59 Best Prince Songs

Best Prince Songs

Prince, aka Prince Rogers Nelson, aka The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, was iconic. He was a singer, musician, songwriter, record producer, and a household name that influenced the music industry and left an incredible legacy.

Once you listen closely to Prince, you'll understand why he's considered the greatest musician ever.

Here are the best Prince songs of all time.

“Purple Rain” by Prince & the Revolution

Song Year: 1984

If you know any Prince song at all, it's likely “Purple Rain.” This award-winning Hall of Fame rock single is arguably Prince's most famous hit – for good reasons.

The song speaks to the pain of a distressed, broken relationship, with a stunningly beautiful and ironically uplifting melody that has become synonymous with Prince himself. Many artists sang it once he passed to commemorate his life, his music, and his lasting legacy.

“When Doves Cry” by Prince

Song Year: 1984

“When Doves Cry” was a massive hit for Prince in 1984. It features a hauntingly beautiful melody and heart-wrenching lyrics that speak to the pain of love and betrayal.

It's very relatable, especially if you've experienced heartbreak or a tumultuous relationship. The song was widely acclaimed and won an American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Single.

“Kiss” by Prince

Song Year: 1986

“Kiss” is another timeless classic from Prince. Right when the opening beat comes on, people's ears pick up and get ready to take in this funky, sexy song. It features an infectious beat and romantic, sensual lyrics that will have you singing along in no time.

The song speaks to the joys of romantic love and features some signature Prince falsetto and unique guitar playing.

“Sign o' the Times” by Prince

Song Year: 1987

“Sign o' the Times” was a critical and commercial success for Prince. It speaks to the perils of life in a troubled world with its clever storytelling lyrics and a moody tone. It alludes to racial inequalities, drug abuse, and politics in the Ronald Reagan era.

The song is one of Prince's most enduring tunes, became a staple in his live performances, and still resonates with people today dealing with racial tension, climate crises, the brink of recession, etc.

“1999” by Prince

Song Year: 1982

“1999” is a song from the 1982 album of the same name. It was arguably one of Prince's first major pop hits and helped to propel him into pop stardom.

The song has a lively party atmosphere and speaks of the joys of life. Instead of living in the present moment, as many other songs do, this song cheekily alludes to partying like it's in the future! It's one of his most memorable songs and a great introduction to his eclectic music.

“Little Red Corvette” by Prince

Song Year: 1983

“Little Red Corvette” was another major hit for Prince and is one of his signature tunes today. People enjoy its funky beat and soulful backup vocals that will keep everyone's energy up, so it's a popular choice for after-parties.

Prince compares his lover to a “Little Red Corvette” in that she goes fast and burns bright, which is exciting, but also why her partnerships never seem to last.

“Diamonds and Pearls” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1991

“Diamonds and Pearls” helped continue his career into the new decade. It features a lush, minimalist, romantic melody and speaks of wanting to give someone you love everything you can, such as diamonds and pearls.

The song is one of Prince's most recognizable tunes, despite its relative simplicity compared to his other hits.

“Raspberry Beret” by Prince & The Revolution

Song Year: 1985

“Raspberry Beret” is a multi-genre hit that simply screams “80s” – there are elements of the rising rock genre, leftovers of funk/soul from the 70s, and a unique, super catchy pop sound.

Prince sings about how much he's falling for a girl with an inexpensive “Raspberry Beret” and suggests he wishes that was all she wore, as he's sexually attracted to her body and vibe.

“U Got the Look” by Prince

Song Year: 1987

“U Got the Look” is a powerful and anthemic song featuring many of Prince's signature sounds. His voice, guitar, and backup singer (Sheena Easton) all come together to create a unique, oddly charming sound that is both funky and electrifying.

The rock-pop-funk song, with a notably lengthy yet inviting instrumental intro, speaks of appreciation for someone's all-around beauty – both naturally and when all done up.

“The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” by Prince

Song Year: 1994

Another song about appreciating someone's gorgeous looks is “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World,” even stating that this woman's beauty is why God made the whole sex!

