15 Best Songs About Springfield

Best Songs About Springfield

We all know this list will have some Simpsons related songs. The cartoon that popularized Springfield to a whole new audience, even if not always in the best light, has also undoubtedly had a positive impact on the town too.

But it’s not just them though, others have sung about the city as well. Here are the best songs about Springfield that you should check out.

1. “Why Springfield, Why Not” By Simpsons

Houston by Austine Plaine

Song Year: 2016

“Why Springfield, Why Not” is a humorous look at the benefits and downfalls of living in Springfield. I mean, what did you expect from the Simpsons?

The lyrics reflect the city's history and unique characteristics, like hurricanes, fires, and the missing culture. It also provides a glimpse of the lives of the town's residents, from Homer jumping out of windows to Marge knitting small sweaters for cats.

The fun, light-hearted song is perfect for children and adults alike.

2. “Springfield or Bobby Got a Shadfly Caught in His Hair” By Sufjan Stevens

Song Year: 2009

The solemn song tells the tale of a young man named Bobby from Springfield. The lyrics explore Bobby's love experience and how he struggles to build a life for himself in the city.

The song has an uplifting feel and is perfect for those who have experienced the difficulties of living in Springfield. The piece is ideal for people who have experienced the beauty and sorrow of living in a small town.

3.”Springfield, Springfield” By The Simpsons

Song Year: 2015

This song describes Springfield town as a nightmare. The lyrics focus on the lack of amenities like shopping malls and schools, along with the struggles of its citizens.

The short animation song is a humorous yet serious look at life in the city and its effects on people there.

4. “Song About Springfield, Missouri” By The Guy Who Sings About Cities and Towns

Song About Springfield, Missouri By The Guy Who Sings About Cities and Towns

Song Year: 2023

The cheerful song about the beauty of Springfield, Missouri. The singer describes its stunning natural features and amenities. His adoration of the city is evident in his lyrics, which focus on its vibrant downtown area and the people who live there.

The song highlights the city's uniqueness and the specialness of living in Springfield, Missouri. This is a great choice if you're in a joyous mood and want to be reminded of the city's beauty.

5. “Springfield Mill” By Seals and Crofts

Song Year: 2014

“Springfield Mill” highlights Springfield Mill as a home and his desire never to leave it. The lyrics explore essential aspects of living in Springfield, such as the importance of family and community.

The upbeat, feel-good song is perfect for those who want to be reminded of the special moments they've experienced in Springfield. Whether you need a slow jam when driving down the highway or just relaxing at home, this is a great choice.

6. “The Ballad of the Illinois Opry” By REO Speedwagon

Song Year: 2022

This song tells the story of a man from Springfield who dreams of becoming a famous country singer. The lyrics follow his journey in Springville and the struggles he faces. The song highlights his drive, determination, and ambition in life.

The powerful song is perfect for those who want to be inspired by the story of someone's journey in Springfield. It's an uplifting song that will make you believe in yourself and your dreams.

7. “Route 66” By Perry Como

Route 66 By Perry Como

Song Year: 2011

The song focuses on Springfield's main route, Route 66. The lyrics explore the town's inhabitants and how they pass by in their cars.  It also provides a glimpse of the city's unique culture and attractions.

The classic song is perfect for those who want to be reminded of their childhood memories in Springfield. Whether you're taking a road trip or just want to listen to a timeless classic, this is an ideal pick.

8. “Springfield” By Casper Locs

Song Year: 2020

The catchy song's lyrics focus on the hustle and bustle of Springfield. It features a lively beat that captures the energy of this vibrant city.

The upbeat song is excellent for those who want to remember the fun and excitement of living in Springfield. If you're looking for a tune to make you dance, this song is for you.

9. “Calling Springfield Home” By The Springfields


9. “On Springfield Mountain” By Burl Ives

Song Year: 2022

“On Springfield Mountain” explores the experience of a man who goes to mow a meadow on Springfield Mountain. The lyrics take the listener through his journey and how he gets bit by a serpent.

The mellow tune makes for a soothing listen. It's ideal to listen to when you don't want rowdy music but rather calming and peaceful.

10.  “Springfield” By Tungevaag, Italobrothers

Song Year: 2015

The party banger is perfect for those who want to let loose and have a great time in Springfield. The lyrics focus on having fun and the joys of life in the city.

The upbeat song is perfect for those who want to dance and enjoy the moment with friends or family. This is the perfect track whether you're at a party or just want to feel good.

11. “Last Exit To Springfield” By Starbeam Muntz & Jones

Song Year: 2021

The song tells the story of a family who leaves Springfield. The singer wants to go to an evergreen land and follow their dreams.

The beats in the song make for a mellow yet inspiring listen. The simple yet powerful lyrics make it great for those who want to be reminded of the importance of finding their path.

You can enjoy these songs and many more to get the authentic flavor of living in Springfield. Whether you're a native or just visiting, this town has so much

12. “Rites of Springfield” By Hilton

Rites of Springfield By Hilton

Song Year: 2020

This song is an ode to the unique culture of Springfield. It explores unique cultural attributes that define the city, like fast food, racism, and liberalism.

The song is perfect for those who want an in-depth exploration of what makes Springfield unique. The lyrics are thoughtful and resonant, making it a great addition to any playlist.

13. “Buffalo Springfield Again” By Neil Young

Song Year: 2017

Reflecting on the youthful years of the city, this song celebrates Springfield and its residents. The lyrics focus on the beauty of nature in the area and how much the city has changed.

The thoughtful track is perfect for those who want to reminisce on the past while looking ahead to the future. You can enjoy this song when you want to feel a sense of nostalgia and a connection to the city.

14.  “Springfield to Dayton” By D. Knight

Song Year: 2022

D. Knight's upbeat tune captures the humble beginnings of starting in a small humble town. It celebrates the journey of growth and how it has shaped the singer.

The hip-hop beats and catchy lyrics make for an enjoyable and uplifting listen. It's great to put on when you just want to feel good or are looking for a positive boost.

The city of Springfield has so much to offer, and the song captures its spirit perfectly.

15. “Strange Weather” By Naomi Westwater

Rites of Springfield By Hilton

Song Year: 2022

The song celebrates the unusual weather in Springfield to its fullest. It talks about all the city's peculiarities, including strong winds, tornado warnings, and sunny days.

The folk-rock beat is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the weather of Springfield. Its poetic and calming lyrics make this a great addition to any playlist.

Top Songs About Springfield, Final Thoughts

Those were the top songs about Springfield. Springfield has some of the most iconic and meaningful songs in modern times, capturing the beauty and spirit of the town powerfully and timelessly.

Whether it is through upbeat anthems or nostalgic ballads, these songs tell stories that remind us of the importance of small towns and how they can be a source of strength.  From “Take me home, Country Roads” to “Our Town,” these songs are reminders of Springfield's beauty and hope.

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