23 Best Gay Rock Bands [LGBTQ]

Best Gay Rock Bands

Today we’ll showcase the best gay rock bands ever. Some have exclusively gay members, others have a mix. With this list, you'll discover or reconnect with artists who've made significant strides in promoting inclusivity and diversity within the rock genre.

1.   Judas Priest

Diving straight into the world of heavy metal music, Judas Priest stands out as an icon, not just for their legendary sound but also for being one of the most famous openly gay rock bands.

The band's frontman, Rob Halford, busted open a closet door in 1998 during an unforgettable MTV interview when he came out as gay. This pivot turned the tables and brought an explicitly gay dimension to Judas Priest's leather biker aesthetic that they're well-known for.

His decision to come out after hiding his identity for many years was groundbreaking – it paved the way for other musicians within this genre to do likewise without fear or hesitation.

We owe much of our progress towards inclusivity in rock music today largely due to trailblazers like Rob Halford and bands like Judas Priest.

Judas Priest

2.   Hunx & His Punx

Hunx & His Punx, a noteworthy name in San Francisco's queercore scene, defy expectations and subvert traditional gender roles through their music. The band is made up of Seth Bogart, Shannon Shaw, and Erin Emslie – with Bogart being the primary songwriter and vocalist.

Known for songs that echo the style of 50's and 60's girl groups but sung by a gay man, Hunx & His Punx redefines the norms of both rock music and societal roles.

The band takes pride in their lively performances that are full of chaotic energy. They regularly enlist various musicians to join them during these performances and recordings.

Their creative blend of punk, rock, and pop, marked with catchy melodies, brings a unique vibe into the queer rock genre.

They have remained relatively quiet on the music front – much to fans' disappointment! But fret not! You can still find Hunx & His Punx rocking LGBTQ-themed playlists on Spotify to date.

Hunx & His Punx

3.   Control Top

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Philadelphia, Control Top is a punk trio that's not afraid to push boundaries and break norms. They're formed by Ali Carter (vocals/bass), Al Creedon (guitar), and Alex Lichtenauer (drums).

Through their powerful lyrics and raw sound, they grapple with issues like social injustice and personal growth. Blending post-punk with noise rock, this band engages in an explosive criticism of societal standards.

Carter, being openly queer in her personal life as well as on stage, wields her sexuality like a part of the rebellion against conformity. Since their formation in 2015, we've seen Control Top grow into one of those LGBTQ+ musicians making waves under the radar.

Control Top

4.   Doll Skin

Doll Skin is an exciting and dynamic rock band that deserves recognition in the LGBTQ music scene.

While they may not identify as a strictly gay rock band, their members have been outspoken about their support for the LGBTQ community, making them important allies in the fight for equality and representation within rock music.

Doll Skin's commitment to inclusivity and celebration of diversity make them an essential part of any list highlighting LGBTQ+ representation in rock music.

Doll Skin

5. Forever Emerald

Forever Emerald is a sensational gay rock band that has been making waves in the music industry. With their unique sound and powerful lyrics, they have captivated audiences all over the world.

This talented group of LGBTQ musicians has not only achieved great success but also faced their fair share of struggles along the way.

As members of the LGBTQ community, Forever Emerald uses their music as a platform to express themselves and address important issues.

Forever Emerald

6.   Tribe 8

Tribe 8 was an all-lesbian punk rock band hailing from San Francisco. They were pioneers in the queercore music scene and took their name from the practice of tribadism, a sexual act between women.

Tribe 8's music and performances were known for defying societal norms and challenging the heteronormative standards of the music industry. Throughout their career, Tribe 8 faced controversy due to their provocative lyrics and stage antics. However, they also gained a dedicated following who appreciated their boldness and authenticity.

As one of the top LGBTQ+ bands, Tribe 8 has made a significant impact on both the punk rock genre and the larger music industry as a whole.

Tribe 8

7.  Team Dresch

Team Dresch is a feminist queercore band that formed in the early 1990s. They were founded by members Donna Dresch and Jody Bleyle to create an “all-dyke band.” Their music was deeply rooted in the queercore movement, which aimed to create explicitly queer music.

Over their five-year active period, Team Dresch released two albums and a collection of singles that became lesbian anthems for many young queer people in the 90s.

Team Dresch

8.  Pansy Division

Pansy Division is a groundbreaking band with a special place in LGBTQ history. Formed in 1991 during the AIDS crisis, they are regarded as one of the first openly gay rock bands.

Hailing from San Francisco, California, their music blends pop punk and power pop genres to create catchy and energetic tunes.

