11 Sad Electronic Songs, These Are The Saddest

Sad Electronic Songs

Discover the sadder side of electronic music with our curated collection of sad electronic songs. From haunting melodies to thoughtful beats, dive into a world of electronic compositions that tug at the heartstrings.

1. “Goodbye To A World” By Porter Robinson

Goodbye To A World By Porter Robinson

Song Year: 2014

“Goodbye To A World” is an electronic song that may resonate with listeners who have experienced the loss of someone they love, or have been forced to face their own mortality. Robinson delivers a message of gratitude and acceptance in the face of an impending end.

As the track unfolds, it offers solace, promising to envelop those who feel lost and breathe life into a world that can be uniquely shared. An alternate meaning suggests that the song doesn’t actually deal with death, but more so embracing unwanted change and moving forward to something new.

2. “Come Back To Me” By Urban Cone

Song Year: 2015

If you’ve ever lost a love you felt was meant to be, you’ll definitely be able to relate to this song. This nostalgic and bittersweet electronic track hits home with its introspective lyrics.

The song captures the essence of longing and lost connections as the singer reflects on a past love that has faded away with time. Urban Cone soulfully delivers a sense of yearning, inviting the listener to join in the journey of reminiscing and hoping for a reunion.

3. “Scared To Be Lonely” By Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix

Scared To Be Lonely By Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix - 1

Song Year: 2017

“Scared To Be Lonely” is one of those sad electronic songs that delve into the complexities of a troubled relationship. The lyrics express the initial excitement and closeness shared by two individuals, but over time, they find themselves caught in a cycle of arguments and insecurities.

The song explores the fear of being alone, leading them to hold on to each other despite knowing it may not be right. The powerful vocals convey the desperation and vulnerability felt in this situation.

4. “Faded” By Alan Walker

Song Year: 2015

“Faded” is a mesmerizing electronic track that explores the feeling of being lost and searching for someone who has disappeared from one’s life. The lyrics describe a fading connection, where the singer wonders if their previous bond was merely a fantasy or an illusion.

The song’s melody and vocals are powerful, and you can feel the longing and isolation the music conveys. “Faded” speaks to the emotional disconnection and the struggle to find one’s place in a distant and unfamiliar world.

5. “I Miss You” By Clean Bandits

I Miss You By Clean Bandits

Song Year: 2018

“I Miss You” can be a challenging song to listen to if you’re not ready to delve into the feelings of heartbreak you experienced after a tough breakup. All those feelings of love, hurt, regret, and nostalgia come rushing back.

The song talks about the pain of missing someone, even though you try to convince yourself otherwise. The emotional depth is further enhanced by the references to saved texts and memories, serving as reminders of what once was.

6. “Room for Happiness” By Kaskade

Song Year: 2011

“Room for Happiness” reflects a past relationship that has left an emotional void. The lyrics express longing, loss, and the struggle to find happiness despite the absence of a significant other. The song suggests that even though the emptiness may be overwhelming, there is still space for happiness to grow.

The opening lines convey a conflicted feeling, wishing to escape the influence of the person who has had such a deep emotional impact. The disconnect is likened to an open wound, emphasizing the pain and void that the person’s absence has created.

7. “Run Away” By Aurora

Song Year: 2016

“Run Away” discusses the desire to escape and find a place of belonging. The lyrics depict a yearning for freedom, the search for a sanctuary, and the need to return to a home where one truly belongs.

The song begins with a vivid image of listening to the ocean and seeing a fleeting face in the sand, symbolizing a temporary connection that disappears as quickly as it is grasped. These images create the idea of desiring a place beyond the confines of one’s current reality.

8. “Little Something” By Above & Beyond

Song Year: 2015

“Little Something” captures the profound love and affection that a parent feels for their child. You can feel the regret in the lyrics, with the singer contemplating the possibility of missing certain milestones or precious moments.

The parent wonders if they overlooked a smile or a first step. The verses entertain turning back the hands of time to be present for every minute, even if it means giving up the life they chose for themselves.

9. “Prayer in C” By Lilly Wood and The Prick

Prayer in C By Lilly Wood and The Prick

Song Year: 2010

“Prayer in C” confronts the themes of silence, forgiveness, and the slow decay of a relationship. You can feel the disappointment and betrayal as the singer reflects on the lack of communication and accountability from their partner.

The song mentions the absence of words or letters, their difficulty forgiving the other person, and the sense that time is running out to salvage the connection. The references to hands getting wrinkled and hair turning gray allude to the passing of time and the diminishing chance of reconciliation.

10. “Never Be Like You” By Flume

Song Year: 2016

“Never Be Like You” is a raw electronic song that discusses the fear of being loved and the pain of losing someone because of your mistakes. The singer desires to change her flaws so she can be worthy of love.

The vulnerability in the lyrics and the sad production create a feeling of emotional turmoil. It encapsulates the intricacies of human nature, yearning for acceptance, and the desperation to be reunited with a partner you lost.

11. “Lost” By Gareth Emery

Lost By Gareth Emery

Song Year: 2016

“Lost” by Gareth Emery depicts a troubled relationship that has reached its breaking point. The words to the song portray pain, toxicity, and the irreversible damage caused by the actions and words of both individuals involved. The repetition in the chorus emphasizes the accumulation of losses within the relationship.

The song highlights the absence of unity and cooperation. You can tell the narrator feels the effects of the relationship’s damage, describing it as a poison they’ve been breathing in for too long.

Sad Electronic Songs, Final Thoughts

In the realm of electronic music, there exists a selection of tracks that really explore human emotions and can bring you to tears or deep reflection purely because they’re so raw and relatable.

These sad electronic songs don’t pull any punches; they speak to how people really feel when going through the ups and downs of life. Through exploring themes of heartbreak, loss, and more, these songs unite beauty, pain, and sadness while taking you on an emotional rollercoaster.

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