31 Best Songs About Washington

Best Songs About Washington

Washington State is known for its diverse and vibrant music scene. From Seattle's grunge rock to Spokane's folk-inspired indie bands, the Evergreen State has something to offer all kinds of music fans. But what about songs specifically about Washington?

Here are the best songs about Washington State ever.

1. “Hello Seattle” by Owl City

Song Year: 2009

“Hello Seattle” by Owl City is a popular song that pays homage to the Emerald City. The song, written and performed by Adam Young (aka Owl City), describes his fascination with Seattle, its beauty, and its potential to inspire.

His lyrics traverse the Pike Place Market, Space Needle, Puget Sound, and some of Seattle's iconic sights. With its infectious beats and sing-along lyrics, “Hello Seattle” continues to be a favorite among Owl City fans and residents of the Pacific Northwest.

2. “Waitsburg” by Bob Frank

Song Year: 1972

Bob Frank's song “Waitsburg” is a fascinating piece of musical storytelling, recounting the tale of a small town in southeastern Washington State.

With its haunting melody and poetic lyrics, “Waitsburg” encapsulates the essence of life in this quiet corner of the Pacific Northwest. This song celebrates the spirit that makes Washington State one of the country's most dynamic and inspiring places.

3. “The Shadow of Seattle” by Marcy Playground

Song Year: 1997

“The Shadow of Seattle” by Marcy Playground tells a haunting story about the dark side of Seattle, Washington. While many might associate the Emerald City with the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, the song delves into the shadows lurking behind those iconic landmarks.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of drug addiction and desperation, reflecting the reality of the city's dark underbelly.

4. “Belltown Ramble” by Robyn Hitchcock

Song Year: 2006

Robyn Hitchcock's “Belltown Ramble” is a tribute to the Seattle neighborhood of Belltown, which has a rich history in Washington State.

The song captures the essence of Belltown, which has been a center of Seattle's art scene for decades. Hitchcock's unique blend of punk rock and folk influences makes “Belltown Ramble” a standout track and a must-listen for anyone interested in the cultural history of Washington state.

5. “Moving to Seattle” by The Material

Song Year: 2007

The Material managed to capture the essence of Washington State in their song “Moving to Seattle.” As natives of California, The Material may have initially felt like outsiders, but their homage to the state shows that they have embraced the Pacific Northwest as their home.

So, buckle up and press play on “Moving to Seattle” for a musical adventure that will transport you to the heart of Washington State.

6. “Black Ball Ferry Line” by Bing Crosby

Song Year: 1951

Bing Crosby's song “Black Ball Ferry Line” may not be as well-known as his holiday classic “White Christmas,” but it holds a special place in Washington State history.

The song was written in 1951 as a tribute to the Black Ball Line ferry service between Seattle and Victoria, British Columbia.

The unforgettable tune captured the excitement and romance of traveling on Puget Sound and helped put the region on the map as a popular tourist destination.

7. “Welcome to Seattle” by Boom Bap Project

Song Year: 2005

“Welcome to Seattle” by Boom Bap Project is an energetic rap song that paints a picture of what daily life was like in Washington State. If you're looking for a musical homage to this dark and dreary corner of the country, “Welcome to Seattle” is a must-listen for anyone who loves Washington State.

8. “Baby, I'm an Anarchist” by Against Me!

Song Year: 2001

“Baby, I'm an Anarchist” by Against Me! is not your typical punk rock anthem. The song takes a sarcastic yet thought-provoking approach to anarchist ideology.

Interestingly enough, Washington state has a rich history of anarchist movements. The song's message of questioning authority and fighting for change is a timely reminder of the power of dissent and activism.

9. “Sunny in Seattle” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2011

Did you know that Blake Shelton's hit song “Sunny in Seattle” was inspired by his time spent in Washington State? While many associate the state with rain and overcast skies, Shelton found himself captivated by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest during his visit.

The song's upbeat melody and lyrics about finding happiness in unexpected places embody the spirit of adventure and appreciation for life that many Washingtonians share.

