21 Best Songs About Living In The Country

Best Songs About Living In The Country

If you’ve ever dreamt about living in the countryside, away from loud, crowded, busy cities, there’s no shortage of songs to add to your favorite playlist.

Check out our list of the top songs about living in the country to get you in the mood without leaving home.

“God’s Country” by Blake Shelton

Song Year: 2019

Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country” is a multi-platinum country anthem about the singer’s upbringing in his Oklahoma hometown. The lyrics describe people working hard on their farms, going to church on Sundays, and thanking God for the rain that grows their crops. Shelton exclaims that he wishes to be buried in his hometown after he dies.

The song’s slower tempo blends well with its guitar accompaniment and rhythmic clapping, enhancing its tone.

“God’s Country” by Blake Shelton

“International Harvester” by Craig Morgan

Song Year: 2007

Craig Morgan’s “International Harvester,” featured on the album Little Bit of Life, tells the story of a farmer living in the countryside driving his slow combine harvester down a highway, causing traffic disruption. He explains to the other drivers that his job isn’t easy, telling them to find another road to drive on or be patient as he takes his crops to the market.

“Hicktown” by Jason Aldean

Song Year: 2005

Jason Aldean’s debut platinum single and first top-ten hit, “Hicktown,” is about a man describing a small town in the countryside. The song’s guitar, drum, and fiddle accompaniment enhance its classic up-tempo country music sound.

The lyrics incorporate several countryside pastimes, like off-road driving through mud and enjoying a beer. It was a featured track on Aldean’s self-titled debut album.

“Thank God I’m A Country Boy” by John Denver

Song Year: 1975

Living in the country can feel peaceful to many people. John Denver’s “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” is about a man who appreciates his country lifestyle, from working on the farm to playing his father’s old fiddle after a long day. He expresses how he doesn’t desire wealth or want to move to the city. This song topped several music charts in the United States and Canada.

“Small Town USA” by Justin Moore

Song Year: 2009

Initially featured on Justin Moore’s self-titled debut album, “Small Town USA” is a song about having pride in your small-town roots, partially inspired by Moore’s memories of living in Poyen, Arkansas, before moving to Nashville. The song’s slower tempo emphasizes its nostalgic tone. This song was Moore’s first number-one hit, topping Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart.

“Small Town USA” by Justin Moore

“Homegrown” by Zac Brown Band

Song Year: 2015

Unlike many songs about living in the country, Zac Brown Band’s “Homegrown” incorporates a country-rock-inspired sound. This song’s about a man living in the countryside, staying satisfied with the simple pleasures in his life, from friendly neighbors to a woman who loves him.

The song’s harmonizing vocals blend well with the guitar and banjo accompaniment. This song resonates with anyone who feels like they have everything they want in their life.

“Country State Of Mind” by Hank Williams, Jr.

Song Year: 1986

If there’s any track that embodies life in the countryside, it’s “Country State Of Mind” by Hank Williams, Jr. The song’s lyrics describe the speaker living in the countryside with his family during a hot summer while fishing on the riverbank and enjoying a swig of wine. Williams, Jr.’s yodeling that closes the track enhances the song’s classic country vibes.

“Where The Green Grass Grows” by Tim McGraw

Song Year: 1997

Country icon Tim McGraw’s “Where The Green Grass Grows” tells a simple tale of a man moving to the country after becoming fed up with life in the city. He tells the woman he loves that he wants to live on a farm and raise their children in a peaceful, lush setting. This song resonates with anyone interested in starting a new life away from the stress of the city.

“Caught Up In The Country” by Rodney Atkins

Song Year: 2018

“Caught Up In The Country” is an upbeat tune about a man appreciating what living in the country offers him. The narrator associates the countryside with freedom, emphasizing how it’s the only place he wants to be.

The lyrics reference imagery associated with a country lifestyle, from starlit skies to golden fields. The Fisk Jubilee Singers’ backing vocals enhance the song’s energetic sound.

“My Town” by Montgomery Gentry

Song Year: 2002

Montgomery Gentry’s “My Town” is a song about a man returning to his hometown in the countryside. Although the town has changed since the speaker has grown, its sense of community remains strong. Its lyrics reference several landmarks, like an old tractor and crowded Sunday church gatherings.

