13 Best Songs About Being 36 Years Old

Best Songs About Being 36 Years Old

36 is one of those ages where there’s a number of people who are on track with where they want to be in life. Of course, there are also many that aren’t.

Whatever stage you’re at, a number of musicians have been through the same. Here’s the best songs about being 36 years old.

1.”I'm Not the Greatest (I'm the Okayest)” by Raja Baal

Song Year: 2023

“I'm Not the Greatest (I'm the Okayest)” is a humorous and self-deprecating song about the singer's lack of exceptional talent despite being 36 years old. In the lyrics, the singer suggests that he knows his limitations and is okay with who he is, even though he may not be the best at anything.

The song also touches on self-acceptance and the importance of falling in love with oneself, even if it means not being the greatest.

2.”Work (Remix)” by A$AP Ferg & Guests

Song Year: 2013

The song talks about the hard work and effort it takes to navigate life in your late 30s. A$AP Ferg & guests touch on themes such as financial success, relationship struggles, and the pressures of fame. Despite being 36, he’s not where he wants to be. 

The track resonates with anyone feeling the weight of adult responsibilities and trying to make it in life. It's a reminder that sometimes, all you can do is keep grinding, no matter how difficult it may seem.

3.”Grievances” by The Reverend

Song Year: 2020

The song paints a picture of a 36-years old gentleman tired of inequality, corruption, and violence that plague society. He also sings about the many rappers who only boast about money, women, and cars but don't have talent.

He’s unhappy that he’s been struggling to make it in the music industry for 15 years while the mainstream media only rewards talentless individuals. The singer encourages listeners to stand up, fight for justice and end lousy leadership.

4.”Bricks” by Gucci Mane

Song Year: 2009

The song is about a drug-dealing lifestyle and the money, power, and danger that comes with it. The lyrics depict the protagonist as a wealthy drug dealer who has made a fortune selling drugs (“bricks”) and lives a luxurious lifestyle.

He uses 36 bricks to symbolize his experience as a drug-dealing gang leader at 36 years. He likens his flashy jewelry to his cocaine quality.

Gucci Mane desires to quit the business, but the temptation to become wealthier can't let him. The song is a realistic depiction of the drug trade and the brutal realities of street life.

5.”Bottoms Up” by Digital Faceless

Song Year: 2021

The track is a high-energy party hit that invites listeners to let free and enjoy the night. With references to alcohol and cigarettes, the lyrics emphasize a night out's carefree and joyous attitude.

The artist recounts the good moments he shares with his 22 years old girl. However, he considers her way too hot for a 36 years old man like himself. He's also sad that his careless lifestyle might get her into trouble, and he wouldn't forgive himself for that.

6.”White Shoulders” by Pine Box

"White Shoulders" by Pine Box

Song Year: 2022

The song is about the anguish and loneliness of bereavement. The artist has yet to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones, and memories of their time together torment him. The lover, only 36 years old, has left a massive gap in the protagonist's life that nobody else can fill.

He admits feeling her partner's love fleet away and doesn't know what to do because all his life revolves around her. The track exudes an air of regret, with the singer wishing they could have made the most of their time with their special someone.

7. “Kick In the Door” by Punch ft. Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar

Song year: 2007

The hard-hitting track is about asserting dominance and showing that you're not the type to mess around with. Punch asserts that he’s the king at 36 years old and still at the top of his game.

Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar come through with equally impressive verses, proving that age is just a number for rap skills. The track is a powerful reminder that being in your mid-thirties doesn't mean you slow down or give up on your ambitions.

8. “Want Smoke” by Yung Ckano

Song Year: 2020

The track is about being unapologetic and standing up for oneself. The lyrics express Yung Ckano's determination as he raps about his struggles to become who he is today. He talks about being underestimated.

He asserts that not even his own family had faith in his dreams. However, now that he's doing fine, both seasoned and upcoming rappers tremble when they hear his name. He envisions retiring at 36 years old, having built an empire.

9. “No Limit” by Flycon

Song year: 2021

The song is about embracing your success and living your life without boundaries. The artist emphasizes taking pride in one’s accomplishments and striving for more. The track encourages listeners to keep pushing themselves to new heights and not let anything hold them back.

Flycon is furious with haters who think they can discourage him from pursuing his goals. He asserts that he wants to be a living legend at 36 years.

10.”Joe Hill” by Billy Bragg

Song Year: 1990

The song is a tribute to the legendary activist and songwriter Joe Hill. Bragg praises Hill for promoting economic and racial equality. He asserts that Hill had done enough for humankind for the 36 years he was alive.

He highlights Hill’s unlawful execution and condemns extra-judicial killings. The artist appeals to listeners to continue fighting for social justice.

11.“My Name Is Winston” by Noah Floersch

Song Year: 2020

The song talks about the experience of being in your mid-thirties. The catchy track acknowledges the pressures of adult life, from financial stress to feeling lost in your career, but encourages listeners to keep pushing forward.

The artist says he’s 36 years old and still fighting for his dreams and trying to stay optimistic. Even though the future is unclear, he acknowledges that he won’t let his fears win.

12.“Wouldn’t Change A Thing” by Bowling for Soup

Song Year: 2022

The song is a reflection of childhood. The protagonist remembers how he could enjoy kids' TV shows and had a telephone hanging on the kitchen wall.

He admits he cannot move on from those experiences despite being a parent. He's still holding memories of his parent’s house and childhood friends 36 years later.

13.”My Name Is Tommi” by MU

Song Year: 2003

In this unconventional song by MU, 36 year old Vicki suspects her partner Stephen is unfaithful and shares her worries with Tommi. After digging around, Tommi discovers her friend's suspicions are correct and tells Stephen, sparking a confrontation between him and Vicki.

That results in an argument where Stephen airs his grievances about the state of their relationship. The song serves as an exploration of infidelity, doubt, and the communication struggles couples face.

Top Songs About Being 36 Years Old, Final Thoughts

At 36, there's so much to look forward to in life. Various songs perfectly capture that spirit of growth, celebrating the past, appreciating the present, and looking forward to the future.

Our list of the best songs about being 36 years old includes everything from classic hits to recent releases. Whether you’re looking for something with a lively beat or catchy lyrics, you’ll surely find a track that will satisfy your needs.

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