41 Best Shania Twain Songs

Best Shania Twain Songs

Shania Twain is a hugely popular Canadian country singers. Thanks to her many hits since her big break in 1993, she’s earned the title “Queen of Country Pop.”

Check out this list of the best Shania Twain songs that any country fan will enjoy.


“Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1999

No list of iconic Shania Twain songs is complete without “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” This Grammy-winning, triple-platinum country pop song has an upbeat tempo and a confident hook that grabs your attention as the song starts.

Its confident tone makes it one of the top empowering songs for women, encouraging them to have fun with their friends and embrace their womanhood.

“From This Moment On” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1997

Although many of Shania Twain's top singles have an upbeat sound, “From This Moment On” has a slower tempo that embodies its themes of love and everlasting trust. The lyrics reference wedding vows, emphasizing the narrator's desire to live a new life with her love and stay together forever.

It has a beautiful melody that blends well with the swelling orchestra at the song’s halfway point. It’s one of the most popular song choices for a wedding reception.

“You’re Still The One” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1998

“You're Still The One” is a song about a love relationship remaining strong despite people doubting the narrator and her love relationship will last long. The song's main inspiration stems from Twain's relationship with Robert John “Mutt” Lange, her husband at the time. Its slower tempo and Twain’s vocals give the piece a pleasant sound.

Although Twain’s relationship with Lange didn’t work out, many people choose “You’re Still The One” as their go-to wedding dance song to commemorate their life-changing milestones.

“Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1995

“Any Man of Mine,” Twain’s first number-one single, is an upbeat song that resonates with anyone looking for the perfect man to love. Its moderate tempo, guitar accompaniment, and synchronized clapping enhance the piece.

The song's about a woman describing what she's looking for in a man, from complimenting her appearance to being okay whenever she changes her mind.

“That Don’t Impress Me Much” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1998

If you're looking for a motivational song with a quirky, upbeat, and bold tone, “That Don't Impress Me Much” is worth listening to at any time of the day.

It’s about a woman looking for a man who understands her, stating that self-absorbed men with riches, looks, and brains won't be enough to win her heart. Any independent woman looking for the right guy will love this track.

“I’m Gonna Getcha Good” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2002

Songs about pursuing someone you love are standard for any music genre, and “I'm Gonna Getcha Good!” is no exception. The song's lyrics take the perspective of a woman eager to win the heart of a man she likes, showing no signs of giving up despite his uncertainty about starting a long-term relationship.

It has a moderate tempo, making it perfect for listening to while cruising around town. Twain recorded different versions of the song to match different genre styles, such as her “Red” pop version and “Green” country version.

“She’s Not Just A Pretty Face” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2003

Are you in the mood for an uplifting anthem on a lonely afternoon? Consider listening to “She's Not Just a Pretty Face” to cheer yourself up. Its upbeat tempo and guitar and percussion accompaniment give the song a classic country pop sound that doesn't overstay its welcome.

The lyrics describe how women can do anything, stating that their skills are as worthy as their beauty. The song's empowering message encourages women of any age to pursue their dreams.

“Thank You Baby! (For Makin' Someday Come So Soon)” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2003

Sometimes, it takes a while for people to find someone to love, especially for those who feel they can’t find it. This uplifting, warm Shania Twain single, featured on her album Up!, is the perfect song to dedicate to a loved one during an anniversary party or wedding ceremony.

The lyrics take the perspective of a woman who had trouble finding love while single, spending hours wondering why no guys would call her back. She tells her new partner how much she values them.

“You Win My Love” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1995

“You Win My Love” is a chart-topping country pop song with an upbeat tempo. The guitar accompaniment gives the song a rock-inspired sound that blends well with Twain's vocals, making it the perfect song to add to any mid-1990s playlist.

The song is about a woman looking for a man who'll give her the ultimate romantic thrill. The lyrics’ car-related imagery emphasizes her desire for someone with plenty of energy whose love won't ever run out.

“Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1997

“Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)” is a song about a woman telling her boyfriend how much she loves him, expressing how nothing will come between them, regardless of his doubts. Despite its moderate tempo, the song’s straightforward lyrics are relatable for anyone who has to reassure their partner about their feelings for them.