This song features a beautiful melody and conveys the gratitude of finding true love and connection, which is why it was released on Valentine's Day in 1994.

“Controversy” by Prince

Song Year: 1981

This 1981 single from Prince's album of the same name was a huge hit and helped to cement his place in the music industry.

“Controversy” is a suggestive song with a funky, raunchy, and highly danceable beat that will have you grooving in no time. It's, as its name suggests, a controversial song, bringing up themes of religion, the afterlife, and nudity, all in the same number.

“I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince

Song Year: 1978

Before he hit the pop-rock scene in the 80s that he became well-known for, Prince made music that fits right into the 70s with its funky, soulful sound, such as “I Wanna Be Your Lover.”

It's a sexually suggestive song that speaks to wanting to love someone and be everything to them. His high-pitched vocals make it even sexier, coupled with the consistent groovy instrumentals in the background.

“Call My Name” by Prince

Song Year: 2004

“Call My Name” is a soulful, R&B-infused number that maintains a typical Prince sound. It's about someone who is so in love that they can't stop writing songs about them.

It conveys how it feels to miss someone so dearly and how it's so special when they say your name when they're away from you.

“Let's Go Crazy” by Prince & The Revolution

Song Year: 1984

Prince's “Let's Go Crazy” is a signature tune with an infectious, upbeat sound and lyrics that make you want to immediately get up and bounce around or just sit back and enjoy the iconic guitar solo towards the end.

The song was widely acclaimed and has become an enduring classic. Although it makes people feel like they should live life to the fullest by having a good time, which is partly true, the song is also sneakily about resisting temptation from the Devil (“de-elevator”).

“Scandalous” by Prince

Song Year: 1989

“Scandalous” is filled with slow, synth-pop goodness that is both sultry and seductive, with Prince's velvety voice being the perfect accompaniment.

The song was written for the 1989 Batman movie, but it's highly regarded as one of the best Prince songs to play when you're in the mood for intimacy.

“Insatiable” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1991

“Insatiable” is another sultry, sensual hit with a bit funkier sound, and it's centered around making passionate love.

The song and video allude to making a sex tape, which was a bit controversial. The song is about the pleasure of coming together in a very intimate way and how lovemaking can be insatiable and extremely satisfying.

“Nothing Compares 2 U” by Prince

Song Year: 2018

Prince recorded this song originally in 1984, but this version wasn't released until 2018.

Fortunately, there was a live recording duet of it with him and Rosie Gaines in 1993, and they continued to perform it live, so people heard this beautiful number before it was officially released.

It's a passionate, high-energy, ballad-style song about realizing after the end of a relationship that nothing comes close to what you had with that person.

“I Would Die 4 U” by Prince

Song Year: 1984

“I Would Die 4 U” sounds like it might be a soulful, sweet, romantic love song, but it's actually an up-tempo dance number! It has elements of funk, disco, and Afro-beats with live drums.

It's also a notable song because Prince seems to suggest the concept of gender fluidity, as he references in the lyrics that he's not a woman and not a man but something that people can't understand.

“Baby I'm a Star” by Prince

Song Year: 1984

Another song that takes advantage of eclectic beats and African-style drumming is “Baby I'm a Star,” a truly dynamic and riveting piece of work.

In the song, Prince takes on the character of a person who doesn't have money or much to offer but is confident in who they are and what they can offer a potential lover.

“Gold” by Prince

Song Year: 1995

Synth-pop meets classic rock in this 1995 hit “Gold,” which speaks to how money is overvalued.

Of course, hearing from a rich celebrity who has a ton of money that money isn't everything seems a bit silly, but that's exactly the type of person who understands money's limiting factors.

It also speaks to the fact that people want money for the sake of money instead of wanting to contribute unique value.

“Musicology” by Prince

Song Year: 2004

Not only was Prince qualified to talk about matters of money, as he did in the aforementioned “Gold,” but he was also more than qualified to write a song about the art, history, and value of music.

He references lessons he learned from the musicians that came before him, such as James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, and Mick Jagger, which is perhaps why the song carries a groovy, old-school sound.

