDDP402 400 Series – Best Budget Option

PDP PDDP402 400 Series

The PDP PDDP402 400 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal is one of the most affordable double bass drum pedals I know of that still feels rigid and durable, even with the low price tag.

This is an excellent pedal for someone who is just getting into double bass drum patterns. If you’re not sure if you’ll like a double pedal or not, it’s also a great option that won’t set you back by much.

The unique thing about this double pedal is that the slave pedal has a baseplate, while the main pedal doesn’t. Baseplates are always the biggest sign of a good pedal, so it’s good that this budget-friendly option has at least one. It keeps the slave pedal feeling secure to the ground.

The pedals are pulled by single chains. They feel quite smooth, but you don’t get the same responsiveness that you would from dual chains.

I appreciate how you get two-way beaters here. The one side is rubber, while the other is a harder plastic. The rubber will give slightly more rebound, while the plastic will give a bit more power to your strokes.

I wouldn’t suggest getting this pedal as an experienced drummer, mainly due to the main pedal not having a base plate and the beaters only being controlled by single chains. However, it’s an excellent double pedal for newer drummers.

Drive System: Single Chain Drive

Beaters: Rubber and plastic

Pearl P932 Longboard

Pearl P932 Longboard

The Pearl P932 Longboard Double Bass Drum Pedal (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon) is another popular Pearl pedal, but it’s a lot more affordable than the previous one that I recommended.

While it’s a cheaper option, it’s still an excellent pick for both hobbyists and professional players. It’s a longboard pedal, so it’s an ideal pick for someone who loves playing that design.

There are a few valuable features to mention with this product. Firstly, you get single chains that are connected to a die-cast wheel for smooth playability. Whenever something has die-cast metal when it comes to drum gear, you know that it’ll feel great to play with.

The other big feature is that the beaters have infinitely adjustable angles. This allows you to set them to positions that feel just right for you.

The beaters that come with the pedal are double-sided. You get a standard felt on the one side and a harder rubber on the other. The shape of the beaters is quite flat, which is a unique take compared to other thicker beaters.

Both pedals have stable baseplates, giving you increased sturdiness when you’ve set this double pedal up with your bass drum.

The final feature to mention is that you can adjust the pedals for speed or power. The design is similar to what you get with the Pearl Demon Drive, significantly increasing the value of this pedal.

Drive System: Single Chain Drive

Beaters: Felt and rubber

Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200

Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200

The Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Bass Drum Pedal (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon) is a fantastic option to consider. The Iron Cobra pedals are famous in the drumming industry. However, the version I’m suggesting here is the budget option.

This pedal doesn’t have as many high-tier features as the professional option, but I still think it’s an amazing pedal for anyone to buy for their drum set.

The design is relatively simple, but everything just works so well. It’s one of the most reliable drum pedals that I’ve been able to play over all my years of drumming. So, that makes it an excellent pick for drummers who don’t want to spend too much money on the pro-tier options, but still want something good enough to use for professional settings.

These pedals have amazing responsiveness, largely due to the Spring Tight adjustment design. They tend to glide without putting much effort in, and that allows you to utilize them to get quick and smooth patterns.

The Power Glide Cam also adds to that, along with boosting the amount of power that you can get from each pedal.

Like most of the pedals on this list, you get two-way beaters. These ones have felt and plastic sides.

Drive System: Single Chain Drive

Beaters: Felt and plastic

Yamaha FP 9 Series

Yamaha FP 9 Series

The Yamaha FP 9 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon) is Yamaha’s top bass drum pedal. You can choose to get this pedal in either a direct drive or dual-chain drive form, and both have the same features in every other area.

One of the standout aspects of this pedal is that the design is inspired by Yamaha’s sports bikes. So, you get a sleek appearance that gives you the impression that this pedal is built for some serious pedal work.

It backs that appearance up with an array of impressive design features. The pedals are designed with top-quality components to make your playing experience feel as smooth as possible. The Axle-Stabilizing Bearing Chambers are the standout component in that area.

Yamaha have also put serious attention to detail when it comes to the pedal linkage. They’ve made it so that both pedals feel relatively similar in their response, allowing you to adjust to playing the slave pedal very quickly.

