11 Best Songs About Being 38 Years Old

Songs About Being 38 Years Old

Musicians often look back and forward in time, to days gone, or those still to come. In the below songs, many recount being 38.

Here are some top songs about being 38 years old.

1. “No More Parties in LA” by Kanye West

Song Year: 2016

Kanye West's “No More Parties in LA” is a standout track from his seventh studio album, “The Life of Pablo.” Featuring Kendrick Lamar, the song is a nostalgic throwback to the golden era of West Coast hip-hop. The track was praised for its clever wordplay and intricate production, which included a sample from Junie Morrison's “Suzie Thundertussy.”

Kanye West refers to himself as a 38-year-old artist and the struggles that come with being a wealthy and famous public figure during the track.

2. “38 Years Old” by The Tragically Hip

Song Year: 1989

The Tragically Hip's “38 Years Old” tells the story of a prisoner's daring escape from a maximum-security prison. The song is based on a real-life incident in the band's hometown of Kingston, Ontario, where 14 inmates escaped from the Millhaven Institution in 1971.

The song's lyrics detail the prisoner's escape plan, the violence he encounters along the way, and his eventual capture by the authorities. The track's somber tone and vivid imagery leave a lasting impact on the listener, making “38 Years Old” a haunting tribute to the events that inspired it.

3. “Shopping Spree” by Murda Beatz

Song Year: 2019

“Shopping Spree” is a hype banger from Canadian producer Murda Beatz, featuring rapper Lil Pump. The song is a celebration of wealth, excess, and debauchery. With its catchy trap beat and Lil Pump's energetic flow, “Shopping Spree” is the perfect soundtrack for a night out on the town. While the song may not be the most lyrically complex, it's sure to get listeners hyped up and ready to party.

During Lil Pump’s verse, he boasts about his sexual prowess and how he had relations with a 38-year-old woman and prefers older women.

4. “So Fuk’Em” by Young Dolph

Song Year: 2017

Young Dolph's “So Fuk'Em” is a track from his 2017 album “Bulletproof” The song features a trap beat and Dolph's signature assertive rap style. The song is a boast song, and Young Dolph raps about his success with money, power, and women throughout the track.

Young Dolph mentions he loves 38-year-old women during the song and describes his girl as a model that keeps it real.

5. “When The Bible Burns (Episode Five)” by Nikal Fields

Song Year: 2020

In “When The Bible Burns (Episode Five),” Nikal Fields delivers a poignant reflection on mortality and the challenges of growing older. At 38 years old, Fields finds himself grappling with the realities of aging, from health concerns to the pressure to settle down and start a family.

The song's introspective lyrics are set against a sparse, haunting instrumental that underscores the weight of Fields' words. Despite the somber tone, there is a sense of hopefulness that pervades the track, as Fields expresses gratitude for the opportunity to keep living and growing.

6. “Shake Weight” by Asher Roth & Heather Grey

Song Year: 2022

“Shake Weight” is a rap song by American rapper Asher Roth and producer Heather Grey. Released in 2021, the track features witty lyrics, catchy beats, and smooth rhymes. The song features a laid-back vibe and tongue-in-cheek lyrics making the song fun and lighthearted.

During the track, Roth and Grey discuss the ups and downs of life, the pursuit of success, and the challenges of aging. The backing music is playful and evokes a distinct feeling of nostalgia while listening to “Shake Weight.”

Roth mentions he’s 38 years old in the song and speaks about the challenges of staying relevant at his age.

7. “Big Hat” by Everyone Everywhere

“Big Hat” by Everyone Everywhere

Song Year: 2012

“Big Hat” is an indie rock song by the American band Everyone Everywhere. Released in 2012, the song is a part of their self-titled album. With its dreamy, lo-fi vibe and introspective lyrics, “Big Hat” explores the feeling of being stuck in a rut, trying to find inspiration, and feeling like time is slipping away.

During the final verse of the song, the band sings about being of different ages. At thirty-nine years old, the singer proclaims they’re past their prime.

8. “Latino Heat” by Jae Flow

Song Year: 2019

“Latino Heat” is a tribute to the late wrestler Eddie Guerrero, who passed away in 2005 at the age of 38. Jae Flow pays homage to Guerrero's life and legacy, acknowledging his impressive career and the impact he had on the wrestling world.

The song's lyrics are a touching tribute to Guerrero, emphasizing his passion, charisma, and unwavering dedication to his craft. The track's Latin-infused instrumental serves as a fitting tribute to Guerrero's fiery personality and larger-than-life persona. With its heartfelt lyrics and infectious energy, “Latino Heat” is a fitting tribute to one of wrestling's most beloved figures.

9. “These Rappers Scared” by Napoleon Da Legend

Song Year: 2022

In “These Rappers Scared,” Napoleon Da Legend calls out fellow rappers for their lack of originality and reliance on their producers to save them. He ridicules their basic rhymes and lying ways, comparing them to a 38-year-old virgin who giggles at women.

The song's aggressive beat and Napoleon's sharp lyrics showcase his skills as an MC. “These Rappers Scared” is a prime example of Napoleon's ability to call out the rap game's flaws while still delivering a quality track.

10. “Maybe I’m to Blame” by Down For Anything

Song Year: 2020

In “Maybe I'm to Blame,” Down For Anything sings about the feeling of not belonging, despite being 38 years old and still standing. The lyrics convey a sense of frustration and uncertainty about the direction of life.

The song is driven by a mid-tempo beat and features melancholic melodies that underscore the introspective nature of the lyrics.

11. “I Do ‘Em All” by Weeble Featuring KT

Song Year: 2011

“I Do ‘Em All” is a track by American rappers Weeble and KT. The song showcases their braggadocious style, with lyrics about their success, wealth, and women. The track's trap beat and catchy chorus make it a crowd-pleaser for fans of modern hip-hop.

In the song, KT brags about his attraction to older women that have youthful appearances. Some of these women are 38 years old. The themes may be controversial, but it fits in with the song's overall theme of living life to the fullest and enjoying all that it has to offer.

Top Songs About Being 38 Years Old, Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these songs about being 38 years old touch on various themes such as reflection, regret, celebration, and even humor. Each song provides a unique perspective on what it means to reach this milestone age.

Have you come across other songs about being 38 years old that resonated with you? Share them with us in the comments below! Music has a way of connecting us through shared experiences, and it's always fascinating to discover new perspectives through the power of song.

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