17 Best Songs From 1945

Best Songs From 1945

The year 1945 marked a significant milestone in music history, with a range of unforgettable songs that still resonate with audiences today. It was an era where music carried messages of hope, love, and resilience, offering a relaxing escape from the turmoil of World War II.

We've compiled a list of the best songs from 1945 that will take you to another period. These tracks best represent the era's creativity, from sentimental ballads to lively tunes.

1. “My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time” by Les Brown and Doris Day

Song Year:1945

Starting our list of the best songs from 1945, “My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time” captures the spirit of newfound hope and renewal. The track's infectious beat perfectly complements Doris Day's enchanting voice.

The song encapsulates the post-war optimism, as dreams once clouded by uncertainty began to take shape and flourish. It's a celebration of personal growth, resilience, and the power of dreams to transform one's life.

My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time by Les Brown and Doris Day

2. “Sentimental Journey” by Doris Day ft. Les Brown & His Orchestra

Song Year:1945

Released during the final stages of World War II, the song provided a comforting and nostalgic escape for war-weary individuals. The song evokes a yearning for the familiar and the desire to return to a simpler time on a sentimental journey. The track’s soothing melodies wrap around the listener, offering solace and hope during a period of great transition.

3. “On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe”  by Johnny Mercer, Bing Crosby, and Tommy Dorsey

Song Year:1945

The track's lively tune captures the spirit of adventure and wanderlust that characterized the post-war era. With Johnny Mercer's playful lyrics and joyful harmonies, the song paints a vivid picture of a cross-country train journey. It invites listeners to join in the excitement and embark on a musical expedition through the heartland of America.

4. “Chickery Chick by Sammy Kaye”

Song Year:1945

“Chickery Chick” is a fun and upbeat song. It tells the story of a little chick who is always hungry and constantly asking for food. The track’s catchy lyrics and lively melody make it perfect for dancing and singing along. The song’s popularity also inspired a series of comic strips featuring the little chick character.

5.  “Till the End of Time” by Perry Como

Song Year: 1945

Perry Como's velvety smooth vocals brought to life the romantic ballad. The song beautifully expresses the timeless nature of love and the profound connection between two hearts. It portrays love as an unwavering force capable of enduring the trials and tribulations of life.

Como's tender delivery immerses listeners in a sea of heartfelt emotions, reminding us of the eternal power of love.

Till the End of Time by Perry Como

6. “Laura” by Woody Herman and His Orchestra

Song Year:1945

“Laura” was originally written as a film score for the movie of the same name. The haunting melody was composed by David Raksin, with Johnny Mercer adding the lyrics. Woody Herman and His Orchestra performed the song, becoming an instant hit. It's a tribute to the mysterious and alluring character, Laura, from the film.

The track features a saxophone melody and a dreamy piano, creating a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere. The lyrics describe the feelings of longing and fascination that the character of Laura inspires in the narrator.

7. “I Can't Begin To Tell You” by Bing Crosby and Carmen Cavallaro

Song Year:1945

The beautiful romantic ballad was one of the biggest hits of 1945. It features Bing Crosby’s smooth vocals and Carmen Cavallaro’s enchanting piano. The song tells the story of a love so strong that the singer struggles to express their feelings adequately.

The track’s melody is soft and gentle, perfectly complementing the heartfelt lyrics. Crosby's emotive delivery and Cavallaro's delicate touch on the piano make for a truly captivating listening experience.

8. “It's Only a Paper Moon” by Ella Fitzgerald and The Delta Rhythm Boys

Song Year:1945

The vibrant yet catchy hit showcases Ella Fitzgerald's unparalleled vocal talent as she breathes life into this timeless classic. The song's whimsical lyrics and Fitzgerald's effortless delivery transport listeners to a world where imagination knows no bounds. It's a joyful reminder that sometimes, we must let go of reality and embrace the magic and possibilities within our dreams.

9. “Tippin’ In” by Erskine Hawkins

Song Year:1945

The track was a big hit during the swing era and still resonates with listeners today. The catchy melody makes it a timeless classic for any occasion. One of the song’s most notable aspects is the use of a trumpet.