What sets Pansy Division apart is their unapologetic focus on gay romance and sexual liberation in their lyrics. Their songs celebrate queer culture with a sense of humor and honesty.

Pansy Division

9.  Nervous Gender

Nervous Gender is a punk band with strong LGBTQ+ representation that emerged during the 1980s. Their music became an outlet for expressing their sexuality and gender identity, addressing topics that were often considered taboo at the time.

As part of the queercore genre, Nervous Gender's lyrics challenged societal norms and embraced diversity within the punk scene. They created anthems that resonated with the LGBTQ+ community, offering a voice and sense of belonging to those who felt marginalized or misunderstood.

Nervous Gender

10. The Gossip

The Gossip is a band that has made a significant impact on the LGBTQ+ community with their powerful music. The lead singer, Beth Ditto, is an iconic figure and diva ally for many queer artists.

Their anthems resonate deeply within the LGBTQ+ community and have become symbols of pride and empowerment. Songs like “Standing in the Way of Control” have become LGBTQ anthems, inspiring and uniting people around the world.

The Gossip

11. Limp Wrist

Limp Wrist is an iconic American punk rock band that has been making waves in the queercore movement since their formation in 1998. With members from notable bands like Los Crudos and Hail Mary, Limp Wrist has become a force to be reckoned with in the punk rock scene for over two decades.

What sets them apart is their energetic live performances and lyrics that tackle themes concerning the gay community. By reclaiming the derogatory term “limp wrist,” Limp Wrist has embraced their identity and become one of our time's great queer punk bands.

Limp Wrist

12. Years & Years

Years & Years, the British synth-pop sensation led by openly gay singer Olly Alexander, has left an indelible mark on pop queer culture. Their music and message resonate deeply with LGBTQ+ audiences, inspiring empowerment and self-acceptance.

Through hits like “King,” “Shine,” and “Sanctify,” they've embraced LGBTQ+ themes, dismantling stereotypes and amplifying representation. In interviews and social media, they championed LGBTQ+ rights, fostering visibility and understanding.

Years & Years of unyielding dedication to inclusivity and celebration of identity continue to shape a more accepting and compassionate world.

Years & Years

13. Wayne County & The Electric Chairs

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs were pioneers in the punk rock scene of the 1970s. With their raw and rude sound, they pushed boundaries within the genre and became one of the first gay punk bands.

Led by Wayne County, who later transitioned to Jayne County, this band fearlessly explored themes of transgender identity through their music.

Wayne County herself mentioned being shot at during her career. However, despite these challenges, Wayne County & The Electric Chairs left a lasting impact on both the LGBTQ community and music history overall.

Wayne County And The Electric Chairs

14. Middle-Aged Queers

Middle-Aged Queers is a rock band that embraces their LGBTQ+ identity through their music. Their energetic performances and catchy tunes have gained them a dedicated fanbase within the community and beyond.

With their powerful melodies and meaningful lyrics, Middle-Aged Queers embody the spirit of LGBTQ+ music while creating a space for everyone to feel seen and heard.

Middle-Aged Queers

15. Against Me!

Against Me! is an American punk rock band that has become a prominent figure in the LGBTQ+ music scene. Led by openly transgender singer and guitarist Laura Jane Grace, Against Me! has used their platform to advocate for transgender rights and promote inclusivity within the rock music community.

Their music addresses themes of identity, gender, and sexuality, resonating with LGBTQ+ audiences and offering a relatable voice for those navigating these struggles. With albums like “Transgender Dysphoria Blues,” Against Me! has received critical acclaim for their honest and raw portrayal of Grace's experiences.

The band's activism extends beyond their music, as they have participated in various LGBTQ+ events and Pride celebrations. Against Me!'s empowering anthem, “True Trans Soul Rebel,” has become a rallying cry for many transgender individuals seeking self-acceptance and authenticity.

Against Me!

16. Aye Nako

Aye Nako is a name that cannot be overlooked when discussing the best LGBTQ+ rock bands. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, this band has made waves in the indie and pop punk scene with their unique sound influenced by '90s pop punk.

Aye Nako's music goes beyond just catchy tunes; it challenges the white, cisgender, and heterosexual norms of the industry.

What sets Aye Nako apart is their unapologetic approach to addressing queer and trans experiences through their sad punk songs. Their lyrics touch on the struggles and triumphs of being black, queer, and trans in a society that often tries to push them aside.

