17 Best Mark Ronson Songs

Best Mark Ronson Songs

Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Mark Ronson is one of the most celebrated musicians in the world. He’s made tracks for superstars like Bruno Mars and Miley Cyrus, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Here are the best Mark Ronson songs ever.

1. Uptown Funk

Song Year: 2014

Mark Ronson's “Uptown Funk” featuring Bruno Mars is arguably his most successful single release. The track has a funky beat and infectious melody, making it great for dancing. The track became a hit after its release, topping charts in several countries.

The song is about having a good time and showing off your confidence. The lyrics celebrate living in the moment and not worrying about the past. The track’s production is flawless, with Ronson incorporating funk, soul, disco-pop, and boogie elements to create a unique sound.

2. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

Song Year: 2018

Mark Ronson features Miley Cyrus in this emotional track. The song is a catchy mix of pop and country with lyrics that explore heartbreak and the struggles of moving on. Ronson and Cyrus' vocals blend seamlessly, creating a powerful track that became a chart-topping hit in multiple countries.

The track showcases Mark Ronson's ability to push boundaries and create unique music that resonates with audiences across genres and generations.

3. Electricity

Song Year: 2018

One of the best Mark Ronson songs, “Electricity,” features English singer Dua Lipa and electronic duo Silk City (which Ronson formed with DJ Diplo). The track combines electropop, diva house, and disco-house components to achieve a catchy beat.

The song tells the story of a night out where two people meet and attract each other's energy. One has been through a painful breakup, but they now find solace in one another.

4. Valerie

Song Year: 2007

The song is one of the most popular and iconic tracks that Mark Ronson has ever produced. The Zutons and Mark Ronson wrote the track, a fusion of classic rock, soul, and pop.

Amy Winehouse's powerful and soulful voice, paired with Mark Ronson's funky and groovy production, resulted in a song that is an instant classic. The track is all about having a good time and enjoying life, with lyrics that are catchy and easy to sing along to.

5. Late Night Feelings

Song Year: 2019

The song is Ronson’s 5th album's title track and features Lykke Li. The song has a more country-influenced sound but still has the disco elements that Ronson has become known for. The lyrics touch on themes of heartbreak and the struggles of relationships.

The song’s protagonist is complaining about being ignored by their significant other despite yearning to have long, late-night calls with them.

6. Stop Me

Song Year: 2007

“Stop Me” is a hit song from Mark Ronson's album “Version,” featuring vocals by Australian singer Daniel Merriweather. The track is a mash-up of two classic songs: “Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before” by The Smiths and “You Keep Me Hangin' On” by The Supremes.

The lyrics are about a man trying to move on from a past relationship but keeps hearing reminders of his ex-girlfriend everywhere he goes. It became a chart-topping hit in the UK and reached the top 40 in several countries.

7. Don’t Leave Me Lonely

Song Year: 2019

The track is a collaboration between Mark Ronson and YEBBA. It’s about the fear of being left alone and struggling to maintain a relationship. YEBBA's powerful vocals and Ronson's signature funk-pop sound create an emotional and catchy track.

The lyrics discuss wanting someone to stay by your side even when times get tough. It's a relatable song showcasing his talent and emotional depth.

8. Anywhere in the World

Song Year: 2012

Serving as a promotional song for the 2012 London Olympics, the track features British singer Katy B. The song is an upbeat dance track that talks about wanting to go anywhere and escape reality. The lyrics mention traveling to different places and making memories. Katy B's vocals add a touch of soulful melody to the song and make it a fun listen.

9. Ooh Wee

Ooh Wee

Song Year: 2003

Listening to “Ooh Wee” from Mark Ronson's debut album, “Here Comes the Fuzz,” is an absolute treat. The track features rap legends Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife, and Saigon, and it's a funky, groovy piece perfect for getting down on the dance floor.

The song combines hip-hop, soul, and R&B, and Mark Ronson's production skills shine through. The video for the song is also worth checking out, with its retro, 2000s vibe.

It perfectly represents how Mark Ronson can combine different artists and styles to create a cohesive and unique sound.

