About Shaun Letang and Music Industry How To

Hi guys, my name’s Shaun Letang, and I’m the owner of Music Industry How To. Through this site I aim to help musicians and music industry professionals reach their music related goals faster.

Believe it or not though, I don’t know everything (I know, crazy right). It’s because of this that I get other talented and knowledgeable people in the music industry to help where I can’t personally advise you. The result? A ‘one stop shop’ to learn everything you need to know about the music industry!

That’s the aim, and that’s what I’m working towards. Currently we help 20,000+ musicians & music lovers every day!

About Shaun Letang And Music Industry How To

Just SOME Of The People Who Have Contributed To Music Industry How To:

Shaun Letang - Music Marketing Expert - About MIHT Authors

Shaun Letang.
Music Industry How To owner.
Music marketing adviser.

Ari Herstand Music Business Advisor - About MIHT Author

Ari Herstand.
Professional musician.
Music business adviser.

Liam Duncan Band Member Even Organizer - About MIHT Author

Liam Duncan aka Boy Golden.
Solo singer & pianist.
Event organizer.

David Andrew Wiebe Music Entrepreneur - About MIHT Author

David Andrew Wiebe.
Professional guitar teacher.
Music entrepreneur.

Kerri Ho - Professional Singing Teacher - About MIHT Author

Kerri Ho.
Professional singing teacher.

Brett Clur Drumming Teacher

Brett Clur.
Professional drumming teacher.

Andrew Linn - B.M in Trumpet Performance - About MIHT Authors

Andrew Linn.
B.M in Trumpet Performance, University of Kansas.

Shaun Acker - Saxophonist - About MIHT Authors

Shaun Acker.

Anshul Jain - Session Guitarist- About MIHT Authors

Anshul Jain.
Seasoned session guitarist.

Alexander J Hastedt - Guitarist producer band member - About MIHT Authors

Alexander J Hastedt.
Guitarist, producer, and band member.

Tommy Darker - Musicpreneur - About MIHT Authors

Tommy Darker.

Christopher Sutton - Ear Training Expert And Music Entrepreneur - About MIHT Author

Christopher Sutton.
Ear training expert.
Music entrepreneur.

Praverb - Data Based Hip Hop Rapper - R.I.P - About MIHT Author

Data based hip hop rapper.

James Moore - Your Band Is A Virus Author - About MIHT Author

James Moore.
Music PR agency owner.

Chad Edwards - Songwriter And Audio Producer - About MIHT Author

Chad Edwards.
Songwriter & audio producer.

Egils Petersons - Songwriter And Instrumentalist - About MIHT Author

Egils Petersons.
Songwriter & instrumentalist.

Nicholas Rubright - Acoustic And Electric Guitarist - About MIHT Author

Nicholas Rubright.
Acoustic & electric guitarist.

TJ Bear - Rapper - About MIHT Authors

TJ Bear.

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