Aye Nako

17. Partner

Partner is a Canadian rock band consisting of two queer individuals, Josée Caron, and Lucy Niles. Their music is often described as a mix of punk, grunge, and pop-rock, with catchy melodies and infectious energy.

As LGBTQ musicians, Partner brings essential visibility to the community through their lyrics and performances.

Josée Caron's powerful guitar riffs and Lucy Niles' dynamic drumming create a unique sound that captures listeners' attention. Their album “In Search of Lost Time” received critical acclaim for its honest and introspective songwriting.

Partner's songs touch on love, relationships, queerness, and self-acceptance.

What sets Partner apart is their ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level while still rocking out. They have cultivated a devoted fanbase who appreciate their authentic representation in the music industry.


18. The Internet

The Internet is an influential neo-soul and R&B band known for their smooth grooves and soulful melodies. Led by lead vocalist Syd Tha Kyd, who identifies as queer, the band has significantly impacted pop queer culture.

Syd's openness about her sexuality and experiences has resonated with LGBTQ+ audiences, providing representation and visibility. Their music, including hits like “Girl” and “Special Affair,” delves into themes of love, relationships, and self-discovery, connecting with fans on a deeper emotional level.

By embracing their identity and sharing their authentic stories, The Internet has contributed to a more inclusive and understanding music landscape, earning critical acclaim and admiration from both queer and mainstream audiences. Their contributions continue to inspire and empower LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide.

The Internet

19. Screaming Females

Screaming Females is a band that deserves to be recognized and celebrated in the LGBTQIA+ music scene. Led by the talented queer woman in rock, Marissa Paternoster, Screaming Females have made their mark with their unique sound and powerful performances.

Their recent album showcases their motivation and passion for creating incredible music that resonates with audiences.

It's important to note that Screaming Females' inclusion in this list highlights their contribution to the LGBTQIA+ community and their significance within the rock genre as a whole.

Screaming Females

20. The Butchies

The Butchies, a prominent queer rock band formed in 1998, have left an indelible mark on the LGBTQ+ music community. Led by openly queer musician Kaia Wilson, their unique sound and emotionally charged lyrics resonate deeply with audiences, addressing themes of identity, love, and queer experiences.

Their powerful performances and unapologetic approach have made them icons in the queer music scene, breaking barriers and challenging norms in the male-dominated rock genre. The Butchies' authenticity and visibility have provided much-needed representation for LGBTQ+ fans, inspiring empowerment and pride.

Throughout their career, they've released critically acclaimed albums like “Are We Not Femme?” and “3,” solidifying their place in the history of queer rock. Their enduring influence continues to inspire and uplift queer individuals, promoting visibility and acceptance in the wider music industry.

The Butchies

21. Boygenius

Boygenius is a supergroup of three talented indie singer-songwriters: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. Their influence in pop queer culture has been significant, as all three artists have openly discussed their experiences with sexuality and mental health in their works.

In the 2018 EP “Boygenius,” they showcased a powerful blend of their unique voices, addressing themes of love, growth, and vulnerability. Their collaboration served as an empowering force for queer and marginalized communities, resonating with fans who found solace in their authentic storytelling.


22. Fab The Duo

Fab The Duo is a musical duo that deserves every bit of recognition on this list. Composed of two talented individuals they met through Tinder and have since been making waves in the music industry.

Their most recent work, “Our Love Is Resistance,” showcases their mission to challenge stereotypes and change the cultural narrative about love in the LGBTQ space.

Fab The Duo's music is not just catchy; it carries a powerful message of empowerment, acceptance, and resilience within the LGBTQ community.

Fab The Duo

23. Dazey And The Scouts

Dazey and the Scouts is an incredibly talented queer band hailing from Boston. They were active for a few years, playing at various house shows that quickly became legendary within the LGBTQ+ music scene.

Their album “Maggot” gained significant popularity among young queer and trans individuals who resonated with their catchy songs that often explore themes of sex. Dazey and the Scouts have successfully carved out a space for themselves in the industry and have gained a strong following within the LGBTQ+ community.

While they've received acclaim from many, it's important to note that this talented group has also faced backlash from specific individuals within the music scene. However, this has yet to deter them from making incredible music that defies expectations.

Dazey And The Scouts

Top Gay Rock Bands, Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this article celebrates the influence and impact of LGBTQ+ musicians in rock music. These bands have broken barriers and provided a platform for queer voices to be heard.

From pioneers like Judas Priest to emerging talents like Fab The Duo, these artists have enriched the rock genre with their talent, creativity, and representation. Let's continue supporting and appreciating LGBTQ+ musicians in rock and roll!

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