10. “I Love Seattle” by Tacocat

Song Year: 2016

The memorable tune “I Love Seattle” by Tacocat is more than just a fun song to blast during a road trip. Its lyrics and playful melody perfectly embody Seattle's quirky, laid-back vibe and surrounding areas.

But beyond its catchy chorus, “I Love Seattle” speaks to the enduring appeal of the Pacific Northwest. With its stunning nature, forward-thinking culture, and thriving music scene, Washington State is a place that captures the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

11. “My Oh My” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Song Year: 2010

While the Washington-based duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have produced many hits over the years, “My Oh My” is a touching tribute to the city's beloved baseball team, the Seattle Mariners.

The song tells the story of Dave Niehaus, the team's iconic announcer, who passed away in 2010. With vivid lyrics and a captivating chorus, it's no surprise it became a hit.

12. “Working Titles” by Damien Jurado

Song Year: 2012

“Working Titles” by Damien Jurado is a song that showcases the singer-songwriter's unique storytelling style while also providing an exciting insight into his connection with Washington State.

In the song, Jurado sings about his journey as a musician, from playing in small venues to landing a record deal, in Jurado's hometown of Seattle, and his experiences as a musician in the city.

13. “Seattle Police is Communist” by Super Adventure Club

Song Year: 2014

Super Adventure Club's song “Seattle Police is Communist” is a satirical masterpiece that offers an intriguing commentary about the city's police force and political climate. The lyrics reference several anarchist and labor movements that started in the state.

By blending past and present, Super Adventure Club highlights the struggle for justice in Seattle and beyond.

14. “Talkin' Seattle Blues” by Todd Snider

Song Year: 2003

If you're a fan of Todd Snider's particular brand of folk storytelling, you're sure to love “Talkin' Seattle Blues.”

This tune, off Snider's debut album “Songs for the Daily Planet,” spins a yarn about a hapless hippie musician who heads to Seattle for work and falls in love with the city's vibrant music scene.

By the tune's end, our hero realizes he doesn't need to chase fame and fortune on the music scene. All he needs is a good guitar and the company of his closest companions.

15. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” by Nirvana

Song Year: 1993

“Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” is a song by the iconic grunge band Nirvana that captures the band's essence musically and lyrically.

The titular character, Frances Farmer, was a Hollywood actress who suffered from mental health issues, eventually leading to her institutionalization. She was also a native of Seattle, where Nirvana originated.

The song serves as a commentary on the darkness that can lurk beneath the surface of the seemingly idyllic Pacific Northwest.

16. “Summer in Seattle” by The Laurie Lewis Quintet

Song Year: 2005

“Summer in Seattle” by The Laurie Lewis Quintet is a smooth jazz number that pays homage to the city of Seattle. The song features lush instrumentation and lounge-style vocals from lead singer Laurie Lewis.

As she sings about the beauty of Seattle's summers, jazz piano and sultry saxophone solos provide the perfect backdrop for Lewis’s heartfelt lyrics. From its vibrant nightlife to its stunning scenery, this song celebrates all that makes Seattle unique and captures the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

17. “This Place is a Prison” by The Postal Service

Song Year: 2003

The Postal Service's melancholy tune, “This Place is a Prison,” has a reflective melody and poetic lyrics that deeply resonate with the region's notorious gray skies and introspective culture.

As a product of the band's founder, Ben Gibbard, who hails from the Seattle music scene, “This Place is a Prison” portrays the ever-present melancholy that seems to loom over the state like a thick fog.

But despite such a negative depiction, the song's beautiful harmonies and clever wordplay speak to Northwest culture's artistic, brooding nature and the sense of comfort that comes with shared misery.

18. “Thrice All American” by Neko Case

"Thrice All American" by Neko Case

Song Year: 2000

“Thrice All American” by Neko Case is not your typical patriotic song. Instead of glorifying the nation, Case focuses on her love for her home state of Washington in this alt-country track. She reminisces about the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, mentioning landmarks like the Space Needle and Mount Saint Helens.

