15 Best City Girls Songs

Best City Girls Songs

City Girls are one of the most popular and successful hip-hop duos around, and today we’re going to look at the best City Girls songs. Let’s discuss their lyrics, production, and impact on popular culture.

1. “Act Up” by City Girls

Act Up by City Girls

Song Year: 2019

“Act Up” is a City Girls song from their debut studio album Girl Code. It achieved three platinum certifications for 240,000+ sales.

“Act Up” got to number 26 on the Hot 100; this was their highest charting entry. The track's lyrics are about female empowerment and self-confidence, with the duo rapping about how they should not be messed with.

2. “Twerk” by City Girls feat. Cardi B

Song Year: 2019

City Girls teamed up with hip-hop icon Cardi B for this hit track in the fall of 2018. “Twerk” is a fast-paced dance anthem about moving your body and having fun, and the song has an upbeat production to match.

The track is gold-certified by the RIAA and reached the US Top 100 Chart. It's famous for sampling the 2002 Choppa hit, “Choppa Style.”

3. “Good Love” by City Girls feat. Usher

Song Year: 2022

“Good Love” is a City Girls song featuring Usher, a Texas-born R&B artist. It came out on July 1st, 2022, as the lead single from City Girls' upcoming third studio album.

It's about satisfying a romantic partner and keeping each other happy, and the track features a peppy beat and a fun, easy-to-sing chorus.

4. “Where the Bag At” by City Girls

Song Year: 2018

“Where the Bag At” came out on February 23rd, 2018, as a promotional single for the mixtape Period. It features a trap-inspired beat, a harsh minor key, and upbeat drums.

The song's lyrics are about wanting to date a wealthy man willing to spend money on his girl.

5. “Jobs” by City Girls

Song Year: 2020

“Jobs” is City Girls hit released in the summer of 2020 as the lead single from their second studio album, City on Lock. It includes top-tier production from KiiD and features a sample of the 1999 song “I'm Real” by Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule.

“Jobs” is a braggadocious track about the duo's success and wealth. The song's lyrics are about not having to work a regular job because they are now successful rappers.

6. “Bills Paid” by DJ Khaled feat. City Girls and Latto

Song Year: 2022

Collaborating with DJ “Bills Paid” helped City Girls gain national attention, reaching 35 on the US R&B chart. The track came out on August 26th, 2022, as a track off Khaled's thirteenth studio album, GOD DID, and it also featured Columbus-based Latto.

The song's lyrics are about the four artists' financial success and ability to afford expensive lifestyles, referencing luxury items such as designer clothes, cars, and jewelry.

7. “Flewed Out” by City Girls feat. Lil Baby

Song Year: 2020

“Flewed Out” is another banger City Girls single featuring Lil Baby. It dropped on June 20th, 2020, as the tenth single from their second studio album, City on Lock, and it featured beats by Cheeze Beatz and the twin brother production duo Cubeatz.

The peppy, energized song is about the duo's wealth and how they use it to travel and party.

8. “Scared” by City Girls

Scared by City Girls

Song Year: 2021

“Scared” is a powerful and emotional City Girls song that came out on November 19th, 2021. It was the lead single from the soundtrack for the 2021 American sports drama film Bruised, directed by Halle Berry and starring Berry herself.

“Scared” is a trap song about not being afraid to take risks and chase your dreams. The song's message is all about empowerment.

9. “Season” by City Girls feat. Lil Baby

Song Year: 2018

Frequent collaborators and real-life friends City Girls and Lil Baby dropped “Season” to their fans' excitement in 2018.

The song features production by Tay Keith and lyrics about having a good time. The three musicians detail a season of fun, discussing how it's the time to go out, party, and meet new people.

10. “Twerkulator” by City Girls

Song Year: 2021

Although “Twerkulator” was a stand-alone single, it's one of City Girls' top hits, reaching the number 19 spot on the R&B chart and the US top 50 overall. It leaked on May 20th, 2021, and later got an official release through Quality Control Motown.

“Twerkulator” is a hard-hitting song with elements of electro-hip-hop, and the track is about dancing and letting loose. It features extra vocals by rapper Lil Yachty.

11. “Come On” by City Girls and Saweetie feat. DJ Durel

Song Year: 2019

“Come On” is a song by American hip-hop duo City Girls and American rapper Saweetie, featuring DJ Durel. It was released on July 17th, 2019, as the second single from Quality Control's compilation album Control the Streets, Vol. 2.

The song's lyrics are about female empowerment and sexuality, and the duo also rap about what they want in a partner someday.

12. “You Tried It” by City Girls

Song Year: 2019

“You Tried It” is a City Girls track released on November 27th, 2019, as a stand-alone single. The song was written by Yung Miami, JT, and Yung Bleu and produced by Tay Keith.

“You Tried It” is an intense track with a minor key and hard-hitting electronic drums. In the song, the duo rap about their ability to attract romantic partners. They also clap back against their haters.

13. “JT First Day Out” by City Girls

Song Year: 2019

“JT First Day Out” is a non-album single from October 2019. It's a different track for the girls, with JT providing nearly all the vocals.

The song is about JT's release after a time in jail for credit card fraud, and the lyrics celebrate her freedom and a defiant response to those who doubted her ability to succeed. It also touches on Yung Miami and how she stayed true to her friend through a difficult time.

14. “Handle It” by City Girls and Kali Cass

Song Year: 2021

“Handle It” is a collaborative track between City Girls and the Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper Kali Cass. It dropped on November 8th, 2019, and came out through Special Entertainment.

City Girls' Yung Miami alternates rap verses with Kali Cass, who provides lyrics about being an intense girl to deal with.

15. “Top Notch” by City Girls and Fivio Foreign

Top Notch by City Girls and Fivio Foreign

Song Year: 2022

On April 1st, 2022, City Girls linked with Fivio Foreign to release the hit song “Top Notch.” It's a banger trap anthem that deviates from their typical repertoire, as the track includes male vocals.

On “Top Notch,”  they rap about being the best in every way, from their appearances to their ability to make money.

Top City Girls Songs, Final Thoughts

The duo City Girls, consisting of Yung Miami and JT, have released a string of hit singles over the past few years, including “Act Up,” “Twerk,” and “Top Notch.”

Their music is known for its explicit lyrics, empowering messages, and catchy hooks. Although they have faced controversy, there is no doubt the duo has changed the landscape of female hip-hop.

We hope you enjoyed these top City Girls songs and are ready to start listening!

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