11 Best Songs About Lansing

Best Songs About Lansing

Nestled in the heart of Michigan, Lansing is a city rich in history, culture, and music. From rock and hip-hop to blues and jazz, Lansing has been a source of inspiration for musicians of all genres.

If you want to hear some top songs about Lansing, we have you covered. Here are of the best songs that pay homage to Michigan's capital city and its vibrant community.

“Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing” by Magnetic Fields

Song Year: 1999

Stephin Merritt's “Nothing Matters When We're Dancing” is a charming ode to love that transports the listener to a world where only two people and their dance matter.

The delicate ukulele, soothing vocals, and hushed harmonies create an intimate atmosphere where the lovers can sway, oblivious to the world around them. The lyrics mention they feel Lansing as a city is on the same level as Paris, but highlights that the location is secondary to the connection they share. It's a sweet and simple song that encapsulates the joy of finding love.

“3:15” by Bazzi

Song Year: 2019

Bazzi's “3:15” is a bittersweet track that recounts a night of passion spent with someone other than his girlfriend. The lyrics mentioning East Lansing paint a picture of a wild night of drinking and dancing with the object of his affection.

Bazzi's smooth vocals and the moody R&B beats add a sultry vibe to the track, highlighting the emotional conflict he's going through. Despite his regrets, he's stuck in the past, remembering the rush he felt at 3:15 AM with the other girl.

“First Day Out” by Tee Grizzley

Song Year: 2016

“First Day Out” is a triumphant rap track that chronicles Tee Grizzley’s life after being released from prison. The lyrics mention Lansing, highlighting that he's made it out of the city despite all the challenges he faced. The hard-hitting bars and the thumping beat add to the intense and gritty feel of the song, showcasing Tee Grizzley's raw talent as a rapper.

The track's success is a testament to this upcoming Detroit rapper's skills. The song generated over three million views in just two weeks and led to a deal with 300 Entertainment. “First Day Out” also gave Tee Grizzley a taste of commercial success and the song debuted at number 12 on the R&B/Hip-Hop airplay chart upon release.

“The Chronicle of Cal” by Cal the Rapper

Song Year: 2020

“The Chronicle of Cal,” tells the life story of Cal the Rapper. The song starts from his birth in Lansing, Michigan in 1999.

Cal the Rapper takes us on a journey through his life, from his humble beginnings growing up in a three-bedroom farmhouse in Michigan with six relatives to moving around and changing schools frequently, to dealing with health issues and falling in love.

Through it all, he remains grateful for the love and support of his family and loyal friends. This song shows the rapper has the power of resilience and the importance of staying true to oneself, even in the face of adversity.

While the song might not make the best songs of 2020 list, it’s still a great song that can inspire many new rappers.

“The Crucible (feat. Elcee) by Xotrey

Song Year: 2022

“The Crucible” is a dark trap song from rapper Xotrey featuring Elcee. The rappers rhyme about their difficult lives, families, and friends. The song has a somber beat that works its way between the rhymes laid out by the rappers.

During the chorus rhymes about he never had anything in life while homeless until he started running the trap in East Lansing. Now his life is on the easy street since he has money, fame, and women.

“Michigan Girls” by Trevond

“Michigan Girls” by Trevond

Song Year: 2022

Trevond delivers an atmospheric and vaporwave-inspired hip-hop track on “Michigan Girls.” Released online in 2022, the song is an ode to the women of Michigan.

The rapper reminisced about the women he’s known while living and rapping in Michigan. From Ann Arbor to Lansing, Trevond loves the girls of Michigan and thinks they’re the best in the States. He also proclaims that Lansing girls are the best kissers.

“Smoke Breaks” by Daddy and the Long Legs

Song Year: 2016

With its bluesy guitar riff and twangy vocals, “Smoke Breaks” by Daddy and the Long Legs is a catchy and introspective tune. The song's lyrics delve into the fear of addiction, specifically smoking, and reference a car ride from Lansing to Plymouth.

The gritty rock sound and poignant lyrics make this track stand out. While it didn't make any significant chart appearances, the song's raw emotion and honest lyrics have made it a fan favorite.

“Just Keep Some Motion” by Forever$tash Lucky

Song Year: 2022

Forever$tash Lucky tells a story of his rap career on “Just Keep Some Motion” The song encourages you to always keep moving and hustling if you want to succeed and survive.

The song features a dizzying array of lyrics that include stories about rock shows, DEA arrests, eating Happy Meals from Mcdonald's, and chilling in Cancun. The rapper also touches on driving through Lansing during the track.

“Trippin” by PowerMoveSteve

Song Year: 2016

“Trippin” is a deep and brooding trap beat from PowerMoveSteve. The rapper delivers a smooth yet gritty rhyme about his life on the track. During the track, the rapper makes fun of other rappers as they never left East Lansing.

PowerMoveSteve shows his rhyming prowess by using a wide range of pop references during in his track including nods to Michael Jackson, Peter Griffin, “The Office,” and Donald Trump. The rhymes aren’t all jokes as the rapper tells everyone he’s not here to mess around and is always ready for a battle.

“Bandit” by BankrollMarvo

Song Year: 2022

BankrollMarvo” gives us a sympathetic emo trap track on “Bandit.” The song features a melancholic piano riff sample and minimal other instrumentation giving the song an airy and atmospheric vibe.

The lyrics talk about how great Bankroll Marvo is and why he deserves respect. During the song, he mentions heading to Michigan and straight to Lansing. The rapper uses a complex rhyme structure that uses a large vocabulary and extensive knowledge of pop culture.

“Go!” by Z Saj

Song Year: 2022

Z Saj is on the mic for “Go!,” a dark and gritty hip-hop track built for the dancefloor. The song features a bouncy bassline and accompaniment that reminds us of early Cardi B tracks.

The rapper proclaims she’s better than the rest and gives us several reasons not to mess with her during the track. The chorus mentions Lansing and that this isn’t the time or place to battle with Z Saj.

Top Songs About Lansing, Final Thoughts

As we close the list, I hope you find a new favorite artist while listening to the tracks we’ve included about Lansing. While most of the artists writing about Lansing aren’t mega-stars, you’ll find many rappers and singers love their city and state.

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