The song was received positively by both fans and critics, with some even calling it a modern anthem for the state. As Case sings about her connection to the Evergreen State, it's hard not to feel a sense of pride for this corner of the country.

19. “Seattle” by Perry Como

Song Year: 1969

Perry Como, known for his mellow tunes and smooth voice, was enchanted by the natural beauty of the city Pacific Northwest and wanted to capture that feeling in a song.

With its snappy melody and romantic lyrics, “Seattle” became an instant classic, and even today, it's a beloved tune in the region. Whether you're a true-blue Washingtonian or a nostalgic music fan, “Seattle” is a song everyone can appreciate.

20. “The Train from Washington” by Gil Scott-Heron

Song Year: 1980

Gil Scott-Heron's song “The Train from Washington” is more than a catchy tune. This jazzy piece offers a unique insight into Washington State's social and political climate during the 1970s.

Scott-Heron uses vivid imagery and poetic language to paint a picture of the struggles faced by working-class residents of the Pacific Northwest during that period.

The song brings attention to important issues such as labor rights, racial inequality, and economic hardship, all while showcasing Scott-Heron's unique blend of spoken-word poetry and jazz music.

21. “New Way Home” by The Foo Fighters

Song Year: 1997

“New Way Home” by The Foo Fighters is a song that is not only melodically pleasing but also deeply intertwined with the band's roots in Washington state. The lyrics reflect the idea of returning home and finding a new way to navigate the trials of life.

The song's powerful chorus evokes a sense of determination and resilience. It's no secret that the Pacific Northwest has been a breeding ground for some of the greatest rock bands in history, and The Foo Fighters are no exception.

With “New Way Home,” they have created a memorable anthem that pays homage to their home state while inspiring fans worldwide to embrace change and forge their paths.

22. “Seattle Was a Riot” by Anti-Flag

Song Year: 2001

“Seattle Was a Riot” is a melodic punk rock anthem by Anti-Flag and a vivid snapshot of a defining moment in Washington state's history.

The song was inspired by the infamous 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle, where activists clashed with police and sparked chaos in the city streets. It is a reminder of the power of collective action and Washington State's role in shaping the political landscape of the late 20th century.

23. “Washington State” by Tybud

Song Year: 2008

Washington State has contributed significantly to West Coast Rap. Not only was Sir Mix-A-Lot, the rapper behind the infamous “Baby Got Back,” from Seattle, but the Emerald City has also been home to other big names in the genre, like Macklemore and Blue Scholars.

In addition, the state has been recognized for its unique style of hip-hop, known as “The Town Sound,” which blends jazz and funk with hard-hitting beats and introspective lyrics. So, when you hear the rhythms of “Washington State” by Tybud, remember that gritty, soulful sound has roots in Washington State.

24. “Roll On Columbia” by Woody Guthrie

Song Year: 1941

“Roll On Columbia” has become a beloved anthem of the Pacific Northwest. Composed by folk legend Woody Guthrie in 1941, the song celebrates the mighty Columbia River and its role in shaping the landscape and culture of Washington state.

Guthrie's lyrics capture the region's rugged beauty, from the breathtaking mountains to the vast, rolling waters of the Columbia. Interestingly, the song was initially written as part of a government project to promote hydroelectric power in the Pacific Northwest.

Whether you're a native of the area or just passing through, “Roll On Columbia” will inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for the rugged and untamed spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

25. “Homeless Sky” by Michael R. J. Roth

Song Year: 2018

The captivating “Homeless Sky” by Michael R. J. Roth seems to have a deep connection to the state of Washington. Inspired by Puget Sound, this song paints a vivid picture of the region's idyllic landscapes and the limitless possibilities that lie within them.

The lyrics' poetic imagery brilliantly captures the essence of the state, while the chorus communicates a sense of longing and hope that resonates with a broad audience. Roth's raw and emotional voice and gripping guitar work, combined with the intricate layers of sound, make “Homeless Sky” stand out from other songs in the genre.

