161 Best Songs Of All Time


twenty one pilots – Heathens

The duo, twenty one pilots, might be one of the hottest pop sensations of the last 15 years. There is no denying that the group has one of the biggest followings in modern music (aside from Taylor Swift).

Although many of their tracks have become iconic, the song Heathens is the one they are mostly associated with. The song gained serious traction after it was featured in the 2016 movie, Suicide Squad.

Salt-N-Pepa – Push It

It isn’t very often that a B-side single release becomes the song that breaks an artist into the mainstream. For Salt-N-Pepa, Push It quickly became one of the best hip-hop songs of the late 1980s.

The song was so ahead of its time that it was still played regularly on the radio in the mid-1990s. It also helped prop the genre up for success in the years to come by attracting a wider audience.

Extreme – More Than Words

If you thought that hair band ballads were a thing of the 1980s, think again. Before grunge broke in 1994, bands like Poison and Extreme were at the height of their success.

Extreme would go on to release one of the biggest hits of the late 20th century with More Than Words. The song’s acoustic stylings and easy-to-sing melody made this ballad too much to resist.

Jack Johnson – I Got You

Jack Johnson has become one of the biggest modern artists commonly associated with the acoustic guitar. Johnson has relied primarily on his singer-songwriter approach in a climate dominated by electronic production.

For many, Jack Johnson has a singing voice that touches the very soul of the listener. His track, I Got You, remains to be one of his favored hits among his biggest fans.

Oasis – Wonderwall

Even if you’re not a guitarist, you’ve probably heard the joke about Oasis’s song, Wonderwall. Like Wagon Wheel, Wonderwall is one of those songs that gets requested a surprising amount.

But, part of the joke is that everybody within earshot of the person playing it will start singing along. Any song this popular definitely deserves to be considered one of the best songs of all time.

Best Songs Of All Time, Final Thoughts

That was out list of the best songs of all time. It’s astonishing when you think of how 3 minutes of a song can have an impact on so many lives. The truly great songs continue to play a role in the soundtrack of life years beyond their original release date.

As long as music remains a personal thing, the list of greats is certain to grow with each generation. How many of these songs do you think will still find themselves being played 50 years from now?

Let us know your top 5 best songs ever in the comments below, and let us know which songs you feel we missed. We only allowed one song from each main musician, so if one of their songs was already on the list, that's likely why we didn't add another from them.

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