“Sexy M.F.” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1992

“Sexy M.F.” is a dynamic track with elements of funk, soul, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, and even orchestra.

He even raps in the song, which isn't an art form he's known much for, and this is one of those songs that truly depict how versatile this artist was.

“Cream” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1991

“Cream” was Prince's last number 1 song of his career, and it made it to the top of the charts due to its nice combination of upbeat, rhythmic funk and sultry blues feel.

Its lyrics are about the power of attraction and how the narrator wants to be sexually involved with the person he's speaking to. It's clearly suggestive, even including orgasmic sounds toward the end of the track.

“Money Don't Matter 2 Night” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1991

“Money Don't Matter 2 Night' is a song with simple instrumentals so listeners can focus on the lyrics and story.

Money is a recurring theme in Prince's songs, and in “Money Don't Matter 2 Night,” he tells the story of a man with very little to his name. It alludes to drugs, shady people, and other aspects often part of a homeless person's life but speaks to the power of investing in your soul.

“Let's Pretend We're Married” by Prince

Song Year: 1982

“Let's Pretend We're Married” is an upbeat yet mysterious-toned song that speaks to Prince's instrumental and producing genius. It's consistent and catchy but dynamic enough to never get old.

In this song, Prince sings about wanting to do the dirty with someone, so pretending you're married so it's not seen as a “sin.” This song speaks to Prince's religious background.

“Welcome 2 America” by Prince

Song Year: 2021

If you're wondering how a Prince song was released a year after his death in 2016, it's because NPG Records posthumously released “Welcome 2 America” in 2021, 10 years after it was originally meant to be released.

The reason for it initially being shelved is as mysterious as the recording itself, with a low-key, minimal, peculiar funk beat that's both inviting and haunting. His commentary on America includes the poor educational system, tech-based distractions, information overload, and more.

“Manic Monday” by Prince

Song Year: 1984

“Manic Monday” is a testament to how much Prince subverted not only music culture but also culture in general – showing that an artist could be incredibly diverse in instrumentalism, vocalism, lyrical prowess, and more.

“Manic Monday” is a super relatable song about, well, Mondays. Going to work, trying to make the train, having a hard time finding what to wear, and other everyday casual concerns.

“Automatic” by Prince

Song year: 1982

“Automatic” is a classic Prince tune featuring heavy guitars and a repetitive funk bass line. It's about being in a relationship with someone that you love so much that your love feels automatic.

He'll also do anything his lover says automatically or without question because that's how much he cares for this person.

“She's Always in My Hair” by Prince

Song Year: 1985

“She's Always in My Hair” is a psychedelic rock hit that speaks to the experimentality of Prince's instrumentalism. His guitar solo in this song is out of this world, especially in his live performances.

The song's about someone who loves you and always makes it a point to tell you how much they care.

“Born 2 Die” by Prince

Song Year: 2021

Like “Welcome 2 America,” “Born 2 Die” was released after his death, which, given the title, was a bit hard-hitting for his fans. This is especially true since the song references how everybody is getting so high, and Prince died from an opioid overdose.

In any case, people appreciated the feel of this song, which was inspired by musician Curtis Mayfield.

“Sometimes It Snows in April” by Prince & The Revolution

"Sometimes It Snows in April" by Prince & The Revolution

Song Year: 1986

“Sometimes It Snows in April” shows a softer, more sentimental side of Prince, which was different compared to other songs on his Parade album.

The song is about a character named “Tracy” and references the fact that as we are mortal, so is love in a sense.

“Black Sweat” by Prince

Song Year: 2006

“Black Prince” came off as an ode to the 80s “Kiss,” as it had a funky, albeit more modern, sound and a sensual feel.

This synth-pop, minimalist song, coupled with Prince's iconic high-pitched voice, was a recipe for the commercial hit that appealed to many different listeners and worked well in both the club and the bedroom.

“Gett Off” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1991

“Get Off” is a sensual and suggestive song from Prince and the New Power Generation's 1990 E.P.

The song has layered grooves with lyrics about getting physical but also about serving a woman “right” by ensuring she gets that big O.

