21 Best Stormzy Songs Ever

Best Stormzy Songs Of All Time

Stormzy is one of the UK’s biggest rappers. Whether you're already a fan or you're new to ‘Big Michael', here are the best Stormzy songs of all time.

1. “Vossi Bop”

Song Year: 2019

“Vossi Bop” was one of Stormzy's first mainstream hits, solidifying his place in the grime genre and hip-hop worldwide.

The song quickly reached number one on the UK Singles Chart and earned a double platinum certification. It also got a nomination for a Brit Award for Song of the Year.

The song's title references a viral dance move. The Vossi Bop dance involves swinging your arms back and forth while squatting down. Stormzy was inspired to write the song after seeing the dance move and thinking it was funny.

The song's lyrics are boastful and self-aggrandizing, with Stormzy rapping about his wealth, success, and influence.

2. “Shut Up”

Song Year: 2015

The song that really put Stormzy on the map.

“Shut Up” was a freestyle video on May 1st, 2015, as the companion to his single “WickedSkengMan 4”. The song was produced by XTC and written by Stormzy.

The song's lyrics are a response to Stormzy's critics, who have accused him of not being authentic to the grime scene. It uses the old-school grime hit “Functions On The Low” as a backing track.

In the song, Stormzy raps about his roots in grime music and his commitment to the genre. He also aims at his critics, calling them jealous.

3. “Big For Your Boots” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2017

Stormzy’s debut album, Gang Signs & Prayer, featured “Big For Your Boots” as its first single. The song, which he wrote and Sir Spyro and Fraser T. Smith produced, reached number six on the UK Singles Chart, making it Stormzy’s best-performing single.

In the song, Stormzy boasts about his accomplishments and fame. He talks about how he has become wealthy and influential in British culture.

He also challenges the negative stereotypes that often target Black men. He encourages young people to defy stereotypes and pursue their dreams.

4. “Wiley Flow” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2019

“Wiley Flow” is a homage to Wiley, an earlier grime artist. Wiley is often called the Godfather of Grime, and Stormzy calls attention to his influence on this 2019 track.

The song's title and some of the flows within the track are interpolations of Wiley's work. For example, the opening lines reference Wiley's song “Bad ‘Em Up.” The song's production also features elements of Wiley's music, such as the Roland TR-909 drum machine.

“Wiley Flow” is a celebration of grime music and its history. It's also a personal statement from Stormzy about his place in the genre.

The song is a reminder that Stormzy is one of the most crucial figures in grime today and that he is carrying on the legacy of Wiley and other pioneers of the genre.

5. “Crown” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2019

“Crown” is a song from Stormzy's second studio album, Heavy Is the Head.

The song is a grime track with a melancholy sound. The lyrics are about the pressures of fame and the responsibility of being a role model. Stormzy raps about how he is trying to use his platform to make a difference in the world, but he is also struggling with the expectations that come with it.

Overall, it's a personal and introspective track in which Stormzy reflects on his success and the pressures of fame, sending a powerful statement about the importance of responsibility and duty.

6. “Clash” by Stormzy and Dave

Song Year: 2021

Stormzy collaborated with the rising star Santan Dave, also from London, to create this banger grime track. The song is peppy and fun, and the two artists weave a poetic mix of wordplays.

With a catchy backing track and a chorus that's easy to sing, “Clash” is a popular song with fans. The lyrics detail the rappers' favorite purchases, from pricey trainers to watches.

“Clash” was a commercial success, peaking at number two on the UK Singles Chart and 23 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song also garnered a nod from the Brit Awards for Song of the Year.

7. “Hide & Seek” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2022

“Hide & Seek” is a song by English rapper Stormzy. It was a promotional single from his third studio album, This Is What I Mean, released on March 17th, 2022. The song features vocals from Nigerian singers Oxlade, Äyanna, and Teni.

The song is a smooth and soulful track that features Stormzy rapping about love and relationships. He sings about the ups and downs of love and how it can be both a source of joy and pain.

“Hide & Seek” is a beautiful and moving song that resonates with anyone who has experienced love and loss. It's a reminder that love is a powerful emotion that can both bring us joy and pain.

8. “Audacity” by Stormzy and Headie One

Song Year: 2019

Stormzy is a grime artist but dabbles in the drill genre with this collaboration track. On “Audacity,” the London artist pairs with Headie One to create a fusion song that fans of both genres will love.

The track was a promotional song for Stormzy's hit album Heavy Is The Head. It's a tune about competition, resilience, and rising above.

On the song, Stormzy and Headie One clap back at their naysayers, commenting on their haters' audacity to criticize them despite their success.

9. “Mel Made Me Do It” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2022

In 2022, Stormzy and producer Knox Brown collaborated on “Mel Made Me Do It”, a single released by 0207 Def Jam and #Merky. The song, which is the longest one Stormzy has ever made, features Jamaican artist Stylo G and English star Michaela Coel.

An 11-minute music video accompanied the track. The video features cameo appearances from Usain Bolt, Louis Theroux, and others.

In sum, “Mel Made Me Do It” is a boastful track referencing fellow artists and celebrities. The title pays homage to Stormzy's stylist Melissa's Wardrobe and her influence on him.

10. “Firebabe” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2022

“Firebabe” is a love song, with Stormzy rapping about his attraction to a woman. He compares her to a flame, describing her as hot and dangerous, like fire.

He also sings about how she makes him feel, saying she's the only one he needs.

The song's production is upbeat and energetic, with a catchy melody and a driving beat. With lyrics that are playful and flirtatious, Stormzy's vocals are passionate and expressive.

The song features vocals from British singer Debbie, and it was a track off his album “This Is What I Mean.”

