15 Best Juan Gabriel Songs

Best Juan Gabriel Songs

Juan Gabriel was one of the most influential Latin singers of all time. He was known for his melodic voice and captivating live performances. He passed away in 2016, but his legacy still lives on. We’ve compiled a list of the best Juan Gabriel songs that you should check out.

1. “Amor Eterno”

Song Year: 1984

Amor Eterno is arguably the most successful Juan Gabriel release. The song is a heartfelt and moving tribute to a lost partner. It conveys the anguish and suffering of a broken person who misses their partner dearly and yearns for their company.

With Juan Gabriel's soulful vocals and a beautiful string arrangement, the song's lyrics speak to everyone who has ever felt the pain of losing someone special.

2. “Ya No Vivo Por Vivir (featuring Natalia Lafourcade)”

Song Year: 2015

The beautiful song showcases both artists' vocal abilities as they sing about feeling lost and aimless without their loved ones by their side. The lyrics are emotional and raw as the protagonist describes how everything in their life is pointless. The melody is haunting and powerful, adding to the song's overall impact.

3. “Abrazame Muy Fuerte”

Song Year: 2000

The beautiful ballad talks about the importance of love and holding on to the person you love. The protagonist expresses a longing and the desire to never let go of their loved one. Besides having a melancholic feel, Juan Gabriel's voice highlights the track’s emotional depth. The song has stood the test of time because its message of love resonates with listeners from all walks of life.

4. “No Tengo Dinero”

Song Year: 1971

The song's lyrics revolve around not having enough money to win the heart of the person you love. The singer laments about his lack of material wealth and wishes to provide more for his loved one. Despite the song's melancholy theme, it's an upbeat tune with a catchy melody.

The rhythm is a mix of cumbia and rock, making it easy to dance. The singer’s passionate delivery of the lyrics adds to the track’s emotional impact. It became an instant hit in Mexico and throughout Latin America, and it's still considered one of the best Juan Gabriel songs.

5. “Se Me Olvido Otra Vez”

Song Year: 1974

The classic ballad is about a man who has made a mistake in his relationship. He pleads with his partner for forgiveness and another chance, admitting that he has forgotten their love in the past but promises never to let it happen again. The emotional lyrics and Gabriel's heartfelt vocals make this song a favorite among fans.

6. “En Esta Primavera”

Song Year: 1973

The heartfelt love song captures the beauty and joy of springtime. The song features a gentle melody, an acoustic guitar, and soft piano. Juan Gabriel's soulful voice shines throughout the song as he describes the happiness and excitement of falling in love in the season of renewal. He uses imagery to convey his feelings by referencing blooming flowers and the sun’s warmth.

7. “Yo No Naci Para Amar”

Song Year: 1980

“Yo No Naci Para Amar” is a sad song that expresses the pain of unreciprocated love, something that most people can relate to. The lyrics describe a person who feels unloved and unappreciated by their partner. The singer laments that despite their efforts to please and make them happy, they’re always rejected.

 What makes the track so powerful is Juan Gabriel's emotive voice. His heartfelt delivery perfectly captures the lyrics' emotions.

8. “Hasta Que Te Conoci”

“Hasta Que Te Conoci”

Song Year: 1986

The song tells the story of a guy's life before and after meeting the love of his life. The lyrics detail the emptiness he felt before finding his soulmate and how his life was completely transformed once they came into his life. It's a tribute to the power of love to heal and transform our lives. The combination of Juan Gabriel's commanding vocals and heartfelt melody creates a unique tune.

9. “Querida”

Song Year: 1984

The track tells the story of a guy who's sad because his partner has left him. The lyrics clearly show the man expressing his love for the lady and begging her to return. Juan Gabriel combines Mexican folk and modern pop elements to create a heartfelt tune.

The song also features traditional instruments like the mariachi, creating an emotional atmosphere that complements the lyrics perfectly.

10. “De Mi Enamorate”

Song Year: 1986

The song talks about the joys of falling in love. Juan Gabriel's signature style is on full display in this song. His soulful voice and emotional delivery create a beautiful melody. The lyrics speak of the narrator's desire to find a new love that will fill their heart with joy and happiness. He urges listeners to let go of their fears and open their hearts for love to find them.

11. “El Noa Noa”

Song Year: 1980

The song tells the story of a nightclub in Mexico where people go to forget their troubles and dance the night away. The song captures the club’s lively atmosphere with its upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics.

The song grew into one of Juan Gabriel's most recognizable hits and a staple of his concerts. Besides its energetic vibe, the rack is also a perfect representation of the power of music to bring people together and offer an escape from life’s struggles.

12. “Pero Que Necesidad”

Song Year: 1994

The song is a heart-breaking ballad about a man abandoned by their lover and questioning why they needed to leave. The lyrics are powerful and emotional, with Juan Gabriel's distinctive voice conveying the pain and sadness of the situation. It’s a song that resonates with many people because its themes of love and heartbreak are universal.

13. “Ya Lo Se Tu Te Vas”

Song Year: 1982

The beautiful ballad is about the pain and sorrow of heartbreak. The song is filled with emotions as the protagonist describes he knows that his lover is leaving and he’ll miss her terribly. The song's melody is haunting, with a soft acoustic guitar and piano accompanying Juan Gabriel's voice. Several artists have covered the track, but Juan Gabriel's original version remains the best.

14. “Por Que Me Haces Llorar”

Song Year: 2014

The song showcases Juan Gabriel's raw emotion and lyrical prowess. It's a beautiful and heart-breaking ballad about unrequited love and the pain of watching someone you love be with someone else.

The lyrics portray the narrator prophesying his affection for their partner and begging her to stop playing with his heart. The melody is simple and emotional, with a beautiful piano arrangement that complements the lyrics.

15. “La Muerte del Palomo”

Song Year: 1974

The song is about the death of a dove and how it brings about feelings of sadness and despair. In the lyrics, Juan Gabriel compares the dove's death to the end of a relationship, highlighting the heartache of losing someone you love. The song's beautiful melody and touching lyrics have made it a timeless classic that resonates with listeners of all ages.

Top Juan Gabriel Songs, Final Thoughts

Juan Gabriel was not only a legendary singer but also a composer and an actor. His distinctive voice, passionate lyrics, and emotional performances made him a fan favorite. His music has a universal appeal that transcends language and culture. We hope our list of the best Juan Gabriel songs will inspire you to explore more of his discography.

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