The most impressive feature is that you can adjust the tension of each pedal on the fly, and then you can use the self-locking spring tensioners to do this in the middle of a set. You most likely won’t find too many drummers doing this at a gig, but it’s great that the option is there.

Drive System: Double Chain Drive or Direct Drive

Beaters: Felt

Roland RDH-102A Noise-Eater

Roland RDH-102A Noise-Eater

The Roland RDH-102A Noise-Eater Double Bass Drum Pedal (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon) is a great double bass drum pedal option for drummers who own electronic drum sets. While you can use any regular double pedal for that purpose, this particular pedal is designed specifically to reduce noise.

Although e-kits are a lot softer than acoustic kits, you still get a lot of noise from the bass drum when you play it. It tends to travel through floors easily, so drummers who live in apartments may still struggle with noise issues.

The design of this double pedal has Roland’s Noise Eater Tech underneath it, which silences those pesky vibrations. This allows you to play quick double pedal patterns without having any noise complaints come your way.

The pedal itself is great as well. You get a dual-chain design that has amazing responsiveness, and the linear action cams add good playability.

The included beaters are made of rubber, as the Roland brand has stated that rubber is the best material for mesh bass drumheads. The popular felt heads tend to damage those over time.

I wouldn’t suggest using this pedal for an acoustic kit, as the Noise Eater Tech can make things feel quite uncomfortable.

Drive System: Dual Chain Drive

Beaters: Rubber

Offset Eclipse

Offset Eclipse

The Offset Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon) is the most unique option on this list. It’s not a pedal that every drummer will love, but it’s an enticing option for drummers who try to set their kits up as ergonomically as possible.

Both pedals here act as slave pedals, and this allows you to set your kit up in a symmetrical way. Instead of having your bass drum shifted slightly to the right or left, you’ll be able to play with it sitting directly in front of you, along with your snare drum positioned at the same angle.

A unique benefit of this pedal is that you get the exact same tone from each beater, whereas the main beater is slightly louder with other double bass drum pedals.

All the components used to keep this pedal together are heavy-duty, giving you a good sense of durability and stability over time.

Overall, it’s a very interesting option. It’s a bit divisive, so I’d only recommend getting it if you don’t mind shifting your drum kit setup just to make it work properly. 

Drive System: Dual Chain Drive

Beaters: Felt and rubber

Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra 910

Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra 910

The Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra 910 Double Bass Drum Pedal (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon) is another industry-famous pedal from Tama. While the Iron Cobra is a good generalist pedal, the Speed Cobra is a fantastic option for drummers looking for serious speed in their playing.

This is the top-quality version, so you get all the goods from Tama with this one. The Cobra Coil pedal spring is the biggest feature here. It’s a spring that bounces the pedals back to their original positions after you press them down. That’s how this pedal allows you to get some serious speed behind your strokes.

The beaters are also made from rubber, so you get slightly more rebound than usual, which further adds to the whole speed thing.

I know some drummers who don’t like how this pedal feels, mainly due to its longboard design. So, I’d only suggest getting it if you know that you love playing on longboard pedals.

Drive System: Dual Chain Drive

Beaters: Rubber

What To Look For In a Double Bass Pedal

Drive Type

One of the biggest aspects to look at with any bass drum pedal is the pedal drive type. This refers to how the beaters connect to the pedals, and you get three different types of these. They’re called belt drives, chain drives, and direct drives.

Chain drives are the most common option that you’ll find with double bass drum pedals. The more affordable options will have single chains, while the higher-priced options will have dual chains to make the pedals feel more stable and durable.

Belt drives connect the beaters to the pedal with rubber or nylon straps. Older pedals will have fabric straps. Belt drive pedals are the least popular amongst the three drive types, as they’re more for drummers who want a lighter feel with their pedals, and that’s not what metal drummers need.

Direct drive pedals have metal connecting pieces between the pedals and the beaters, and they’re built for getting serious speed. They feel a bit weird at first to get used to, but you can leverage these pedals a lot better for quick patterns than you can with the other drive types.

When picking a drive type, you’ll mainly be choosing between direct drive pedals and chain drive pedals. Decide which type you prefer the sound of, and then find a suitable double pedal with your preferred drive type.


Different double bass drum pedals have varying levels of customization, so you should always look to see what each one offers.