Erskine Hawkins' trumpet playing is exceptional and the way he incorporates it into the song is nothing short of masterful. The song's introduction features a soft and mellow trumpet solo that slowly builds up in intensity, eventually leading to the main melody. The trumpet then takes center stage and plays a catchy riff that hooks the listener right from the start.

Tippin’ In by Erskine Hawkins

10. “There Goes That Song Again” by Russ Morgan and His Orchestra

Song Year:1945

The hit song by Russ Morgan and His Orchestra featuring The Skylarks is a wistful reflection on lost love. The Skylarks were famous for their smooth harmonies and ability to add an extra layer of emotion to any track.

Their performance on “There Goes That Song Again” is no exception, as they seamlessly blend with the orchestration and bring the lyrics to life with their heartfelt delivery. It starts off slow and mournful before building to a joyful climax.

11. “I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me” by Anita O’Day

Song Year:1945

The classic tune has been covered by countless artists over the years. However, Anita O’Day’s version remains the best. With her smooth and soulful voice, O’Day captures the romantic and sentimental essence of the song.

The lyrics express the disbelief and joy of falling in love with someone unexpectedly. The melody is slow and soothing, featuring beautiful trumpet solos and soft piano accompaniment. O’Day’s interpretation adds a touch of vulnerability to the song, making it even more poignant.

12. “I'm Beginning to See the Light” by Harry James and His Orchestra ft. Kitty Kallen

Song Year:1945

The swing-style song quickly became a hit with its catchy melody and romantic lyrics. The lyrics are about falling in love and seeing the world in a whole new light. Kallen's vocals are enchanting, perfectly complementing the orchestra’s upbeat rhythm.

It's a classic tune that has stood the test of time, and it's no surprise that it's still loved by many today. It’s a powerful reminder of the transformative power of love.

13. “I'll Buy That Dream” by Helen Forrest and Dick Haymes

Song Year:1945

The track paints a picture of an idyllic world where dreams come true, and love knows no bounds. The song's enchanting melodies and the harmonious blend of Forrest and Haymes' voices create a sense of enchantment and possibility. It transports listeners to a realm where imagination reigns supreme, inviting them to embrace the beauty of their dreams.

I'll Buy That Dream by Helen Forrest and Dick Haymes

14. “Sentimental Journey” by Les Brown with Doris Day

Song Year:1945

The timeless song has been recorded by many artists over the years. However, Les Brown and Doris Day’s version remains the best. With her sweet and cheerful voice, Day conveys the excitement and nostalgia of the song. The lyrics describe the longing and anticipation of returning home after a long time away.

The melody is upbeat and catchy, featuring lively saxophone solos and rhythmic drum beats. Brown and Day’s rendition adds a touch of optimism to the song, making it even more uplifting.

15. “I Wish I Knew” by Dick Haymes

Song Year:1945

The song's lyrics are filled with longing and nostalgia, with Haymes lamenting a lost love and wishing he knew why they parted ways. Haymes' expressive vocals perfectly complement the track's melancholic melody. With every heartfelt note, Haymes invites listeners to delve into their emotions and reflect on the mysteries of love.

16. “A Little on the Lonely Side” by Frankie Carle and His Orchestra

Song Year:1945

The song captures the solitude and longing that often accompany the absence of a loved one. The song's nostalgic melodies tug at the heartstrings, invoking a sense of empathy and understanding. It serves as a reminder that even amidst loneliness, there’s beauty in vulnerability and a shared sense of longing.

17. “You Belong to My Heart” by Bing Crosby

Song Year:1945

The lyrical hit exemplifies Bing Crosby's talent as he pours his heart and soul into a heartfelt ballad that explores the depths of love and devotion. With its tender lyrics and Crosby's velvety voice, the song resonates with a profound sense of unwavering commitment and adoration.

It's a powerful reminder of love's ability to unite two hearts, transcending any obstacles or distances that may attempt to separate them. The captivating melody reminds listeners of the enduring power of love to conquer all and create an unbreakable bond between souls.

You Belong to My Heart by Bing Crosby

Top Songs From 1945, Final Thoughts

The best songs from 1945 on our list cover a variety of musical styles and convey the era's essence. Besides representing a moment in time, these tracks also reflect the emotions and sentiments of a generation dealing with the aftermath of World War II.

They Still resonate with audiences of all ages today and will always hold a special place in the history of popular music.

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