The song's string accompaniment enhances its catchy, country-inspired sound, which can brighten up any hard day.

“When” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1998

Although “When” isn't as popular as Twain's other notable hits, it's a hidden gem with a different tone that resonates with anyone experiencing heartbreak. Despite falling into the country pop genre, the song's guitar performance has an alternative rock inspiration.

In this song, the narrator expresses how it feels impossible to get back together with her loved one, asking herself when she'll move on. The lyrics emphasize these feelings by referencing that eternal happiness and money trees are as impossible as rekindling her failed relationship.

“I Ain’t No Quitter” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2005

Country music fans will enjoy the energy of “I Ain't Know Quitter” if they're looking for a 2000s-era song for their country playlist. It has a playful guitar and string accompaniment, replicating the classic sounds you can expect from traditional country songs.

The song's about a woman who won't give up trying to tell her stubborn man to change his ways and quit his bad habits, from smoking and cursing to flirting with other girls.

“Don’t!” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2005

Although Shania Twain has released several upbeat songs throughout her career, her slower, melancholy pieces stand out the most. It's the type of song you can listen to after having a rough night or falling out with someone you know.

This serious yet beautiful song's lyrics describe the narrator asking her lover to accept her apology after a fight and not give up on their love. She states that there's still a chance to push past the obstacles in their relationship.

“The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You)” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1995

Initially released as the title track on her second studio album, this song is a heartfelt ballad you can dedicate to someone you love. Twain's passionate vocals blend well with the song's piano accompaniment and slower tempo.

The lyrics describe a woman seeking a man’s affection, stating how someone as strong and independent as her needs support on her roughest days, from his strongest hugs to his warmest kisses. This song has a simple theme but can touch the toughest of hearts.

“Life’s About to Get Good” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2017

Heartbreak is a hard hurdle to overcome when moving on from a failed relationship. One song in Shania Twain's discography that embraces this concept beautifully is “Life's About To Get Good.”

The song describes the narrator's feelings of betrayal by a person she loved while also acknowledging that life has its ups and downs and that, once you get past the pain, things can get better. She declares that she’ll find the love she deserves. Its upbeat tempo is addictive, brimming with hope throughout the chorus.

“Up!” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2003

“Up!” is the title track of Shania Twain's fourth studio album. Like many of her most popular hits, this one has an upbeat, energetic sound. What makes this song stand out are several of its lyrics that contrast with its overall tone.

The song describes the narrator facing daily inconveniences one after the other, which many people can relate to. Despite these problems, the narrator knows her life will improve if she keeps moving forward. This song resonates with anyone with strong perseverance.

“Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1995

Shania Twain's “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” tells the tale of a woman confronting her man about cheating on her with other women, wondering which girls he misses and which ones’ hearts he'll steal next. Fed up with his behavior, she states that she won't take him back the next time he looks for her.

Despite being a country song about cheating, it has a catchy melody and smooth vocals that keep your feet tapping.

“When You Kiss Me” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2003

“When You Kiss Me” is one of Shania Twain's most notable and iconic ballads.The song is heartfelt and sweet, encapsulating a person's growing romantic feelings for someone they know after kissing them.

The song's narrator expresses her desire to be with the one who kisses her. Being with this person makes her loneliness disappear, and any stress she feels disappears. It has a feel-good melody that can lift your spirits.

“You’ve Got A Way” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1999

“You've Got A Way” is another moving ballad by Shania Twain that's worth listening to. It was nominated for a Grammy Award for “Song of the Year” and ranked within the Top 20 of several music charts.

It's a soft, romantic song about a woman reflecting on how her man treats her. His words inspire the woman to follow her dreams and make her smile even when facing hard times. Her devotion to him is immeasurable.

“Waking Up Dreaming” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2022

“Waking Up Dreaming” has a bouncy, 1980s-inspired sound with a modern-day twist, giving the song a different vibe than several of Twain's most popular singles. It's a song about living life to the fullest with someone you love like there’s no tomorrow, comparing her time with them like a dream.