“Blue Light” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1992

Jazz, blues, and tropical sounds come together in “Blue Light,” making the perfect song for a late night on a beach vacation.

It's about making love not in the dark but with a sensual, inviting blue light.

“Hot Summer” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 2010

Another fun song to listen to on vacation is “Hot Summer,” which, unsurprisingly, has a feel-good, up-tempo beat that's fun to dance, clap, and sing along to.

The sound relative to his other hits makes sense for the time it was released, during a time when dance and party songs were becoming more popular again.

“My Name Is Prince” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1992

By the time Prince made “My Name Is Prince,” he was a national superstar, and this song speaks to his success.

He includes lyrics about what makes him funky and successful – his high notes, his instrumental gifts, and even his daring sexual lyrics (represented by the orgasmic sounds in the background).

“I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” by Prince

Song Year: 1987

“I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” is a classic rock staple in Prince's discography.

It's about a woman who wants to find true love after she's been hurt by another man, but Prince (or the narrator) can't give her what she's looking for.

“Dinner With Delores” by Prince

Song Year: 1996

“Dinner With Delores” is the only single – from Chaos and Disorder. It's a slower song about a character named “Delores” who is a very sexual person.

The narrator's digs at this character are a bit ironic, as Prince is known for being sexually suggestive himself, but perhaps it was meant to call out double standards.

“Thieves in the Temple” by Prince

Song Year: 1990

“Thieves in the Temple” is a striking classic rock-pop hit that tells the story of a character who is getting attacked by thieves.

These thieves are stealing his most valuable things – his soul and his lover.

“Batdance” by Prince

Song Year: 1989

“Batdance” was the lead single from Prince's 1989 Batman soundtrack. It became an instant hit, mixing elements of funk, house, and dance music into one song.

The lyrics are about the Joker and Batman, but musically it's an incredibly catchy and upbeat dance hit, perfect for a Halloween party.

“The Max” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1992

The whispering that kicks off “The Max” is quite haunting, but it's the perfect way to introduce this banging pop hit.

“The Max” incorporates a variety of interesting elements, including both live instrumentals and electronic additions, to create a vibrant overall sound.

“Gangster Glam” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1991

Prince is mostly known as a rock and pop artist, but he had his foot in the hip-hop door as well, especially in his song “Gangster Glam.”

It incorporates many 80s and 90s hip-hop sounds and techniques, making it a staple for funky old-school hip-hop soundtracks.

“Love 2 the 9s” by Prince

Song Year: 1992

As much as people might've appreciated Prince's hip-hop rapping sound, nothing compares to his high-pitched vocals, which he brings back in this 1992 hit “Love 2 the 9s.”

It's a fantastic song to listen to to kick off a romantic yet funky and fun date night.

“7” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1992

Similar to “The Max,” “7” starts with a whispering woman that sets the tone of the story.

“7” is a reference to the seven deadly sins, and it's about loving someone through any trial, tribulation, and temptation. It's also about hoping for a better future for the world.

“Damn U” by Prince & The New Power Generation

Song Year: 1992

“Damn U” has a title that makes you guess the song might be aggressive and angry, but this song is the exact opposite of that.

It's a soulful, passionate song about falling for someone so beautiful and amazing that you want to curse them sarcastically.

“The Question of U” by Prince

Song Year: 1990

“The Question of U” is a classic Prince song that has all the elements of a great soulful rock ballad – beautiful piano and guitar playing, powerful vocals, and a message about questioning our own identity.

The Question of U is a song that offers comfort and understanding to those who've ever felt lost and a bit directionless. Plus, it includes a stunning guitar solo, which never hurts!

“Chelsea Rodgers” by Prince

Song Year: 2007

“Chelsea Rodgers” is a single from Prince's 2007 album Planet Earth. It features a modern funk and disco sound and includes some synthesizers and trumpets in the background to add a more upbeat dance vibe.

It's about a character “Chelsea Rodgers” who is a model and praises models in general while making some commentary on the modeling industry and Hollywood.

“Willing and Able” by Prince

Song Year: 1991

From the 1991 album Diamonds and Pearls, “Willing and Able” is a groovy hit that dives into the power of positivity and how it can help us get through tough times.