10. Just

Song Year: 2007

The funky track perfectly exemplifies Ronson's signature blend of retro influences and modern production techniques. It features rapper Alex Greenwald on vocals. The track features catchy guitar riffs, tight horns, and a funky beat that is impossible not to dance along to.

Greenwald's rapped verses add a playful energy to the track, making it an instant party starter. The song was a hit in the UK, reaching number 31 on the charts. The song is a fantastic example of Ronson's unique ability to blend different genres and create timeless tracks that stand the test of time.

11. Oh My God

Song Year: 2007

The song was released in 2007 and quickly became a hit, receiving widespread critical acclaim and solidifying Ronson's status as a top producer in the industry.

The track opens with a funky guitar riff. As soon as Lily Allen starts singing, it's clear that the song is something special. The catchy chorus is infectious, with Allen's voice floating over a thumping bassline and slick production.

What's particularly impressive about the track is how it’s both a fun, danceable track and a sharp commentary on society. The lyrics criticize consumerism and the cult of celebrity.

12. Daffodils

Song Year: 2015

Talk of a collaboration made in heaven, Mark Ronson teamed up with Tame Impala's Kevin Parker for the song. The psychedelic track features Parker's signature distorted vocals and Ronson's funk-inspired beats.

It perfectly showcases Ronson's ability to blend different genres and create something unique. The song has a laid-back groove that captures the essence of 70s psychedelic rock and brings it into the 21st century.

The lyrics are whimsical and dreamy, making it the perfect song for a lazy afternoon or a road trip with friends.

13. Find U Again

Song Year: 2019

The song is among Ronson’s singles that are commercially successful. It’s a pop song with electronic elements, and its lyrics talk about trying to find a lost love.

One of the most remarkable things about the song is the combination of Camila Cabello's soulful voice and Mark Ronson's impeccable production skills. The song features a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head.

The electronic beat, mixed with Cabello's powerful vocals, creates a dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere that takes you on an emotional ride. It explores the themes of love and heartbreak.

14. Bang Bang Bang

Song Year: 2010

The infectious song features Q-Tip and MNDR and is about good vibes. From the opening beats to the catchy chorus, it’s a song that will get stuck in your head and keep you dancing all night long. Q-Tip's smooth raps blend perfectly with MNDR's mesmerizing vocals, creating a dynamic and fun-filled collaboration.

The song was a hit on the charts, and it's easy to see why. With its pulsing beat and infectious melody, it's a song that will have you singing and dancing along in no time.

So next time you're looking for a song that will lift your mood and get you moving, give “Bang Bang Bang” a listen. It's fun and upbeat vibe makes it the perfect addition to any party playlist or workout mix.

15. True Blue

Song Year: 2019

The track appears in his 2019 album “Late Night Feelings.” The song features Angel Olsen and is a beautiful ode to true love. The track has a vintage vibe, featuring an array of instruments, including saxophone, trumpet, and piano.

The lyrics talk about the ups and downs of love but ultimately affirm the importance of staying true to someone you love. The track’s infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a standout track on the album.

16. Why Hide

Song Year: 2019

The track is a collaboration between Mark Ronson and Diana Gordon. It’s about the end of a relationship and the emotions that come with it. The lyrics talk about how difficult it is to hide your true feelings when you still care for someone.

Diana Gordon's powerful vocals bring a raw and emotional intensity to the song, making it one of the standout tracks on the album. Ronson's production skillfully combines electronic and acoustic elements to create a haunting and introspective sound.

17. Pieces of Us

Song Year: 2019

Mark Ronson features King Princess in this slow, soulful ballad. The lyrics are about a relationship that has ended, but the memories of the good times remain.

Ronson's production features a melancholy piano melody and soft percussion, creating a contemplative mood that complements Princess’s delicate vocals. It's a wonderful representation of Mark Ronson's versatility as a producer and songwriter.

Top Mark Ronson Songs, Final Thoughts

Mark Ronson has made a name for himself in the music industry as a producer, DJ, and songwriter. His music has a unique style that blends different genres, resulting in hits everyone can enjoy. The best Mark Ronson songs on our list showcase his creativity as a musician.

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