27 Best Songs About North Carolina

Best Songs About North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the most memorable states in the US and there's no better way to celebrate its beauties than with great songs inspired by it. So if you’re looking for songs to remind you of your home or simply enjoy great music, check out the following songs about North Carolina.

“Carolina on My Mind” by J. Cole

Song Year: 2007

“Carolina on My Mind” is a song about the feeling of being born and raised in Carolina. Cole sings about how people are hungry to make things work. The song centers around the idea of making it big in life. People are always in a rat race, doing anything and everything to make some big bucks.

Cole is proud of Carolina, arguing that folks in this state are thorough. The main aim of life is to make it big, which is one of the song's key themes.

“Carolina” by Harry Styles

Song Year: 2017

If you're from Carolina, this song will definitely take you back. Harry Styles sings about a girl from Carolina. According to the lyrics, the girl says that Styles reminds her of her home, Carolina.

While the song is more about the girl and her unique personality, Styles makes it clear from the start of the song that the lady is from Carolina. He then continues praising the girl in the song, saying that she's a good girl and feels so good.

“Carolina” by Eric Church

Song Year: 2009

If you’re from North Carolina and love country music, give this song by Eric Church a listen. The lyrics are about Eric’s memories that keep calling him home. Even though he’s working far away from there, his love for his hometown remains.

In this song, Eric compares the love he has for Carolina to the feelings he has for a lady. The good feeling one gets when you receive a call from someone you love is the same feeling you get when you arrive home.

“Gone to Carolina” by Shooter Jennings

Song Year: 2005

Want to feel like you're heading home to North Carolina? Well, “Gone to Carolina” is the perfect track for you. Jennings sings about the feeling one gets when they're going home and knowing that’s where you belong.

The lyrics describe how he has been away for so long and how he misses the place. In addition, the song is also about his desire to be with someone he loves who lives in Carolina.

“Raised Up Family” by James Taylor

Song Year: 2002

“Raised Up Family,” released in 2002, will also take you back and remind you of your childhood memories. Taylor sings about the pride he takes in being a raised-up family man. He's proud of the person he became, and he sings about a past he had in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Raise Up” by Petey Pablo

Song Year: 2001

Pablo's smash hit from the early 2000s is about North Carolina and why people should be proud of their state. This hip-hop song brought together all the folks from North and South Carolina. Pablo is happy to be part of the big family, and he sings, saying it's worth it. He notes that it's from his home ground that he bought his first car.

“Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor

Song Year: 1968

“Carolina in My Mind” is one of the oldies that most people will remember, as this song was a big hit released in the 1960s. Taylor sings about going to Carolina in his mind. The song mainly revolves around the feelings someone has when reminiscing about a place they love.

Taylor's song will make you miss home with this song as he describes the mental pictures he has about Carolina. He sings about seeing the sunshine and feeling the moonshine at night. You can sing along with this song as you think of returning home.

“Southern Sadness” by American Aquarium

Song Year: 2015

“Southern Sadness” is a song about a boy who hated North Carolina while growing up there and wanted nothing more than to leave the state. However, as he grew older, he realized that it was just pent up anger in him. So when he does manage to leave, he starts to understand that there’s no place like home, and now he feels pride when talking about North Carolina.

“Oh, My Sweet Carolina” by Ryan Adams

Song Year: 2000

The track's title, “Oh, My Sweet Carolina,” would make you want to hit play and listen to the song on repeat. Ryan Adams sings about feeling homesick. He loves being home, and despite traveling from one town to another, he can't get over the feeling of being in Carolina.

One interesting aspect of this song is that Adams feels compelled to go home. He even sings about wishing he lived somewhere close to Carolina so that he could be near his city and his family.

“Carolina Calling” by Mipso

Song Year: 2013

In this song, Mipso reminisces about the good times he had when he was young in Carolina. While some people will say that you can't go home again, Mipso disagrees and says that he hears the voice of home calling.

When the good old memories of your town replay in your mind, it's worth revisiting your old town. Just as Mipso sings in “Carolina Calling,” the sweet memories will keep coming back.

“North Cack” by G YAMAZAWA

Song Year: 2017

“North Cack” is another smash hit about North Carolina to add to your hip-hop playlist. While the track is not entirely about Carolina, “Cackalacky” is a nickname most people can relate to. The nickname was mostly used as a reference to a sauce company in the state. So for anyone who’s tried that Carolina barbecue sauce, this song will likely trigger some sweet memories.