The song encourages us to stay focused on our goals and to never quit, no matter what. It's a wonderful song to listen to when feeling down or unmotivated.

“Partyman” by Prince

Song Year: 1989

Prince was a master at creating songs that make you want to dance, and “Partyman” is no exception.

Created for the Batman album in 1989, it's a fast and upbeat song about having fun, letting loose, and celebrating life. It has some great guitars and drums in it that will surely get your toes tapping, fingers snapping, and hips moving!

“Sexuality” by Prince

Song Year: 1981

Prince was also a master at creating songs that depicted sexually suggestive themes, and he was not shying away from it in his song “Sexuality,” which opens with orgasmic screaming.

Even though Prince came from a religious background and ultimately joined Jehovah's Witnesses later in life, he was unafraid and unashamed to talk about his sexuality in his music.

“Alphabet St.” by Prince

Song Year: 1988

Prince's “Alphabet St.” is about going to find the woman of his dreams and seducing her with his words and sexy car.

It's a funky, groovy, comical song that's perfect for the listener who doesn't like taking things so seriously.

“The Greatest Romance Ever Sold” by Prince

Song Year: 1999

“The Greatest Romance Ever Sold” is an R&B hit from the 1999 Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic.

The orchestral strings make it more intriguing than other R&B songs at the time. And, of course, Prince's exceptional vocals make this soulful, mid-tempo song even more inviting.

“Girls and Boys” by Prince & The Revolution

Song Year: 1986

“Girls and Boys” is a jazz-pop tune that tells the story of a boy who's gradually becoming interested in a girl.

He finds her intriguing and attractive and ultimately falls in love with her, even though she is with another man. This song speaks to the complicated feelings and situations that falling in love can bring.

“Mountains” by Prince & The Revolution

Song Year: 1986

In “Mountains,” Prince & The Revolution take us on an emotional and spiritual journey. It's a song about persevering through life's unpredictable struggles, no matter how big or small they are.

The song promotes the power of faith and love and how both of those things can help us get through anything. It's arguably one of Prince's most underrated hits.

“Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?” by Prince

Song Year: 1979

In “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?” Prince uses his high-pitched vocal range to convey a man who is saddened by getting treated poorly by someone he loves so dearly.

Although the lyrics are sad, the beat is very catchy and dance-worthy, which might convey the mismatched dynamic in the relationship he's portraying.

“I Wish U Heaven” by Prince

Song Year: 1988

“I Wish U Heaven” is from the Lovesexy album, and in it, Prince sings over a bright, funky beat to wish someone love and peace.

It's a song with simple lyrics that can relate to many people, whether you've just broken up with someone you still care about, someone you're close with is moving away to start a new journey, or else.

“Cinnamon Girl” by Prince

Song Year: 2004

In 2004's Musicology, Prince seemed to want to make sure he was still seen as a dynamic, versatile artist, and “Cinnamon Girl” helped his case.

He incorporates sounds from the 80s and 90s while still making it sound like it belonged in the 21st century, creating a modern old-school vibe that can appeal to all ages.

“Paisley Park” by Prince & The Revolution

Song Year: 1985

“Paisley Park” is a rock hit from Around the World in a Day that illustrates a day in a public park.

Prince highlights the seemingly mundane, drawing attention to diverse people, kids laughing, a sad woman, and other various things you might see at the park.

“Uptown” by Prince

Song Year: 1980

Although it was released in 1980, “Uptown” still has the feel of groovy 70s disco, making it an excellent song to dance along with to this day.

Given the cool tones and punk-rock elements sprinkled in, it's a lively song that simply never gets old!

Top Songs By The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, Final Thoughts

From the late 70s to the early 2000s, Prince has been treating listeners to dynamic, eclectic, experiential, and overall beautiful music.

Prince passed away in 2016, but he has undoubtedly lived on through his music that people still listen to and presumably will continue to listen to for decades to come.

These are just some of the best Prince songs and he has an extensive array of music, so this list doesn't fully encapsulate his greatness.

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