Do Musicians Listen To Their Own Music?

Do Musicians Listen To Their Own Music?

Question: Do musicians listen to their own music?

While this will vary from musician to musician, yes, a lot of musicians do listen to their own music. There are two a few reasons why a musician would do this:

They Can Learn From Listening To Their Own Songs

Making music is a learning process. It's not often that someone decides to be a musician and the first note they sing or rap sounds good. Your musical talent is one that needs to be practiced, and improved on as time goes on.

Part of practicing and improving is learning from your mistakes, and analyzing what stage you are currently at. And what better way to do this then listen to your own music?

It's like when dancers dance in front of the mirror to see how they look. If you simply dance without seeing yourself, you often won't notice some of the things you do wrong or that you're pulling faces during certain moves. If you watch yourself however, you will pick up on these things and be able to change accordingly. This is the same with musicians. If you listen to a recording of yourself, you will be able to see where you're going wrong, and work to improve it for the next time around.

They Enjoy It

Another reason why people might listen to the music they make is because they genuinely enjoy it. After all, if you don't like your own music, why would anyone else?

When you're first starting out, you may find it hard to listen to recordings of yourself. You may in your head think you sound really good, but when you record yourself, you may realize you're not quite as talented as you first thought. This isn't a problem though, as things can only get better from here!

If you keep practicing, you will get better. As long as you're willing to analyze where you're going wrong, seek advice from others, and take their constructive criticism on board without getting offended. These things will all help you become a much better musician.

Conclusion – Do Musicians Listen To Their Own Music?

In conclusion, yes, many musicians do listen to their own music. A lot do simply because they enjoy it, while many also do it to learn and get better.

You shouldn't feel embarrassed listing to your own songs, if you want other people to listen to it, you should be able to as well.

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