“Carolina” by Parmalee

Song Year: 2013

Carolina” by country music group Parmalee was first released on their 2008 EP titled “Complicated” before being remixed and re-released as their second single for Stoney Creek Records in 2013. Notably, it was included on their album “Feels Like Carolina”, which was released later that year.

The song is about a love interest in your hometown. The lyrics are about the singer’s love interest in hometown. They describe her beauty, how she stands out from the rest, and compare her appearance to Carolina.

“Heads Carolina, Tails California” by Jo Dee Messina

Song Year: 1996

“Heads Carolina, Tails California” is a song about a couple looking for a change in scenery. Regardless if it’s some place near an ocean or up in the mountains, any option is better than the small town they’re stuck in. The singer suggests to her partner that they could flip a coin, heads for Carolina and tails for California.

“Charlotte’s in North Carolina” by Keith Whitley

Song Year: 2015

In “Charlotte’s in North Carolina,” Keith Whitley pays homage to Charlotte,  arguably the most charming city in North Carolina and beyond. Whitley sings about the city’s bustling community, sports teams, various attractiongs, and more.

So whether you’re a local or someone who’s had the chance to visit it, this song by Keith Whitley will likely evoke many fond memories.

“Blue Bandana” by Jerrod Niemann

“Blue Bandana” by Jerrod Niemann

Song Year: 2015

There's always something heartwarming about the way country song artists play the guitar, and the “Blue Bandana” track is no different. The track also talks about the Carolina sunset that most artists sing about. It's a great jam to add to your playlist if you miss someone you care about from North Carolina.

“Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show

Song Year: 2013

“Wagon Wheel” is a popular folk and country anthem originally written by Bob Dylan. The song describes a journey by a hitchhiker going south along the United States east coast and references various locations, including Carolina.

When the hitchhiker passes through Carolina, he describes it as a land of pines. Moreover, he mentions dogwood flowers, hinting at his admiration for the natural beauty of the area. If you’re planning road trip, it’s a great song to listen to while passing through Carolina’s countryside.

“Pretty Girl From Raleigh” by The Avett Brothers

Song Year: 2003

The Avett Brothers released “Pretty Girl From Raleigh” before rising to stardom with their hit song “No Hard Feelings.” The song is about a man regretting crossing paths with a girl from Raleigh. It's interesting to see how the brothers rose from humble beginnings to entertaining millions with their amazing songs.

“Carolina Girl” by Bobby Kendall

Song Year: 2013

“Carolina Girl” is a song about a Southern boy who falls deeply in love with the girl, and he can't help but sing about it. The singer describes her as an angel. He also reminds us that Carolina is a land of pine trees. Especially if you're a country music fan, this song about North Carolina should be on your playlist.

“Carolina Drama” by The Raconteurs

Song Year: 2008

The Raconteurs are a highly successful rock band that has given music fans hits like “Steady as She Goes.” Not the ones to shy away from deep and thought-provoking themes, they took on a dark subject in their song “Carolina Drama.”

The song shares the story of a young boy living in a troubled family in North Carolina.  His mother is dating a hot headed loser and when his biological father shows up, things only get worse. The disturbing lyrics go on to describes how the father kills the boyfriend with a hammer and simply leaves the boy and his mother to deal with the aftermath.

“Carolina Low” by The Decemberists

Song Year: 2015

The beauty of the Carolina mountains is something worth reminiscing about, and “Carolina Low” is a track that will remind you of such. Ironically, this song has many interpretations. Depending on how you understand the lyrics, you can interpret the song to mean something that resonates with you.

Whichever interpretation you make out of this track, The Decemberists released this ominous song, talking about how romantic feelings can ruin things. While this might be unclear, one can argue the singer is searching for a fresh start in the mountains.

“Carolina” by Young Mister

Song Year: 2016

“Carolina” is another awesome track with sweet and charming lyrics. The song is about a man leaving his hometown (Carolina) to hustle and leaving his girl at home. The singer compares his mission to how a bird leaves its nest and wonders whether it's for the best outcome.

