11 Sad Trance Songs

Sad Trance Songs

Today, we've curated a collection of deeply moving, sad trance songs that capture heartbreak and vulnerability. From iconic tracks by Aly & Fila to compositions by Armin van Buuren, these tunes are perfect for moments of zoned-out introspection or dancing the pain away.

“Without You” By Aly & Fila

Song Year: 2013

“Without You,” a heartfelt and emotional trance song featuring vocals from Susana, showcases the talents of Egyptian duo Aly & Fila. This melancholic track, produced by Dave Moz Mozo and Johan Alvarado under their label AlYf, has quickly become a favorite among fans of sad trance music.

Without You By Aly & Fila

“Lost” By Sunlounger (feat. Zara)

Song Year: 2008

“Lost” by Sunlounger, featuring Zara, is a captivating and emotional track in the trance music genre. Known for its melancholic vocals and beautiful melodies, this song has captured the hearts of many electronic dance music (EDM) enthusiasts worldwide.

Sunlounger's rich discography also includes Ibiza Inspired tracks like “Hierbas Ibicencas”. The immense popularity of “Lost” led to renowned artists Aly & Fila creating their own remix version, further solidifying its status as a vocal trance classic.

“In The Dark” By Tiësto

Song Year: 2007

“In The Dark” is an emotionally potent trance track by Dutch DJ and renowned music producer Tiësto. Despite not charting in the U.S., this trance piece earned its place within the electronic music landscape for its emotive lyrics and captivating melodies.

A testament to his songwriting abilities, “In The Dark” transcends typical trance tracks as it evokes deeper feelings of sorrow and longing. This somber mood is notably achieved through Tiësto’s sound mixing techniques.

In The Dark By Tiësto

“On My Way to Heaven” By Above & Beyond (feat. Richard Bedford)

Song Year: 2011

“On My Way to Heaven” by Above & Beyond is undoubtedly one of the most iconic trance songs ever produced. Released back in 2011 on Group Therapy, it quickly became a staple tune in DJ sets worldwide and still rings fresh to this day.

Above & Beyond's signature sound shines through with euphoric energy building up over melodic beats before exploding into an epic dance floor anthem at 134 BPM. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of trance music as a genre that celebrates uplifting melodies and progressive house elements blended with techno beats – while still being emotive.

“The Sun After Heartbreak” By Paul Van Dyk

Song Year: 2012

“The Sun After Heartbreak” by Paul van Dyk featuring Sue McLaren and Arty is a touching song that portrays the emotions of recovery after experiencing heartbreak. Released in 2012 as part of van Dyk's Evolution album, the track features uplifting vocals and an energetic beat that perfectly captures the essence of trance music.

The collaboration with Arty was not surprising since he had collaborated with van Dyk previously on two other tracks on that same album.

The song has been remixed by Woody van Eyden and Pedro Del Mar & Double V, adding different layers to its emotional intensity. It has made appearances in several trance music podcasts and live performances by artists such as Simon Patterson, further solidifying its impact in the electronic dance music scene.

“Lonely Girl” By OceanLab (Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa)

Song Year: 2008

“Lonely Girl” is an emotive track by OceanLab (essentially Above & Beyond with Justine Suissa) that captures the melancholic essence of trance music. Released in 2008, the song features haunting vocals by OceanLab members (including Justine Suissa) and emotive melodies that tug at your heartstrings.

The remix has since become a classic in its own right and has been played to thousands of ravers across the world. The somber lyrics and ethereal beats make it a perfect accompaniment for those moments when you want to get lost in your thoughts or need something to comfort you during tough times.

If you're new to sad trance music or looking for something that will give you all the feels, “Lonely Girl” is an excellent place to start.

Lonely Girl By OceanLab (Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa)

“Games” By John O'Callaghan

Song Year: 2014

“Games” by John O'Callaghan is a stunning track that perfectly embodies the melancholic emotion of sadness. The smooth and mellow beats of this trance song seamlessly blend with the mesmerizing vocals, resulting in an emotional soundscape that would touch anyone's heart – provided it’s not frozen over.

This song has been popular amongst fans of trance music for years now and has become one of the defining tracks of the 2010s. It is also worth noting that this song has been remixed countless times by various EDM and trance artists.

“Lost You Somewhere” By Chicane

Song Year: 1997

“Lost You Somewhere” by Chicane is a song that showcases the perfect blend of melancholic melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics.

Chicane is known for his ability to fuse ambient soundscapes with trance, creating an almost ethereal, transcendental sound. “Lost You Somewhere” exemplifies this fusion, capturing both nostalgia and sadness experienced when missing someone special.

Lost You Somewhere By Chicane

“I Will Find You” By Sied Van Riel

Song Year: 2011

“I Will Find You” is a remix of a song originally by Sharone and was created by Sied van Riel. This track has been included in several “sad trance” music playlists and tracklists, making it popular among electronic music fans.

Despite an apparent absence of information about the original song's lyrics, “I Will Find You” gains its emotional impact from its musical composition. The progressive remix created by Martin Graff adds to the genre-bending nature of this track, which defies typical electronic dance music formulas while still appealing to the mainstream audience.

“Unforgivable” By Armin Van Buuren (feat. Jaren)

Song Year: 2009

“Unforgivable” by Armin van Buuren is one of the most melancholic and emotionally charged trance songs out there. It's a slow-building track that starts with soft, haunting vocals and builds to a crescendo of synths and beats.

Trance music has always had an emotional component, but “Unforgivable” takes it to another level. The song perfectly captures the feeling of being lost in your thoughts, unsure where you're going or what you're searching for.

“Lost Language” By Alexander Popov

Song Year: 2013

“Lost Language” by Alexander Popov is a popular track in the trance music genre.

The melody and production quality of “Lost Language” are noteworthy elements of the track. Alexander Popov's musical style blends different electronic dance music genres to create unique sounds that resonate with listeners worldwide, and transcends the confines of “trance” as a subgenre.

The fact that “Lost Language” made its way into the A State Of Trance Classics – Mix speaks volumes about how much fans adore the track.

Lost Language By Alexander Popov

Saddest Trance Songs, Final Thoughts

The world of trance music is filled with emotional and immersive compositions that can take listeners on a journey through their (perhaps unpleasant) feelings. We’ve done some digging and compiled a playlist of some listener-favorite sad trance songs that are perfect for those times when you just need to fully embrace all that heartbreak.

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