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Every day we help THOUSANDS of musicians learn the music business. Let us help you too.

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Not sure how to get more people to listen to your music? Feel your music is good enough to do more, but constantly see other acts making it further than you? Believe me, you’re not alone!

Hi, my name’s Shaun Letang, and I'm the owner of Music Industry How to. We're the leading music business members community, and we help thousands of musicians like yourself get closer to where they want to be in the music industry every day. We do this through guides on this website, teaching you how to do nearly everything you can think of. It's not just advice from myself though; we've guides from experienced musicians and industry experts that have been where you want to be, and are willing to share their knowledge. You may recognize some of them:

Shaun Letang music marketing expert

Shaun Letang

Ari Herstand Music Business Advisor

Ari Herstand

Tommy Darker Musicpreneur

Tommy Darker

David Andrew Wiebe Music Entrepreneur

David Andrew Wiebe

James Moore Your Band Is A Virus Author

James Moore

Liam Duncan Band Member Even Organizer

Liam Duncan

Egils Petersons - Songwriter Expert

Egils Petersons

NIFTY Christian Music Business Man And Rapper

NIFTY Christian

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Here's a full list of the subjects you'll learn, these are further broken down into hundreds of guides:

Category Music Marketing
Category Music Business Theory
Category Making Money From Music
Category Getting And Performing Gigs
Category Build A Music Website
Category Social Media Marketing
Category Building A Team
Category Getting A Record Deal
Category Discussions On The Music Industry
Category Build A Recording Studio
Category Vocal Training
Category Build A Fanbase
Category Branding For Musicians
Category How To DJ
Category Music Industry FAQs
Category Music Industry Jobs
Category How To Rap Better
Category Learn A Musical Instrument
Category Music Industry Quizzes
Category Music Licensing
Category Make A Music Video
Category Make A Successful Band
Category Music Merchandising
Category Make Your Own Beats
Category Music Product Creation
Category Networking For Musicians
Category Music Competitions
Category News
Category Talent Shows For Musicians
Category Songwriting Tips
Category Online Music Business Courses
Category Sing Better
Category Sell Your Music And Distribution
Category Tools For Musicians
Category Video Guides

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Why Those In Our Community Get Further In Music Than Those Who Aren't

We're a proven resource (started in 2011) which helps over a million musicians a year. We get emails every day from people letting us know they were stuck in their music careers, and our advice helped them bypass the things that were holding them back.

But a question I get every now and again is, can't you just learn this all by yourself? Well, yes and no.

You can spend years and year learning everything you need in the music industry through trial and error. You'll likely make a lot of mistakes along the way, and waste a lot of money. I'm not saying this because you're not a smart person, I'm saying this because this is the exact path the majority of musicians take. Myself included when I first started out.

The alternative though, is getting the strategies proven to work by those who have been in your position. This is what we're offering; the short cut! Learn everything you need by logging into our site and learning the best practices in minutes, rather than guessing and wasting months (and a lot of money) trying everything out by yourself.

No one gets in the music industry knowing fully what to do. Think of it like this, could you just turn up to a hospital and start operating on patients? No, you’d need to be trained by experts who would teach you how to save lives.

The same is true with the music industry; you can’t just show up, guess what you should be doing and expect to succeed. You need to be trained how to do the right things by those in the know. Only then will you be effective at getting your music out there.

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But don’t just take our word for it. Here are what people are saying about the training we provide. This is just a few of the hundreds of social testimonials we've received:

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