Young Mister sings, wondering whether it is the right thing to do to leave home. However, he also reassures his lover that if things fail to go as planned, he'll be back home next to her. It's also sweet that the narrator sends a prayer to protect her girl while he's out there chasing his dreams.

“If the River Was Whiskey” by Charlie Poole

Song Year: 1929

Charlie Poole recorded this blues classic with his band The North Carolina Ramblers, which should give a hint how much they felt their identity was tied to their home state.

The song is about a man who is trying to win over a woman. Among other things, he says he would dive to the bottom of the river if it were whiskey and he was a duck, and how he would bathe in the river if it were wine. The song also mentions the man’s birthplace.

“Carolina Can” by Chase Rice

Song Year: 2014

“Carolina Can” is a country song that takes you on a wild trip to Lake Glenville in North Carolina. The track is about a man feeling lost and looking for someone to remind him of his old self. Ironically, he sings, saying North Carolina, his hometown is the only place that can remind him of who he truly is.

The song is a reminder that home's best. It doesn't matter whether you travel to the end of this world; your home will always remain the best place to be.

“Chapel Hill” by Sonic Youth

Song Year: 1992

If you enjoy highly creative music that mixes elements from different music genres, give “Chapel Hill” by the experimental rock band Sonic Youth a listen. The song is about the singer’s experiences living in North Carolina.

The lyrics give us a detailed look into the singer’s life in his hometown of Chapel Hill and how various experiences there made him the person he is today.

“Carolina” by Corey Smith

Song Year: 2005

In this nostalgic song packed with emotions, Corey Smith shares his memories of the time spent with his girlfriend in Carolina. He describes their experiences in the state, including driving in an ‘82 Camaro, staying at a hotel with a harbor view and drinking Chianti.

Smith reminisces they enjoyed so many fun activities together than they’d find themselves short on money to buy food. Nevertheless, they had a great time together.

“Oh My Sweet Carolina” by Zac Brown Band

Song Year: 2010

The Zac Brown Band launched their successful career by delivering great hits from the start, like the track “Oh My Sweet Carolina.” The song talks about the experience most people go through as they leave home looking for greater opportunities in life.

The song also highlights some of the addictions people fall into, such as gambling and other vices. As such, the song is quite emotional as the narrator seems to sing from his personal experience about how he once thought he had made it but lost all his money.

“Poor Ellen Smith” by Neko Case

Song Year: 2015

“Poor Ellen Smith” is a song based on true events that occurred in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It's a sad story about a man who killed a mentally challenged girl named Ellen Smith.

When Smith became pregnant and lost her child at birth, she started following the man around town. Disgusted, the man lured the girl to a secret place and shot her. He confessed to his crime and was hanged. From this, you can tell that the title, “Poor Ellen Smith,” makes a lot of sense regarding the brutal murder of an innocent young lady.

“Southbound” by Doc Watson

Song Year: 1966

“Southbound” is an iconic song from the second studio album of the same name by the legend of American folk music, Doc Watson.

The song is about a man’s journey from North Carolina to Georgia. After being stuck in the city for a month or more, he gets homesick. Though he copes with it best he can, his longing for the hills he comes from emerges when he hearts the train blow late at night.

“The Carolinian” by Chatham County Line

Song Year: 2008

Chatham County Line sings about love at first sight while traveling on a train heading south from D.C. The song is about a man wishing he never met the girl on the train as they are miles apart. One can interpret the song to mean the missed opportunities people often regret not utilizing.

“East Asheville Hardware” by David Wilcox

Song Year: 1996

“East Asheville Hardware” is a funny song that talks about David Wilcox's vision. In his vision, an angel told him that he should go to the small hardware, East Asheville Hardware, before going to Lowe's. One can quickly interpret that the song is about helping small stores around town to survive, as the best way to ensure that small stores don't shut down is to buy from them.

“North Carolina” by Little Chief

Song Year: 2014

The song “North Carolina.” is about a man who's on his way home from work. He doesn't know how long it might take him to reach home, but at least he knows he'll soon be there. It also talks about how much the man has missed his wife and kids.

Top Songs About North Carolina, Final Thoughts

The songs about North Carolina we’ve listed give a glimpse into the natural beauties and other charms of this state. They also tell the tales of people’s lives there, from romantic endeavors to tragedies. Whether North Carolina is your home or you're simply looking for music that fits your mood, consider adding some of these songs to your playlist.

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