13 Best Country Songs About Grandma

Best Country Songs About Grandma

Get ready to be immersed in the heartfelt world of country songs about grandma. From touching tributes to humorous tales, these songs beautifully capture the love, wisdom, and lasting impact of grandmothers.

1. “My Angel” By Kellie Pickler

Song Year: 2006

This heartwarming country song beautifully displays the essence of a grandmother's love and guidance. Through profound lyrics, she reminisces about her angelic grandmother who taught her life's valuable lessons. The song especially resonates with those who can remember sitting on grandma's lap and soaking up the wealth of knowledge she had to offer before she departed from the physical realm.

The song describes their special bond, filled with cherished memories of storytelling, baking cookies, and shared laughter. It's a touching tribute to the enduring influence of grandmothers, reminding us of their unwavering support and profound impact on our lives.

My Angel By Kellie Pickler

2. “Grandma's Song” By Gail Davies

Song Year: 1978

“Grandma's Song” is a soulful ode from Davies to her grandmother that paints a clear picture of a life well-lived. The song's lyrics discuss the rich tapestry of memories, recounting tales of Grandma's strength, resilience, and unconditional love. This song is another anthem for anyone who has had a close relationship with their grandmother, built on many childhood memories.

Every detail comes alive in this heartfelt tribute, from the smell of fresh-baked apple pie to the sound of her wise advice. Through her lyrics, Davies captures grandmothers' effect on shaping our character and the legacy they leave behind.

3. “Grandma's Hands” By Willie Nelson and Mavis Staples

Song Year: 2013

When you think of country songs about grandma, few are more touching than this heartwarming collaboration to honor the gentle touch and unwavering support of grandmothers in this soulful country song. The lyrics beautifully convey the warmth and tenderness of grandma's hands, whether comforting a child or creating something beautiful.

The song uses vivid imagery to explore the power of a grandmother's touch, symbolizing love, strength, and comfort. It reminds us of how much our grandmothers do for us and how they're often our stand-in moms at various times throughout our life. As they take their precious hands and constantly mold us, this song is a beautiful tribute to their impact.

4. “In Color” By Jamey Johnson

Song Year: 2008

“In Color* is a poignant ballad that pays homage to the wisdom and life experiences passed down by grandparents. The song describes a young boy looking at old photographs with his grandfather, who shares the stories behind each image. Many of us can relate to those experiences, especially those of us who may not have had a chance to meet our grandmothers or remember them before their passing.

Through vivid descriptions, the lyrics capture the significance of these moments, portraying a deep appreciation for the hardships and triumphs that shaped their family's history. It's a touching portrayal of the emotional connection between generations and the legacy that lives on through the memories shared by grandmas and grandpas.

In Color By Jamey Johnson

5. “Grandma's Feather Bed” By John Denver

Song Year: 1974

John Denver's uplifting country song, “Grandma's Feather Bed,” brings to life the magic of a grandmother's home and the joy of simple pleasures. The lyrics transport listeners to a cozy farmhouse filled with laughter, singing, and the comfort of a beloved feather bed.

It's a lively and nostalgic tribute to the idyllic days spent with Grandma, where love, warmth, and the fondest memories were created. This song is especially touching for people who remember climbing into grandma's bed to hear a story or for some of the best hugs in the world.

6. “Grandma's Garden” By Zac Brown

Song Year: 2016

“Grandma's Garden” is a heartfelt country song that beautifully communicates the beauty and tranquility of a grandmother's garden sanctuary. The lyrics tell you the story of the vibrant flowers, towering trees, and a place where memories were cultivated.

To many, this song can be symbolic, not representing the feelings of an actual garden but rather a calming mental space. Through the song's imagery, Brown pays homage to the solace, wisdom, and love that emanate from Grandma's garden, serving as a metaphor for the nourishment and guidance she provides throughout life's journey.

7. “Marjorie” By Taylor Swift

Song Year: 2020

Looking for a tearjerker about grandma that reminds you of your own? Look no further than “Marjorie,” a deeply personal tribute to Swift's late grandmother. Swift reminisces about the cherished moments and timeless wisdom shared with Marjorie through these profound lyrics. We can all relate to these moments.

