21 Best Songs About March

Best Songs About March

March is a month of transition from winter to spring, and it has been a source of inspiration for many songwriters throughout history. In this article, we will explore the best songs about March, including songs with March in the title.

1. “Melancholy March” by Julie London

Song year: 1959

“Melancholy March” is a beautiful jazz ballad performed by American singer and actress Julie London. The song was released in 1959 on her album “Your Number Please” and captures the essence of the changing seasons and the fleeting nature of time itself.

With her signature velvety voice and understated delivery, London paints a poignant portrait of the month of March as a time of wistful reflection and bittersweet memories. The melancholic melody is perfectly complemented by the lush orchestration, featuring gentle piano chords and dreamy strings.

2. “Late March, Death March” by Frightened Rabbit

Song Year: 2013

Late March, Death March is a poignant and introspective song by the Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit. It explores themes of mortality, regret, and isolation, inviting listeners to contemplate their mortality and the impact they have on the world around them.

The lyrics talk of a March death march which alludes to walking in a funeral in March. It's unclear if the singer was carrying the casket or merely following behind. Nonetheless, “Late March, Death March” is a haunting melody for those who want a somber and melancholy March.

3. “The Waters of March” by Susannah McCorkle

Song Year: 1993

“The Waters of March” is a classic that has been covered by many artists, but Susannah McCorkle's version is particularly noteworthy. McCorkle's interpretation is playful and jazzy, with a swinging rhythm that captures the joy of the changing season.

Her voice is warm and expressive, and she effortlessly navigates the rapid-fire Portuguese lyrics, imbuing each word with meaning and emotion. The instrumentation is sparse, with just a guitar and percussion, but it's ideally suited to the song's breezy, carefree vibe.

4. “March 23” by Confession

Song Year: 2014

If you love metalcore, you’ll enjoy “March 23”. The song is a tribute to lead vocalist Michael Crafter’s brother, who passed away on March 23. It delivers a heartfelt tribute while showcasing Crafter’s impressive musicianship and songwriting skills.

The lyrics are emotionally charged, expressing the pain and grief that comes with the loss of a loved one. Its heavy guitar riffs and intense drumming complement the raw and honest vocals, creating a powerful and moving composition.

5. “Winds of March” by Journey

Song Year: 1978

“Winds of March” is a track from Journey's second studio album, “Look into the Future.” The song features a slow, moody melody with haunting vocals from lead singer Steve Perry.

Its lyrics speak of the changing seasons and the passage of time, as the winds of March blow in and bring with them a sense of nostalgia and reflection. It’s the perfect track to the start of spring in March.

The track showcases the band's early prog-rock influences and features intricate guitar work from Neal Schon. While not one of Journey's most well-known songs, “Winds of March” is a beautiful and introspective track that still holds up today.

6. “March” by Jack Hartmann

Song Year: 2020

We can’t forget about the kids in March. “March” is an upbeat children's song released by Jack Hartmann. The song encourages children to move and dance to the rhythm of the music while learning about March.

Hartmann’s lyrics highlight the beginning of spring and the changing weather patterns that come with it, such as rain and sunshine. The song also mentions significant events in March, such as St. Patrick's Day and National Women's History Month.

With its catchy melody and interactive lyrics, “March” is a great educational aid that helps children learn about the season and the month in a fun and engaging way.

7. “Ides Of March” by Silverstein

Song Year: 2005

If you don’t mind being reminded of tragedy, give “Ides of March” a listen. It is a post-hardcore anthem by Canadian band Silverstein.

The track is a powerful reflection on the state of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, with lyrics that capture the feelings of isolation and desperation many people experienced.

Silverstein’s haunting vocals and driving guitar riffs create a sense of urgency that match the song's themes, while the explosive chorus provides a moving release.

8. “Seventeen” by Tyler Braden

Song Year: 2022

“Seventeen” is a poignant country ballad by Tyler Braden that tells the story of a young man reflecting on his past, specifically his teenage years and his experiences during that time.

Braden's lyrics are introspective and nostalgic as he sings about the friendships, romances, and mistakes he made as a teenager. He states that everything changed on the first of March when he got a letter that took him across the country.

The song is accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar and Braden's emotional vocals, which capture the bittersweet feelings of looking back on one's youth. “Seventeen” is a relatable and moving song that showcases Braden's songwriting talent and emotional depth.

9. “Don't Make Sense” by Caspr

Song Year: 2021

We love a musical reference, and “Don’t Make Sense” by Caspr references “Ides of March” by Iron Maiden. It is a catchy and upbeat pop track that features a lively electronic beat and Caspr's smooth vocals, which are layered with harmonies and playful ad-libs.

The narrator tells a story of a complicated relationship where the feelings are mixed and hard to define, making it hard to understand what's going on. Caspr compares the partner to “Ides of March” saying they have plastic hair and a metal heart.

This song’s chorus is memorable, while the track is relatable. It’s the perfect way to bring in the fun days of spring.

10. “March Madness” by Future

Song Year: 2015

“March Madness” is a standout track from Future’s 2015 mixtape “56 Nights”. The song is a high-energy trap anthem that showcases the rapper’s signature raspy delivery over a booming beat.

The lyrics are filled with boasts and references to his lavish lifestyle, but also touch on the struggles he's faced to get where he is today. Word of warning to those who dislike profanity or vulgarity! This may not be the song to listen to on this list.

For those who don’t mind profanity, you’ll enjoy the genius that is “March Madness.” The production is top-notch, with a haunting melody that complements Future's vocals.