The song's infectious beats make it perfect for any dance party. It was a featured track on her most recent album, Queen of Me.

“Rock This Country!” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2000

Despite its simple melody and lyrics, “Rock This Country!” is an excellent song to listen to while having fun with friends. The lyrics might resonate with music lovers interested in partying and traveling around the country.

Twain's vocals are lively and complement the inclusion of a fiddle and electric guitar in the chorus. Although the song isn’t intentionally political, it was used as a campaign theme for two separate presidential election candidates.

“Love Gets Me Every Time” by Shania Twain

“Love Gets Me Every Time” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1997

If you're looking for a song about falling in love unexpectedly, “Love Gets Me Every Time” is a country hit you shouldn't skip when exploring Shania Twain’s greatest hits. Its lyrics take the perspective of a woman who loved being single and had no plans of settling down, but she changes her mind once she has love on her mind.

No matter where you fall on the dating scene, this classic country song is worth listening to because of Twain's warm vocals and the fiddles that enhance the piece.

“Come On Over” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1997

“Come On Over” is one of the best Grammy-winning Shania Twain songs, with an inspirational message behind its lyrics. The song’s narrator implores listeners to unwind and follow their dreams, inviting them to relax at her home. Its relaxed tone makes it an ideal motivational song for anyone feeling down.

“Dance With The One Who Brought You” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1993

Featured on Shania Twain's self-titled debut album, “Dance With The One Who Brought You” has a classic country music sound with a down-to-earth vibe.

The song tells a simple story about a woman sitting alone while her man dances at a party. Although she's sure he loves her, she remembers her mother's advice about finding someone who pays attention to her and asks her to dance. It’s a relatable piece for anyone seeking a faithful soulmate.

“Honey, I’m Home” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1998

“Honey, I'm Home” is a country rock song that takes a different approach from Shania Twain's usual style. The song's rougher guitar sections enhance the twang in Twain's vocals.

The lyrics describe a woman coming home after a stressful workday from a job she doesn't like and asking her husband to spend time with her and help her relax. Since the song portrays a different side of married life, many music fans consider this song a follow-up to “Any Man of Mine.”

“Party for Two” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2004

You can count on Shania Twain to record catchy tunes for any dance party that'll please any music fan. She recorded two versions of this song: a country mix with Billy Currington and a pop mix with Mark McGrath.

This song is about a woman asking a man out to a party at her home. Although he's hesitant about going out and getting intimate, she reassures him that they'll be the only ones there.

“Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2017

“Swingin' With My Eyes Closed” is an ode to starting a new relationship in the summer. Genre-wise, it takes musical inspiration from country, reggae, and pop. It has an optimistic, triumphant tone, emphasizing how people take in the moment, good or bad, while shutting their eyes.

It was a featured track on the album Now, which topped several US album charts. Its slow tempo and breathtaking vocals embody the joy people feel when taking life-changing risks.

“Forever And For Always” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2003

Shania Twain's “Forever and For Always” is a lovely, romantic song about finding eternal love. Twain's inspiration behind this song stems from the idea of people experiencing young love, blossoming as the years pass. Many consider it an excellent song to play for wedding anniversary parties.

The lyrics express how the narrator loves being held in her lover's arms and misses him when they're apart, hoping to be together forever. This single got nominated for two Grammy Awards.

“Not Just A Girl” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2022

One of Shania Twain's most recent hits is “Not Just A Girl.” It's a catchy song about a woman interested in making a name for herself. The lyrics reflect Twain's perseverance throughout her life and music career.

It has a contemporary sound that perfectly mashes pop and country-style music, emphasizing its lyrics' empowering message. The singer reiterates that although she’s okay with love, she won’t let anyone stop her from following her dreams.

“Raining On Our Love” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1995

“Raining On Our Love” is one of the saddest Shania Twain songs, suitable for listening to on a quiet, lonely day. This song is about a woman reminiscing about a man who broke up with her. She apologizes for causing their rift and asks him to remember the good times they shared. This song’s somber tempo resonates with anyone feeling remorseful after a breakup.