26. “Washington State Anthem” by Chris Aable

Song Year: 2020

The song “Washington State Anthem” by Chris Aable is a unique tune that expresses the beauty and pride of the Pacific Northwest.

With its upbeat melody and lyrics that pay homage to Washington State's stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, this song is a fitting tribute to the Evergreen State.

From Mount Rainier to the Space Needle, Chris Aable's catchy tune captures the essence of Washington in a way that will make you want to explore this magnificent part of the country.

27. “The Ave” by Blue Scholars

Song Year: 2005

Seattle's music scene is renowned for its eclectic mix of genres, showcased by the Blue Scholars' hit “The Ave.” It not only flaunts the duo's lyrical and musical skills but also sheds light on the cultural hub of Seattle.

As the University District's main commercial artery, “The Ave” has witnessed decades of social and economic changes, and the song pays homage to this rich history. From references to the iconic Dick's Drive-In to local colloquialisms, the song captures the essence of Seattle's unique culture.

28. “Seattle Alone” by BOL4

Song Year: 2019

The South Korean indie duo, BOL4, may seem worlds away from the United States Pacific Northwest. However, their hauntingly beautiful track “Seattle Alone” reveals their connection to Washington State.

The song was inspired by vocalist Ahn Ji-young's trip to the Emerald City, where she found herself lost and alone in the verdant forests of the Cascade Mountains. The lyrics paint a picture of natural beauty and solitude, much like the scenery of Washington State.

With its delicate guitar melodies and Ji-young's ethereal vocals, “Seattle Alone” is a symphony of emotions that captures the essence of the state's natural wonders.

29. “Aurora Bridge” by The Young Fresh Fellows

Song Year: 1987

The Young Fresh Fellows' song “Aurora Bridge” is a captivating tune that holds exciting significance to the state of Washington. As many locals may know, the Aurora Bridge spans Lake Union in Seattle and is a well-known landmark.

The song, released in 1989, highlights the bridge's unique appearance and even references its dark history of being a site for suicides. However, the lyrics also touch on hope and a brighter future.

The song perfectly captures the bridge's past and present dichotomy and importance to the city of Seattle and the state. Listening to “Aurora Bridge” is a fun way to learn more about the history and culture of Washington State while also jamming out to a fantastic song.

30. “Aurora” by Foo Fighters

Song Year: 1999

Seattle has significantly influenced the grunge rock scene since the early 1990s. The Foo Fighters' song “Aurora” may not be their most well-known track, but it has a special connection to Washington State.

The Foo Fighters, formed in Seattle in 1994, have been hailed as one of the most successful rock bands to come out of the Seattle rock scene. The song's title comes from a small town called Aurora, located in the northern part of the state. It perfectly captures the melancholy beauty of the Washington landscape and serves as a reminder of the band's deep ties to their home state.

31. “Slick Watts” by Blue Scholars

Song Year: 2011

Blue Scholars' “Slick Watts” is not just your average hip-hop anthem. It's a tribute to one of Washington State's most beloved basketball players. The track is named after Seattle SuperSonics' legend Slick Watts, known for his signature headband and authoritarian playing style.

The song's lyrics reference the Emerald City's vibrant culture and the city's love for its sports heroes, making it a fitting homage to Watts and the entire Seattle community.

Blue Scholars' ability to capture the essence of a city and its history through music is unparalleled, and “Slick Watts” is an excellent example of this talent.

Top Songs About Washington, Final Thoughts

Washington State is a beautiful and vibrant place that has inspired many musicians. From local country legends to K-Pop idols, their songs capture different aspects of life in the Pacific Northwest.

Whether you're interested in its stunning natural beauty or unique culture, listening to one (or all) of these tunes will give you an appreciation for what makes this state so unique. So next time you hear a song about Washington State, take some time out to appreciate its rich musical heritage!

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