11. “Speeding” by Quando Rondo

"Speeding" by Quando Rondo

Song Year: 2023

We have another rap song that refers to March Madness. “Speeding,” by American rapper Quando Rondo features a laid-back trap beat with Quando Rondo's melodic flow and introspective lyrics.

The song reflects on the artist's struggles and experiences growing up in Savannah, Georgia, including the loss of friends and family members to violence. Rondo’s chorus describes his reckless behavior as a coping mechanism for the pain he feels.

12. “The Planters Daughter” by Johnny McEvoy

Song Year: 2014

Lovers of folk will enjoy “The Planters Daughter”. Written and performed by Johnny McEvoy, it tells the story of a wealthy landowner's daughter who meets a working-class man in March and falls in love. However, their love is forbidden due to their social differences.

The lyrics describe the pain and heartache the couple feels as they try to overcome societal barriers and be together. Its haunting melody and McEvoy's emotional vocals have made “The Planters Daughter” a beloved classic in the Irish folk music canon.

13. “March” by Deacon Blue

Song Year: 2014

March is a short song from a similarly named, five-track EP released by the British pop band Deacon Blue in 2014. The song features themes of longing, regret, and pain.

It speaks of the desire to see the sun with the onset of spring. It compares the strength of March with how people bloom through even the hardest times.

14. “One Last Love” by Edda

Song Year: 1998

“One Last Love” is a heartfelt ballad by Edda Muvek that speaks of heartbreak and longing. It starts by stating that the days of March felt too long because the person they love broke their heart.

The song is a nostalgic reflection on a past relationship that has ended, and the singer's desire to hold on to the memories of that love. Its moving vocals, combined with the poignant lyrics and the gentle melody of the guitar, create a melancholic and romantic mood that is both heartbreaking and hopeful.

15. “Hiccups” by Petite League

Song Year: 2016

“Hiccups” is a song by the indie rock band Petite League that features a jangly guitar riff and driving drumbeat. It’s a beautiful melody with lead vocalist Lorenzo Gillis Cook's laid-back vocals providing a counterpoint to the energy of the music.

The lyrics describe the experience of feeling stuck in a rut and the frustration of not being able to break free from a negative pattern. The singer states that while the birds came back out in March, their lover was still their favorite. It shows that despite changing seasons, you can get stuck on a cycle or person.             `

16. “Ides Of March” by Iron Maiden

Song Year: 1981

“Iron Maiden's “Ides of March,” released in 1981, is a short instrumental piece that serves as an intro to their iconic album, ‘Killers'. It features a powerful and ominous guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The song's title and opening line, “Beware the Ides of March”, allude to the ominous prophecy that foretold Julius Caesar's assassination in Shakespeare's play, “Julius Caesar.”

Iron Maiden’s use of historical references and literary allusions is a trademark of the band’s music. “Ides of March” is a perfect example of the band's ability to blend complex themes and heavy metal instrumentation.

17. “March Winds in February” by Van Morisson

Song Year: 2019

The lyrics of “March Winds in February” describe the unpredictable weather patterns of early spring, with winds that blow in February and bring new life and growth to the world.

It’s the perfect song for March and the start of spring. Morrison’s soothing voice presents this cover of John Denver’s song and explores the beauty and excitement of this time of year.

The song is a lovely reminder to embrace the changing seasons and find joy in the natural world.

18. “These Arms” by Amanda Perez

Song Year: 2007

Lovers of R&B will love “These Arms”. It is a soulful R&B ballad that showcases Perez's powerful vocals as she sings about her longing for love and companionship.

She states that her love story with her interest started in March 2002 and her desire for them has only continued to grow.

The track's smooth production, featuring piano and strings, provides the perfect backdrop for Perez's emotive performance.

19. “Bones” by Low Roar

Song Year: 2017

“Bones” is a hauntingly beautiful track by the Icelandic-American band, Low Roar. The song is characterized by its slow, dreamy melodies, minimalist instrumentation, and lead singer Ryan Karazija's ethereal vocals.

Low Roar’s lyrics are enigmatic and open to interpretation but seem to touch on themes of longing, mortality, and the human condition. The song starts by stating that something became clear to the singer on the first of March. It builds gradually to a powerful climax, with layered vocals and a soaring guitar solo that conveys a sense of catharsis and release.

20. “(March 19th, 1983) It was Probably Green” by Carissa’s Wierd

Song Year: 2002

A deeply moving song about the death of a loved one, “March 19th, 1983” is a perfect song for dark March nights. This melancholic, lo-fi indie rock song is a relatable listen if you’re thinking about someone you loved who passed on.

The song tells the story of a car accident and the emotional aftermath, with lyrics that mention how we don’t appreciate what we have until it's gone. Its sparse instrumentation and haunting vocals create a somber and introspective mood that vividly captures the feeling of loss and regret.

21. “Lakes of Pontchartrain” by Aoife O'Donovan

Song Year: 2013

If you want to feel melancholic, listen to “Lakes of Pontchartrain” by Aoife O'Donovan.

It is a haunting folk song that tells the story of a traveler who meets a beautiful woman one night in March by the shores of the Pontchartrain Lake, only to lose her to illness.

The timeless ballad showcases O'Donovan's talent and artistry, while the themes capture the emotional depth of her work.

Top Songs About March, Final Thoughts

Whether you're looking for upbeat pop anthems or introspective ballads, there's something for everyone in the musical repertoire of March. So, embrace the changing season and add some March-inspired tunes to your playlist today.

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