“Is There Love After Life?” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1995

Another song delving into heartbreak is “Is There Love After Life?,” a slow, emotional ballad with a subdued guitar melody. Although the lyrics tell the tale of a woman wondering if she can move on from a failed love, she feels empty, knowing he won't forget her mistakes despite forgiving her. This song is relatable to anyone trying to move on from their sorrow.

“It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2004

Shania Twain has a musical knack for singing songs about romantic feelings, happy and sad. “It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing” is a song about a woman claiming her life is fine after breaking up with her former love. However, she feels hurt inside, missing him every day. It’s the perfect song to set the mood for a lonely, gloomy day.

“What Made You Say That?” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1993

Initially recorded by Wayne Massey in 1989, Shania Twain's cover of “What Made You Say That” was the opening track of her self-titled debut album. Twain's swinging vocals blend flawlessly with the song's light-hearted country-style guitar riffs.

The song is about a woman confessing her feelings for a man she loves. It’s a relatable song for anyone interested in romance.

“Ka-Ching!” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2003

“Ka-Ching!” stands out from other iconic Shania Twain singles because of its central themes of materialism and greed. The lyrics critique how society teaches us to make money and spend it on anything.

The song opens with the sounds of a cash register, emphasizing the song's money motif. You can’t put a price tag on your enjoyment of this song. “Ka-Ching!” ranked within the Top Ten of several international music charts.

“No One Needs To Know” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2004

If you prefer cheerful country pop songs, consider adding Shania Twain's chart-topping “No One Needs To Know” to your feel-good music playlist. The song tells a straightforward story about a woman falling in love with a man, keeping it secret from everyone, and hoping to settle down with him one day.

This song’s upbeat guitar and harmonica solo enhance the song’s positive energy and lighthearted tone.

“Black Eyes, Blue Tears” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1997

“Black Eyes, Blue Tears” is a song about breaking away from a toxic and abusive relationship. This track has a steady tempo and dynamic guitar, string, and drum instrumentation. The lyrics describe the woman finding more self-esteem and freedom after breaking free from a life of bruises and tears.

This song has a hopeful reminder that victims can overcome abuse and live the life they deserve.

“Home Ain’t Where His Heart Is (Anymore)” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1996

“Home Ain’t Where His Heart Is (Anymore)” is a tragic ballad about falling out of love. The lyrics portray the narrator reflecting on how she and her lover used to be close, but after settling down, their love began to fade. He doesn’t embrace her like he used to after struggling with money and raising a family. This song might strike a chord with people dealing with relationship issues.

“Juanita” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2002

Shania Twain co-wrote and recorded “Juanita” as an inspirational piece for women struggling to find courage and strength. The lyrics depict the titular Juanita as a symbol of freedom dormant within women, ready to break free at any time. The lyrics' imagery of riding free gives off the vibe of a cowgirl exploring the Western plains.

“God Bless The Child” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1996

Shania Twain's “God Bless This Child” is a song about giving love to children suffering through the toughest hardships. She originally wrote it as a short acapella piece before expanding it as a single. The lyrics state that all children deserve God's love, regardless of their situation.

The song features gospel-inspired backing vocals and a child choir that elevates its soulful energy.

“(If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here!” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 1995

“(If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here!” is an energetic song you can dance along to at any party. It's about a woman telling a man she's seeking someone to provide the love she craves. She reiterates that she won't hang around any guy who hits on her with cliche pickup lines. Even decades after its release, its bold beats remain fresh and hummable.

“I’m Holdin’ On To Love (To Save My Life)” by Shania Twain

Song Year: 2000

Wrapping up this list is “I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save My Life),” one of Shania Twain’s underrated classics.The lyrics are simple, but the country-rock-inspired guitar accompaniment adds flair to the song. The song portrays love as a powerful thing that motivates the narrator to keep living.

Top Shania Twain Songs, Final Thoughts

Shania Twain's best work has a catchy and dynamic sound that grabs any listener's attention, from country fans to those who prefer other genres. She's sold over 100 million albums throughout the decades, and her music resonates with old and new fans.

We hope this list of the best Shania Twain songs can help you find a few new songs to add to your playlist.

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