15 Best Songs About Columbus

Best Songs About Columbus

Whether you’re a Columbus resident, or just have an interest in the city, here are the best songs about Columbus. We cover the good, the bad, and all in between over multiple genres.

1. “Road Outside Columbus” by O.A.R

Road Outside Columbus by O A R

Song year: 2003

This song is an exploration of what it means to be from Columbus. O.A.R. talks about the city's unique identity and how it can be seen in its people and culture. The lyrics are full of nostalgia and pride for the city and its people.

It has a mellow, folk-rock sound and is perfect for anyone looking for an ode to Columbus and its people. You may find yourself singing along to the chorus and reflecting on your time in this city.

2. “Goodbye Columbus” by The Association

Song year: 1990

“Goodbye Columbus” is a song by The Association that conveys the artists’ excitement, optimism, and desire for new beginnings. The artists bid farewell to Columbus, ready to start anew, spread their wings, and fly towards a new chapter.

While songs about goodbyes are usually sad and nostalgic, this song is an upbeat ode to Columbus and makes you feel happy and hopeful for the future.

3. “Welcome to Columbus” by BHE Boogie

Song year: 2017

“Welcome to Columbus” is about the artist’s experience growing up in Columbus, getting involved in street activities such as drug dealing and violence.

The lyrics talk about the grit and grime of the city and the artists navigating street life.

This hip-hop track is perfect if you like explicit and energetic music that makes you want to jump and dance.

4. “Columbus Crew Anthem” by Columbus Crew

Song year: 2014

This track is the official anthem for Columbus Crew, Ohio's Major League Soccer team. The lyrics talk about the pride of being part of the crew and how that team spirit binds people together.

It has a catchy pop sound that will make you want to sing along, especially if you’re a fan of the Columbus Crew and love the city.

5. “Columbus Zoo Blues” by Eddie 9V

Song year: 2021

This song has a story-telling vibe as the narrator reflects on a visit to Columbus Zoo. The singer uses metaphor to represent his feelings of being trapped like the caged animals at the zoo.

“Columbus Zoo Blues” has a bluesy vibe that makes you want to get up and dance but also introspect on the lyrics.

6. “Columbus Trappin” by Zeek

Song year: 2020

This song is an anthem for the trap stars in Columbus. The lyrics talk about the trapping, and struggles of street life in Columbus and how it's not always glamorous.

This track has a trap-style sound that makes you want to dance to the heavy beats.

7. “To Live and Die in Columbus” by Blunt Force Trauma

Song year: 2023

This song talks about the struggles of living in Columbus and the challenges that come with it. It’s full of emotion, pain, and truth, as the lyrics encapsulate life in the city.

The lyrics convey the artist’s despair and frustration of feeling trapped by their surroundings. If you’re looking for a slow and angsty song about Columbus, this is for you.

8. “Columbus Or Bust” by The Greenhouse Effect

“Columbus Or Bust” by The Greenhouse Effect

Song year: 2005

The artist talks about his struggle in the music industry in Columbus, voicing his frustrations about how everyone copies things they see on TV instead of being original and authentic.

For example, in the first verse, he mentions “weak rhythms” that get recognition in the industry, but his music remains undiscovered.

This hip-hop track reflects the artist’s experiences and today’s unoriginal music culture. If you’re a fan of fast-paced explicit music, listen to this song.

9. “Columbus, Ohio” by Mark Erelli

Song year: 2010

“Columbus, Ohio” reflects on a man who has had enough of this city and wants to move away. The lyrics talk about the struggles of life in Columbus and his desire to escape it all.

The track has a country-folk sound that makes you want to sing along. If you’re looking for a song that captures the feeling of being done with where you live, Erelli’s heartfelt lyrics will make you feel like he wrote the song just for you.

10. “Columbus, Ohio” by The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns

Song year: 2014

The song is an appreciation for the city of Columbus and its people. The lyrics discuss the city's great government systems, downtowns, and beautiful people.

It has an acoustic folk-like tune and is a great song for anyone who wants to celebrate the beauty of Columbus, Ohio.

11. “Yuppies in the Sky” by Tom Paxton

Song year: 1985

“Yuppies in the Sky” is a satirical song that looks at the rise of yuppies (young urban professionals) in Columbus, Ohio. The lyrics talk about how these yuppies are materialistic, obsessed with real estate, and owning brand names.

The song has a folk-rock sound and aims to critique the superficial nature of the yuppie culture of that time.

12. “Swag Like Ohio Pt. 2″ by Trippie Redd & Lil B

Song year: 2023

“Swag Like Ohio Pt. 2” is a tribute to the style and swag of Ohio. The artist takes pride in how women in various cities in Ohio like Columbus and Cleveland find his swag and extravagant lifestyle impressive.

This track is perfect if you love hip-hop/rap songs that you can dance and vibe to at parties or in the gym.

13. “Divine Inspiration” by John Reuben

Song year: 2000

“Divine Inspiration” is a unique hip-hop/rap song that blends faith and spirituality into its lyrics. The artist references Yeshua (Jesus) and believes divine inspiration guides his lyrics and connects his music to a higher power.

If you’re fan of music with multiple layers and spirituality, give this song a listen.

14. “I Don’t See You at the Club” by Arrested Development

Song year: 2016

This song touches on several themes and messages, starting with the band’s frustration at their lack of recognition in the music industry and society. The lyrics describe their journey and struggles of staying true to themselves despite social pressures.

The hip-hop/rap track mentions the city of Columbus in the lyrics, “Was just at Columbus, Ohio teaching little kids.” Listen to this song if you like thoughtful lyrics that you can vibe to.

15. “On Time” by Victoria Williams

“On Time” by Victoria Williams

Song year: 1990

“On Time” is a song about embracing the present and finding peace of mind that everything happens in its own time.

The song starts with the artist on her way to Columbus, and she encounters a traffic jam. This leads her to question the notion of being on time in the rest of the song.

This country song is perfect if you enjoy acoustic music with simple yet profound lyrics.

Top Songs About Columbus, Final Thoughts

From anthems celebrating its vibrant culture to dark, introspective tracks that reflect personal experiences, these songs paint a diverse musical portrait of Columbus, Ohio.

Whether it's highlighting its landmarks, reflecting on the city's history, or simply capturing the everyday life of its residents, these songs are a testament to the influence of Columbus in the world of music.

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