“My Town” by Montgomery Gentry

“Here’s To The Farmer” by Luke Bryan

Song Year: 2016

Most people associate living in the country with farmers, and no song praises that lifestyle better than Luke Bryan’s “Here’s To The Farmer.” The lyrics emphasize the farmers’ dedication to their profession which many take for granted while supporting their families through tough times.

“I’m From The Country” by Tracy Byrd

Song Year: 1998

If you prefer energetic, up-tempo songs about living in the country, consider listening to Tracy Byrd’s “I’m From The Country.” The lyrics highlight the narrator enjoying his country lifestyle. He and his peers are hard-working yet friendly and enjoy fun during their free time.

“Born Country” by Alabama

Song Year: 1991

Alabama’s “Born Country” is a simple yet effective mid-tempo song about embracing your country roots and appreciating its beauty. The lyrics compare the speaker’s freedom to the countryside’s woods and rivers. Memories of his childhood and parents encourage the speaker to raise his children in this setting.

“The Dirt Road” by Sawyer Brown

Song Year: 1991

Many rural areas in the countryside have dirt roads, but Sawyer Brown’s “The Dirt Road” uses them as a metaphor for working hard in the country. The narrator knows that life isn’t easy, but he takes his time walking down his symbolic dirt road without taking shortcuts to success. The song’s banjo accompaniment enhances its laid-back energy.

“Cowboy Town” by Brooks & Dunn

Song Year: 2007

“Cowboy Town” is Brooks & Dunn’s tenth studio album's title track. This song’s about a man living a simple country lifestyle, remaining resilient and hard-working when life gets tough. It’s the perfect song to listen to when you want to wear your favorite cowboy boots and ride around town.

“Hard Country” by Shenandoah

Song Year: 1989

Sheneandoah’s “Hard Country” is a song sung from the perspective of a working man in the country. The speaker says he works countless hours in the fields, making a living depending on how much he grows and sells. Despite his hard life, he wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

“Hard Country” by Shenandoah

“Back Where I Come From” by Mac McAnnally

Song Year: 1990

Initially released on the album Simple Life, Mac McAnnally’s “Back Where I Come From” is a nostalgic country song about a man remembering his hometown in the country. Lyrics describing a peaceful riverbank and cattle grazing enhance the song’s slower, sentimental vibe. The narrator reiterates that he’s proud of his countryside origins, despite what others think.

“Country Boy” by Johnny Cash

Song Year: 1957

Another one of the top songs about living in the country is Johnny Cash’s “Country Boy.” The short song’s about a boy growing up in the country and his daily activities, from working in the fields and fishing to hunting near the woods. The narrator wishes for the freedom of the titular country boy’s simple life.

“Back In The Country” by Roy Acuff

Song Year: 1974

Roy Acuff’s “Back In The Country” is a song about remembering a person remembering the fondest things of his life in the country, regardless of how insignificant it might seem to others. The lyrics imply the narrator left the countryside a while ago, wondering if he should’ve stayed there. The song’s simplicity appeals to anyone who desires to visit the countryside someday.

“Country Girl” by Dottie West

Song Year: 1968

One of the best things about living in the country is being in touch with nature. Dottie West’s “Country Girl” is a slow, beautiful song about a woman who’s lived in the countryside her whole life. The lyrics’ nature-centric imagery embodies the countryside’s serenity and freedom, like running through lush hills and listening to the birds sing every morning and evening.

“Back To The Country” by Loretta Lynn

Song Year: 1975

Loretta Lynn’s “Back To The Country” is a song about a woman returning to the countryside after deciding that life in the city isn’t for her, preferring to enjoy the vast open fields underneath a clear, blue sky and milk cows. Its dynamic guitar, fiddle, and harmonica instrumentation give this classic song a signature country-inspired sound.

“Back To The Country” by Loretta Lynn

Top Songs About Living In The Country, Final Thoughts

Many songs about living in the country have an uplifting vibe that resonates with anyone dreaming of places beyond the urban jungle. Their lyrics describe open fields, small towns, and life on a farm, adding a touch of nostalgia for any country music lovers who grew up in the countryside.

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