11. “Handsome” by Stormzy

"Handsome" by Stormzy

Song Year: 2019

A track from his fourth studio album, “Heavy Is The Head,” “Handsome,” is a staple Stormzy song many fans are familiar with.

The song's lyrics are a celebration of self-love and self-acceptance. Stormzy raps about his self-pride, regardless of what others think, and encourages others to love themselves for who they are.

The catchy tune name drops Stormzy's big sister, famous DJ Rachael Anson.

12. “Sounds of the Skeng” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2019

“Sounds Of The Skeng” is a grime track that comments on violence in the UK. He also confronts his critics, who have accused him of abandoning grime in favor of more commercial sounds.

A collaboration with top London producer Sir Spryro, the song's production is dark and atmospheric, with a driving beat and a menacing atmosphere.

Its lyrics are boastful and confident, and Stormzy's vocals are powerful and aggressive.

13. “Disappointed” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2020

Although he wrote “Wiley Flow,” a track praising Wiley in 2019, Stormzy and Wiley would enter a feud in 2020. “Disappointed” is a diss track in which Stormzy lays out their issues.

The intense, complex backing track and immaculately crafted lyrics make this one of Stormzy's best songs, and critics agreed.

The press and public went wild over the song, and sources from The Guardian to The Independent complimented Stormzy on his maturity on the diss track.

14. “Own It” by Stormzy Feat. Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy

Song Year: 2019

Stormzy teamed up with Ed Sheeran, an English singer-songwriter, and Burna Boy, a Nigerian Afrobeats artist, for “Own It”. The song is from Stormzy’s second album Heavy Is the Head.

Unlike Stormzy’s usual grime style, “Own It” is a hip-hop song with a catchy tune and a rhythmic beat.

The song’s message is to embrace your achievements and attractiveness and not let anyone put you down.

15. “Take Me Back To London” by Stormzy and Ed Sheeran

Song Year: 2017

English singer Ed Sheeran is one of Stormzy's best friends, and the pair like to collaborate frequently, mixing their styles.

“Take Me Back To London” is a perfect example of a pop-grime track, with a catchy pop tune set to the classic 140 BPM grime beat.

The song is about Sheeran and Stormzy missing their hometown of London, and the two rap about their experiences growing up in the city and how it has shaped them. “Take Me Back To London” is also a celebration of London and all the capital city offers.

16. “Velvet / Jenny Francis” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2017

“Velvet / Jenny Francis” is an interlude track from Stormzy's fourth studio album, “Heavy Is the Head,” in 2022. The song features a sample of “Velvet” by British singer-songwriter Jenny Francis.

The song is a love song, with Stormzy rapping about his feelings for a woman. It departs from Stormzy's usual style, as it is a more mellow and romantic track.

However, it is still a powerful and moving song and a reminder of Stormzy's versatility as an artist.

17. “Cold” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2017

Although he usually sticks to traditional grime, Stormzy delves into Eskibeat with this 2017 track.

“Cold” has all the hallmarks of the Eskibeat subgenre, from a fast, piercing beat to a futuristic-sounding synth.

Stormzy flaunts his prowess in “Cold,” discussing his fame and success. He talks about his chart-topping hits, musical ability, and idol-level respect in the genre.

18. “Cigarettes and Cush” by Stormzy Feat. Kehlani and Lily Allen

Song Year: 2017

“Cigarettes and Cush” is a calm, laid-back song that provides a chill interlude for Stormzy fans used to his hyped-up tracks.

It's a slow jam with a smooth and mellow sound, and the lyrics are about romance, smoking, and hanging out with loved ones.

Listeners love the song for the killer production, Stormzy and Kehlani's chemistry, and its message of love and relaxation.

19. “Blinded By Your Grace” by Stormzy Feat. MNEK

Song Year: 2017

Religion is a cornerstone in Stormzy's life, and he's outspoken about religious equality in the UK. He often raps about his Christian faith, and “Blinded By Your Grace” is one of his top spiritual tracks.

The song is a gospel-inspired hip-hop track with a message of hope and redemption. Stormzy raps about his struggles, how his faith has kept him going through difficulty, and how he has found hope in God.

MNEK's vocals contrast with Stormzy's gritty raps, and the two artists create a powerful and moving song about finding light in the darkness.

20. “Know Me From” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2015

“Know Me From” is an early Stormzy track, and the song was crucial to his gaining traction with international fans in the mid-2010s. He raps about his recent rise to fame and how everyone recognizes his face, even if they aren't sure who he is yet.

Stormzy uses a classic Zdot instrumental for this hard-hitting track, and he pays homage to London hip-hop history by talking about the genre through the ages and how past artists helped his rise.

The catchy chorus made “Know Me From” popular with fans, and the track peaked at the 49th spot on the UK charts.

21. “Big Michael” by Stormzy

Song Year: 2019

“Big Michael” is a track off the 2019 album “Heavy Is the Head.”

The song opens with a vocal recording of a fan on Instagram begging Stormzy to release new music, as he hasn't dropped an album in two years. The fan then proceeds to call Stormzy several insults.

Stormzy wasn't insulted by the fan, taking it like a champ and responding with humor.

He wrote this song about the experience, talking about how he's still the king of grime and is here to deliver his beloved fans new music even better than before.

Top Stormzy Songs, Final Thoughts

One of the most successful and influential British rappers, Stormzy is a role model for young people and an inspiration to many.

His socially conscious lyrics and activism take a stance on issues like racism, poverty, and gun violence, and he's constantly adapting his flow to make his songs new and engaging.

There's no better artist to add to your listening list than the iconic Stormzy. Start listening to these Stormzy songs today!

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