21 Famous Hausa Songs

Famous Hausa Songs

There is no shortage of famous Hausa songs. If you’re unfamiliar with songs in this language, or you just want a handy playlist of top Hausa songs, check out our list below.

“Mafarkina” by Hamisu Breaker

Song Year: 2023

This brand new song by artist Hamisu Breaker portrays the emotional anguish of a man who has uncovered who he is destined to be with but isn’t with her yet. As the song goes on, he goes back to reminiscing about their initial meetings and the connection that took place at that time while simultaneously wondering if his dream to be with her will ever come true.

“Chass” by Ado Gwanja

Song Year: 2022

The beat that accompanies this hip-hop and rap collaboration is what drives the love for the song. With a mix of traditional dance and background instruments, it’s hard to listen to this tune without having a smile on your face. The song was released on Gwanja’s album of the same name in 2022 and has seen international success ever since.

“Warr” by Ado Gwanja

Song Year: 2022

“Chass” is not the only famous Ado Gwanja hit when it comes to the best Hausa songs. “Warr” gives a different sound and feel than the prior selection with a message that speaks to not giving up when people appear to be against you. Simultaneously, “Warr” gives credit to the internal happiness of women by commenting that they are born to dance to all music they encounter.

“Abbana” by Nura M. Inuwa

Song Year: 2018

On his album “Ranar Aurena,” Nura M. Inuwa hit it big with the single “Abbana.” With an electronic focus, your ear immediately dials into the powerful notes. Many of Inuwa’s songs are utilized for movies and TV shows, which makes them easy to place when they hear them outside of those elements. He has released 12 albums of his songs, some of which he co-wrote with other musicians.

“Mahakurci Mawadaci” by Umar M. Shareef

Song Year: 2020

With a title that translates to “Wealthy Man” in English, the song “Mahakurci Mawadaci” is a famous Hausa song that came out in 2020 but continues to be played on radios and online. This song is under the category of folk and world music, with the album title being “World Rhapsody Vol. 25.”

“Jaruma” by Hamisu Breaker

Song Year: 2020

Another of the best Hausa songs to grace this list is “Jaruma.” This hit is the second one we list by Hamisu Breaker, and although the song’s release date was in 2020, it is still at the top of the charts several years later. Many Hausa speakers relate to the message of love in this song and pledge to use it on their wedding days to proclaim their devotion to their significant other.

“Arewa Angel” by Ali Jita

Song Year: 2019

This smooth Hausa beat is not only popular within Africa but throughout the world. Many countries have this song on their top played lists due to the beautiful vocals and upbeat music. The song speaks to a singer's beauty for his lover and all the ways in which he appreciates her personality.

“Sangandali” by Misbahu M. Ahmad

Song Year: 2018

To represent the authentic sounds of Africa, musician Misbahu M. Ahmad compiled a record of beautiful music and lyrics for his album “Iconic Sounds of Africa.” The song “Sangandali” quickly rose to the top of the charts for its high-energy effects and African attributes throughout the beat. The song speaks to the force of camaraderie when it comes to relationships.

“Mai Ceto Na (My Saviour)” by Kenny K'ore

Song Year: 2018

This song, with components in both English and Hausa, brings the gospel music genre to the list of famous Hausa songs. “Mai Ceto Na” translates to My Saviour, and the song speaks to the love one should have for God and the amazing things he has done for everyone. The blend of language and the upbeat tempo is a welcome addition to the gospel and this list.

“Dawo Masoyina Dawo” by Adam A. Zango and Aisha Gombe

Song Year: 2017

This collaborative hit between Hausa musicians Adam A. Zango and Aisha Gombe was done in 2017 but still sees a great deal of play over five years later. The song title translates to wanting someone you love to come back. Through the music video, you can see that it speaks of a couple in the throes of an argument but on the path to reconciliation.

“Soyayya” by Garzali Miko

Song Year: 2020

As one of the most famous Hausa songs on the radio and internet today, “Soyayya” by Garzali Miko is a hit among those within Africa and outside the region. The video depicts a woman surrounded by dancing men with high-energy lyrics and background music. While the artist's release was in the year 2020, this song still gets a lot of replay among fans.