Customizing the settings on a double pedal is what will allow you to make the pedals feel as comfortable as possible to play.

You’ll find options like being able to adjust the tension of the drive system, adjusting the pedal heights, and moving certain playing positions backward or forward. Some pedals even allow you to adjust the weight of the beaters.

Not all pedals have in-depth customization options. You’ll typically find better customization on higher-end pedals, so that’s a good reason to invest in a top-tier pedal if you’re looking for the most comfortable playing experience.


Every double bass drum pedal will come with a set of identical beaters. These aren’t a hugely important aspect to consider, as you can always swap them out at a later stage. However, you should still check what beaters the pedal comes with to see what the initial playing experience will be like.

The type of beaters that you use will determine the sound you get from the bass drum as well as how the pedals feel when striking the drumhead.

The various beater styles you’ll get are rubber, felt, wood, and plastic.


Bass drum pedals will have one of two types of footboards. These are called standard footboards and longboards. Standard footboards are what you’ll find with most double bass drum pedals. These are the footboards that every drummer is accustomed to.

Longboards have a bit of extra length at the back, and they’re special footboards that are designed for more speed and power.

A lot of metal drummers love using longboard pedals, as they can leverage the extra length to perform certain playing techniques.

If you’ve never used longboard pedals, they may feel very weird to play with initially. However, they’re incredibly useful for playing very quick grooves and fills.

Bass Plates

You can often tell the quality of a bass drum pedal by whether it has a bass plate or not. Bass plates are metal platforms that go underneath the pedals, and they make bass drum pedals feel a lot more secure and durable.

They add an extra level of stability, and most high-end double bass drum pedals will have bass plates.

If you were to choose a single pedal, a bass plate would be essential when looking for the best options possible. However, some high-end double pedals don’t have a bass plate underneath the slave pedal.

This may mean that the second pedal isn’t as stable as the main pedal, but the difference isn’t enough to make the double bass pedal feel like it’s lower in quality.

For example, some high-end DW double pedals don’t have bass plates underneath the slave pedals. This is something that you need to check out on a product-by-product basis, as the general rule of thumb is that having two base plates is mostly better.


The cost of pedals should be your final consideration before making a purchase. You need to establish how much you’re willing to spend, as some double pedals cost $100, and others cost over $1000.

All the best pedals will cost somewhere between $500 and $1000, while anything below that will be a beginner or intermediate pedal.

A lot of pro drummers love using intermediate pedals, though. They just don’t offer as much customization as any of the high-end pedals.

You should also take into consideration what accessories come with the double bass drum pedal that you’re looking at. Most of them come with carry bags, adding more value to the overall purchase.

Best Double Bass Pedal Brands

Every drum brand sells at least one or two double bass drum pedals, but the following brands are ones that sell multiple good options. They’re typically the brands that most double bass drummers gravitate toward.


DW are well-known for both their drums and hardware. A lot of drummers use DW hardware, even if they play drums from another brand. All the hardware is high-quality and durable, including all the double pedal options.

While most DW double pedals are very expensive, they’re well worth the investment, as they tend to last decades.


Tama is one of the favored brands of heavy metal drummers, and heavy metal drummers are the biggest demographic of drummers that use double bass drum pedals. So, Tama sells several high-end options.

The Iron Cobras and Speed Cobras are typically the top choices, but there are a few other options from the brand that are fantastic as well.


Pearl is a similar brand to DW in that their hardware is known for being outstanding. A Pearl double bass drum pedal topped my above list, and there are several other options that are well worth checking out.

The brand offers excellent pedals for all budget ranges, so any drummer can have access to the famous Pearl hardware quality.


Offset is one of the few brands dedicated to creating bass drum pedals. They put all their effort into making the most ergonomic pedals possible, and the double pedals from Offset are designed fairly differently from standard ones.

They’re built so that you have both your legs spread out, and the beaters are in the center with no pedals connected underneath option.

This is a unique brand, for sure! So, check them out.

Top Double Bass Pedals, Final Thoughts

When buying a double bass drum pedal, you need to make sure that you’re getting one that will feel comfortable to play on. You should also look at a few different aspects, like customizability, drive type, footboards, and overall cost.

When you find one that you like, make sure that it fits your budget, and then make the purchase. You won’t regret it. Double bass drumming is very fun.

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