The song embodies the enduring impact of a grandmother's presence, emphasizing the power of her love and the lessons passed from generation to generation. It's a beautiful and introspective song about the bond between a granddaughter and her beloved grandma.

Marjorie By Taylor Swift

8. “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” By Elmo and Patsy

Song Year: 1984

“Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” is a comical and quirky country holiday song that tells the story of a misfortunate event involving Santa's reindeer and Grandma. The lyrics humorously describe Grandma's encounter with Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve, resulting in her being trampled by the reindeer.

The song takes a lighthearted approach to the situation, with the family searching for Grandma and enjoying the holiday festivities. It's a playful and amusing tribute to the holiday season, offering a unique twist on the traditional Christmas songs while adding a touch of humor to Grandma's unfortunate mishap.

9. “Grandma Harp” By Merle Haggard

Song Year: 1972

Merle Haggard's “Grandma Harp” is a lovely country song that delves into the memories and emotions of a grandmother's legacy. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of Grandma Harp's life, her hardships, and the strength she displayed throughout. Haggard's rich storytelling captures the essence of Grandma's spirit, depicting her as a source of wisdom and resilience.

The song beautifully portrays the impact of her love and the lessons she imparted, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those she touched. It's a poignant tribute to the enduring power of a grandmother's presence and the lasting impressions she leaves behind.

10. “Mountain Music” By Alabama

Song Year: 1982

Alabama's iconic country hit, “Mountain Music,” celebrates the joyous sounds and traditions of rural life, including the cherished memories made with grandparents. The lyrics depict Grandma and Grandpa gathering the family for music, storytelling, and dances in the mountain cabin.

The song captures the spirit of togetherness and the simple pleasures found in the company of loved ones. It's a lively tribute to the rich cultural heritage passed down through generations and the grandparents' role in keeping these traditions alive.

Mountain Music By Alabama

11. “Love, Me” By Collin Raye

Song Year: 1991

This emotional ballad, “Love, Me,” tells a tender story of a young boy seeking solace and wisdom from his grandmother as he navigates life's challenges. The song's lyrics portray Grandma as a source of unconditional love and guidance, offering support and reassurance during difficult times.

Raye's solid vocals and poignant lyrics highlight the profound impact a grandmother's love can have, reminding listeners of the enduring bond between generations and the invaluable role grandparents play in shaping our lives.

12. “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” By Steve Wariner

Song Year: 1998

Steve Wariner's poignant country ballad, “Holes in the Floor of Heaven,” captures the emotions and longing of losing a beloved grandmother. The lyrics paint a bittersweet picture of a rainy day and the narrator's realization that the tears falling from the sky are their grandmother's way of sending comfort and reassurance from above.

The song beautifully conveys the idea that despite grief, there is solace in the belief that loved ones continue to watch over us. It's a touching tribute to the enduring love and presence of a grandmother, reminding listeners that their spirit lives on.

13. “Grandma” By Gretchen Wilson

Song Year: 2013

Gretchen Wilson's country song “Grandma” is a heartfelt tribute to a strong and resilient grandmother who guided the narrator's life. The lyrics paint a picture of a woman who faced hardships with grace, imparting valuable life lessons. The song celebrates Grandma's unwavering love, wisdom, and the precious memories shared.

It's a touching reminder of grandmothers' significance in shaping our character and their lasting imprint on our hearts. Wilson's heartfelt delivery captures the essence of a cherished bond, and the gratitude felt for Grandma's presence.

Grandma By Gretchen Wilson

Top Country Songs About Grandma, Final Thoughts

In the realm of country music, the songs about grandmas hold a special place, tugging at our heartstrings with their words and soulful melodies. These heartfelt tributes remind us of the profound love, guidance, and cherished memories shared with our grandmothers.

Whether celebrating their wisdom, resilience, or the simple joys found in their presence, these songs honor the indelible mark left by these remarkable women in our lives, weaving their stories into the fabric of country music.

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