“Kaddarar Rayuwa (Labarina)” by Salim Smart

“Kaddarar Rayuwa (Labarina)” by Salim Smart

Song Year: 2021

This Hausa song encompasses a story as told by the musician. The word “Labarina” gives the translation of “my story,” which is the primary focus of the song. With guest artist Hairat Abdullahi included in the vocals, the end result is a dynamic expression of life and the reasons and meanings behind various events.

“Asha Rawa Rawa” by Ado Gwanja

Song Year: 2018

Another top Hausa song by Ado Gwanja is “Asha Rawa Rawa.” This song’s release date was in 2018, and you will find it in several movie scenes within Africa. The lyrical meaning includes words encouraging women to dance as if they are free from anything holding them back.

“Mariya” by Umar M. Shareef

Song Year: 2018

This song by Umar M. Shareef is the primary song in a movie named “Mariya.” Throughout the lyrics, the man in the story is telling the woman how much he is in love with her. However, he has to convince her that he is the one she should be with, and in the end, she agrees that they are a good match.

“Matar Mijina” by Nura M. Inuwa

Song Year: 2018

Another one of our famous Hausa songs by Nura M. Inuwa, “Matar Mijina,” covers the theme of being a husband and what that means in a relationship. This song is part of Inuwa’s album “Wasika.” You can also find it on the soundtrack of a popular Hausa film of the same name.

“Girgiza” by Adam A. Zango

Song Year: 2018

The Hausa song “Girgiza” by famous musician Adam A. Zango is part of the artist's album entitled “Sharafi.” You can also find the song on a mixed album called “Tribal Nightlife, Vol. 1.” The word girgiza translates to “shake” in English. Therefore, this song is about getting up, shaking your booty, and having fun with life.

“Zumar Kauna” by Hamisu Breaker

Song Year: 2020

This song by Hamisu Breaker is a love song that comes with a dedication to his significant other. In both the lyrics and video, he expresses his love for her by comparing her to the sweetness of honey. “Zumar Kauna,” which means honey of love, is a very trendy song on the TikTok social media platform.

“Insha Allahu” by S. James

Song Year: 2022

Although he is newer to the Hausa music scene, S. James has quickly made a name for himself with his upbeat and cheery tracks. This song, “Insha Allahu,” features guest artist Madox Tbb. The song's title (also the name of the corresponding album) translates to God-willing. While you will primarily only hear this hit in Africa, a few English language additions exist throughout the lyrics.

“Ya Ramadan” by FaruQ Starlex

Song Year: 2023

FaruQ Starlex wears many different hats, including those of songwriter, rapper, singer, and performer. His Hausa music includes Afrobeats and Nigerian street music. The song “Ya Ramadan” speaks of the artist's love for Allah during the month of Ramadan and the importance that religion plays in his life.

“Kalata” by Salim Smart

Song Year: 2023

Salim Smart is a rising star when it comes to the best Hausa songs. “Kalata” is no exception. The lyrics of the song talk about finding a person to share life with that matches up with what your type is. The word Kalata translates to “my type” and gives the impression that the person understands what they want out of a partner.

“Baiwa” by Mark Mighty, DJ Ontop, and Gwanja Jr.

Song Year: 2022

As an up-and-coming singing artist, Mark Mighty is quickly making a name for himself in Hausa music. His song “Baiwa” brings beautiful instrumentals, traditional drumming, and exceptional lyrics to a hit song. Joining in are guest musicians DJ Ontop and Gwanja Jr, who add hip-hop and rap elements to the track.

Best Hausa Songs, Final Thoughts

There are many famous Hausa songs that much of the world is unaware of due to language and geographical barriers. However, the areas of Africa where this music is prominent are seeing a significant uptick in new artists trying out various genres and song styles with lyrics in Hausa.

For those of us who want to expand our musical selections and try out different songs from around the world, we provide some of the best Hausa songs in this guide. Whether it’s the gospel, folk, hip hop, or electronica, there’s a little something for everyone on this list.

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